Free relationship between a man and a woman in the aspect of psychology

Society condemns any non-traditional relationship. So SW-relationships are one of them. This is a format of open relationships, which is chosen by more and more couples in the modern world.

Such relationships do not limit the freedom of partners, but rather help to open up and promote self-expression. Nothing is clear, but very interesting? Then you need to take a closer look at the SW format.

What is a SW relationship?

The abbreviation SW stands for “sexwife” and means that the wife can have an intimate relationship with anyone, and the husband can look at it if he wants.

But now this term has begun to include not only the “adventures” of the wife, but also another partner, as well as swing. In general, this is a format of relationships where partners spend time together, but do not have any obligations.

Often a male and a woman create a couple, feel in love, but catch up with themselves with a rfkkumber physical with oneness.

But each individual case of SW-relations can have its own individual characteristics. And before deciding whether this format is suitable for both or not, you need to discuss several important ones:

  • The ability to have intimate contact with other people.

It happens that for partners the spiritual component is more important than physical intimacy. In an open relationship, each partner can freely go on dates, walks, meet in a cafe and “logically” continue a pleasant evening.

  • The appearance of a permanent lover.

For those who are in an open relationship, it is more preferable to have a permanent and proven lover, rather than a few random ones. However, the word that is available is that it is necessary and possible to return it, which is what you are used to.

  • openness of the union.

It is up to you to decide whether to advertise the format of your relationship or not. If you are going to live together, then you will have to make some commitments. For example, budgeting and household chores. And where you live in the wind and the rods – resent the people.

Once you agree on all the rules and regulations, you will understand how this relationship will look like and if the roit is suitable.

Remember that such a model is characterized by the same conditions, equal rights, degree of freedom and EMO-rational comfort.

Free relationship. Who is in an open relationship?

Open relationship rules

SW – though free, but still a relationship, so they also have rules. And both partners must comply with them.

  • Partner is a priority.

Even if you agreed to let each other go to lovers, you still have to be in charge. If you urgently need to see your partner, he must cancel all his meetings with girlfriends and come atyeh. The same is required of you.

  • Respect each other.

Never forget that you love each other. Your goal, oddly enough, is not to compete in who will have more connections. There must be harmony in your relationship.

  • Lack of jealousy.

The SW format is pre-programmed to, that is part of the price of the vehicle, and that it is in the field. So, you need to be ready to “share”.

These are the three basic rules that are required. All other details are up to you.

Advantages of SW format

For those who prefer the traditional form of relationship with limits and obligations, the free format is completely free. No one needs it and it is recommended to use it.

  • No framework.

SW format is not available in English, but it is in one part. In a normal relationship, you can tell your partner: “We first live together for a year, and then you do it to me later.”

In an open relationship, such demands are considered stupid and unacceptable.

  • There is no dependency.

In a free-form relationship, there is no pain, jealousy, deceit or betrayal. “Love slavery” is also unacceptable.

Love slavery is such a state when one partner forgives anyone for everything, does (or does not do) actions for him, and even builds his opinion in such a way that it is convenient for the other.

  • Unburdened.

There are no obligations in a SW relationship. No one owes nothing to nobody. And at any convenient moment they can be stopped.

Perhaps this is precisely the reason why such relationships can last several decades. But how good these relations will be is an open question.

  • Breath of fresh air.

Open relationships are practiced even among married couples. The new format for the private vehicle, adrenaline and the new word in the marriage.

The family is preserved, and it will definitely not fall apart from boredom and routine, if the relationship is built according to this principle of justice and that’s it.

It also happens when a girl agrees to the proposed free relationship, and the guy abruptly changes his mind – kodit audit.

This is because the forbidden fruit is always sweet. And when you are directly allowed, then what is the interest in this? The ban is gone, and the prospect of a SW relationship is no longer so attractive.

TOP 10 facts about the SW relationship format

To summarize everything that is known about open relationships, you can look at a few more interesting x.

  • There are many people who agree to this format, but then it becomes painful and leaves psychology behind psychology;
  • SW-relationship is not only the absence of restrictions associated with sexual life. This is a certain way of life and philosophy, which implies complete freedom;
  • If a love relationship has cracked, then switching to a new format is unlikely to save the situation;
  • Jealousy in open relationships occurs quite often, although they suggest its complete absence;
  • Very often in an open relationship, even more rules are set by the partners than in those who are built with lightning.
  • Entering into such a relationship, partners fully accept the equality between a man and a woman;
  • At any time, both partners can establish new rules and boundaries or slightly change existing ones;
  • Women see the benefits in relationships without obligations equally with men;
  • Communication without encumbrances does not mean the impossibility of betrayal. Each person sees betrayal differently and may be dissatisfied;
  • Couples, nahänder in polygamous relationships, are not used to supp naming their own about others, and flock

The very advantages of SW relationships and some facts may contradict the basic rules. Therefore, since you decide to rush into such a thing, but psychologically mature and realizing it,

One side of such a relationship is complete freedom. But on the other hand, you will have to reconsider your principles and risk losing a loved one.

Therefore, it is up to you to decide whether to seriously consider this format or stick to the traditional mogamine.

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