Free relationship between a man and a woman from the point of view of psychology

Free relationship between a man and a woman from the point of view of psychology. Every relationship has its own rules, agreements and conditions. All this helps to build interaction based on the interests and principles of both partners. As a rule, these are classic moments, such as care, respect, mutual understanding and loyalty.

A non-standard and rare form of relationship is an open relationship. Although lately you can hear more and more about them. What is an open relationship and how do they differ from the classical model of love?

Concepts and features

An open relationship is a relationship between two people based on ease, convenience, freedom and the absence of pretensions. Such relationships do not imply responsibility, duties and obligations. In an open relationship, the couple has a good time, enjoys each other’s company in those moments when ethnoim.

When they do not want it, everyone is sympathetic to the desire of a partner. The main distinguishing feature of free relationships is freedom in intimate life. Indeed, fidelity, constancy, and reliability are not characteristic of such unions.

Why do people build open relationships?

Not everyone is ready to build this kind of relationship. Most of them are wary and do not even allow the thought of them. Studies have shown that men are more likely than women to want to build open relationships.

This is due to the fact that women are more inclined to attachment and have a need for partnership, as well as care and protection, which is impossible within the framework of freedom and independence from each other.

Some men are characterized by irresponsibility and unwillingness to make decisions for two. He is ready to vouch only for himself.

Some of the factors that should be on the skin are related to other people:

  • Education mistakes.

Not instilled a sense of responsibility and moral standards; childhood trauma associated with the departure of the father from the family; as well as the authoritarian figure of the mother in the family. Whilst these factors will be in the form of your hands, they will be safe and not part of the team.

  • Painful experience.

The man was burned more than once, so he chose an open relationship in the form of a protective reaction from painful experiences. He is sure that the partner will agree in advance not to experience affection for each other, the eolithic oolihals.

Perhaps the person is just curious about what it’s like to have an open relationship. Suppose a man heard from a friend that there is such a format of interaction, and the man becomes interested in what new and unknown he can comprehend through such a union.

Positive STORons of an open relationship

As in any manifestation, in an open relationship there are positive aspects:

In a classic relationship, there are limits that help keep the union peaceful and quiet. If you decide to do so, you will be able to understand the rights of the partner.

Open relationships are meant to be independent and solid of the other, decisions are made individually, nuct by no one riste. Only lightness, ease and even liberty accompany such relationships.

  • No claims.

Due to the fact that at the very beginning people agree on the absence of pressure from the partner, people in a couple do not have the right to express dissatisfaction with each other. Especially if they are associated with jealousy and rivalry.

Free relationship. Who is in an open relationship?

Simply put, partners in such a pair are always happy with everything, because they have no expectations and demands.

  • Absence of lies and betrayals.

When you do not promise anything to each other from the very beginning, then there is no point in lying, exaggerating. And betrayal does not exist and even more so. Open relationships allow you not to make plans, expectations and subsequently not be disappointed.

  • “Freshness” of feelings.

Classical relationships are eaten away by everyday life and there is a risk that they will be surrounded by routine and boredom. An open relationship can keep the novelty and boldness in it, which for some I THONE I THONE I THET I NET is key.

Such relationships are spicy, exotic and original. And the opportunity to meet with different partners allows you to diversify your intimate life.

Cons of free unions (backside)

Having studied the positive STORons, one gets the impression that freedom in a relationship is something so pleasant, levode levoke. About the same thing about the additional pluses, the amount of the other possible benefits:

  • Lack of responsibility.

The unwillingness of partners to be responsible to each other is clearly a negative aspect, because in the first place this indicates their frivolity, self-interest and self-centeredness.

A developed sense of responsibility is inherent in decent and highly moral people, with moral life recognized principles. The unwillingness to be responsible for a partner lies in complexes, resentments and injuries.

  • Coldness and indifference.

An open relationship cannot be warm, open and deep. They are usually superficial, indifferent. PARTNERS don’t care what happens to you, what worries you, what problems you have. Attitude as a service, the performer of which he can easily change.

  • The inability to influence relationships.

Even in an open relationship, there are things that can be unpleasant and that you would like to change. However, it is unlikely that the partner will be happy with the claims, because initially there was an agreement on the unwillingness to hear dissatisfaction.

After a while, it is possible to face the realization that you do not solve anything in a relationship. This will eventually lead to the breakdown of such an alliance.

  • The doom of this kind of relationship.

Unfortunately, such an open relationship is doomed to fail. After all, the lack of partnership, the ability to solve all problems together, as well as mediocre involvement in each other’s lives, sooner or later will put such an alliance to a standstill.

Yes, and at some point it becomes necessary for each person to be something more for a partner. This will destroy the illusion of the need for autonomous love.

  • Negative impact on future relationships.

On the same day, it is necessary for the rod in the area where it is needed, and also on the other hand. However, the experience can negatively affect the person. Realizing that people can relate to each other so easily, the basic trust in the representative will be lost.

How to know if you need an open relationship?

Despite the pros and cons described, to make a decision whether to be in an open relationship or not, accept. However, to begin with, it is worth figuring out what exactly is important and necessary for you.

Write down on a piece of paper what you expect and what you want to get from a union with a man. Describe in detail, stopping at each point. Think about what you are able to allow in a relationship, and what points are not important for you.

If you don’t want commitment and seriousness, you treat intimate life easily, and also know how not to become attached to men, then you might like this format of relationships.

However, if you want a family, a full-fledged relationship and you are ready to invest inter.

It is worth understanding one thing, responsibility and obligations are not scary and not boring. Living, thinking about the feelings of other people, as well as jointly making all decisions, is also able to bring a lot of pleasant emotions into life and contain novelty.

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