Free relationship between a man and a woman – pros and cons

Free relationship between a man and a woman – pros and cons! Free relationship! “How much in these sounds, for the Russian heart merged …”

With the phrase free relationship, very different images and ideas arise: from an ideal couple in which there are no assaults and reproaches, to absolute sexual promiscuity, and the depreciation of true love. And so much noise and some guesswork that the question arises: “Is it necessary?”

What is an “open relationship”?

Open relationships suggest that both a man and a woman can communicate with the opposite sex in different ways.

Of course, each couple decides for itself what can and cannot be done. Where are the boundaries of what is permissible and permitted, and where are the explicit restrictions. That’s what it’s all about – that’s how it is and how many different characters it is.

One couple can agree that only correspondence and friendly meetings are possible with others, the other is not opposed to diversifying their lives in an intimate way.

And, as in a normal relationship, there are good things and things that may not suit you. Let’s look at the pros and cons of such a relationship. After all, often romanticized stories

Cons of an open relationship

  • A responsibility

As they say in existential psychology: “Where freedom begins, responsibility appears” … But not here. More precisely, it is: for oneself and one’s life, for one’s own choices and decisions. Not in the traditional way of speaking in terms of other people.

It is only possible to learn about the subject, to see how the muzzle and the drug, on a budget where it is. This will need to be reconciled. On the one hand, on the other hand, for the sake of ignorance. More precisely, you should not say anything about this. Freedom, so freedom…

  • emotional intimacy

In the process of communicating with others, you are not fully in a relationship. Discussing some problems with a stranger, sharing your feelings and anxieties with him, you lose the closeness that you could share with your loved one. Gradually, this connection becomes more and more distant and, as it were, meaningless.

This is done and you don’t know where you are with drugs. He can reveal to them that part of himself that he hid from you for a long time. And this can create an inner feeling that outside the home he is more accepted, loved, and appreciated here and there.

Advantages of an open relationship

  • Completing all that is missing in one

The task is not simple: to find the only one that would combine everything that you like, often contradictory moments that by no means can get along in one person. And open relationships allow you to make up for what is missing. For a while, close the moments that are missing in the relationship.

Every day is like the previous one. There are no new impressions. Ideas on how to fix it somehow also does not arise. Everything is somehow monotonous, familiar, and boring.

To be done after the event in the confectionary stage. Do you remember your first dates? Anticipation of a meeting, anticipation of what kind of person he is, acquaintance with the search for something in common …

Yes, this is sometimes not enough, I want a surge and storm of emotions, unexpected and spontaneous stories. After such moments, it seems that life begins to play with new colors, more and more situations appear that are pleasant to remember and experience again.

The same, often imaginary, but very cherished. There is an illusion that everything will change when you feel free. You will begin a new life, absolutely different from the gray and dull one. If you’re going to buy a cup of tea, you’ll need it.

You don’t have to call or report. You can plan your weekend, and life in general, based only on your desires and preferences. No and you have to do it before you go.

So is it worth trying an open relationship?

Putting on the scales of the relationship, so to speak, the usual format and free, everyone chooses which one he goes with the dvorgon. Who-narratives walks in for a long time, maybe difuet and sincerely sends, and who-selt

Often, going into this form of relationship is a step of desperation. Many problems, which are written and left in the glow, not done and not found. And the only way to somehow improve relations and not get divorced is to try an open relationship.

Sometimes it can help to somehow excite you, and sometimes it will prove once again that it is better to end the relationship altogether and start over with other, perhaps more suitable people. Here you listen to yourself, understand exactly what your desire is, and not the fear of loss and, and, if you recall uls

Well, remember that if there are some issues that you can’t solve on your own, it seems that you are stepping on the same rake, living through some endlessly repeating scenario, and you just can’t get out of it, – you have your psychologist who is always happy to help you.

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