Friends vs Psychologist, which one do you prefer

The advice on love they are a topic that we can discuss with many people, finally the experience allows us to express our opinion.

It is almost a universal topic about which we all have something to say, but not always everything that is said is appropriate.

In this regard, on many occasions we seek opinions and advice on love .

But not all those words are the same, in fact, they differ quite a bit.

For example, those who have gone through bad times will not agree with those who have lived love in harmony.

It all depends on those sentimental cycles and experiences.

Really everything depends on the experiences as I said before, but it also depends on the training of each person.

Therefore, it is possible that these people with different training do not agree on the advice on love as is the response to how to heal a broken heart .

This article is focused on teaching you a parallel between the advice on love that a psychologist and a friend could give you.

This way you will understand the importance of when to go to the psychologist or to friendly advice, whose importance depends on what you need.

So, wait no more and read on to discover those differences between the advice on love .

The psychologist and his advice on love

Recommendations on the sentimental

Keep in mind that a professional in psychology has been trained to help you with emotional problems in an appropriate way.

In addition, he has a more objective way of approaching the problem that led you to consult with him.

For example, it can help you learn how to deal with a romantic separation .

According to this, you will find some of the advice on love What can this professional provide?

1. Recommends based on scientific knowledge of human behavior

A psychologist will use their professional knowledge to recommend what you can do in certain situations.

He tries to be impartial by showing you aspects of the situation that you might not have identified on your own.

So, you decide whether or not to accept it in your therapeutic process, without the need to feel pressured.

In addition, the psychotherapist is based on technical foundations to help you in your process.

TO In this regard, you can read the following scientific article in who talks about the topic.

On the other hand, I could also recommend the powerful techniques of the Magnetic Desire Method .

Which is also based on this scientific knowledge of human behavior.

2. Wants to help you understand and work through your problem:

With the help of the therapist you will also find a guide that will make it easier for you to understand the problem that afflicts you.

An example of this, related to love, is learning how to get out of a love disappointment or, about healthy couple communication .

Either of the two examples are issues that a psychologist would help you address in the best way for your benefit.

Basically he does it because his mission, since his professional training, is to help you deal with emotional problems.

His idea is that you advance and take control of your life, that you learn to detect your problems and overcome them happily.

3. It helps you see things that you cannot see on your own

advice on love

The therapist is also someone to help when we need to discover the things we mean in relation to love.

For example, if we have ended a love relationship a long time ago, but when we receive news from that person it affects us.

Another example, when you are a person who is too jealous and distrustful, but without reasons on the part of your partner.

So in this case you need to know how to control jealousy .

Those are precisely the things that the psychologist helps us to work from the emotional with the appropriate therapy.

This is how we become aware of the internal conflicts that we cannot identify on our own, that do not allow us to live in peace.

4. Therapy has rules and structure:

On the other hand, we have that the psychologist is governed by methods and structures to apply a correct therapy in patients.

This allows you to responsibly manage the process and identify the advances we have as patients.

In addition, it is part of the commitment that we acquire and is necessary in our therapeutic process.

An example of this is the constancy and seriousness that we give to appointments.

In such a way that it becomes a personal challenge where we benefit.

Contrary to what happens with a sporadic conversation that corresponds more to an outlet than healing.

So if your intentions are deep about the advice on love I recommend a visit to therapy.

What does this mean? That going to the psychologist will bring you many benefits, especially in the affective field.

Don’t stay waiting for the good guys advice on love fall from the sky, look for them with the right help.

Also, if you want to know more about this topic, you can read the information provided by the article of

5. Catharsis or abreaction is not the goal

A psychotherapist is not only going to let you vent, from his profession, he wants to provide you with useful tools in your emotional life.

It not only seeks to free you from negative feelings and have a catharsis…

It also seeks that you overcome that breakup and take charge of your love life.

His goal goes far beyond the feeling of being stuck by something difficult for you to process in terms of romantic relationships .

He does not want you to cry so that you feel that you have removed everything that afflicts you, his profession allows him to go much further.

So, with his experience and knowledge, he will look for a way, in cooperation with you, to heal the root problem.

So that, in the future, in a new relationship, you know how to handle it properly without it hurting you.

The friend and her advice on love

Ideas about the sentimental

Without detracting from that friend and confidant of the soul who supports us so much…

I will tell you about the advice that this special little person could give you.

Although intentions are generally good, advice from the realm of friendship is based on experience and esteem.

So we do not always find the right messages for each situation, however, a friend makes you feel supported.

Remember that a true friend is unconditional, which means that he will try to give you the advice on love that you consider correct.

The intentions are good, but tell me if it’s not like that, we try to make that person feel good, no matter what.

Because our goal is that this friend / or does not suffer, so we try to calm him down and dry his tears.

So, based on all of the above, I’ll tell you some of the advice on love that you might hear from those friends.

So that in the end, you make a comparison between a psychologist and a friend and thus understand when you need one or the other.

1. Advise according to your life experience

Something that yes or yes you are going to hear from a friend in relation to the advice on love is your point of view from your experience.

If she has been through frequent love failures and has not had a good relationship, she may advise you based on those experiences.

Now, if your friend has been through harmonious relationships, chances are she the word love It has a different meaning for her.

As people we feel more comfortable speaking from experience, so it is not uncommon for us to give similar advice.

This does not mean that it is a bad thing, people can give us life lessons with their words, but not always.

So we are left with a Russian roulette wheel of good intentions…

That is to say, that friend always wants to give us good advice, but her words are not always the ones that will help us.

2. He always wants to make you feel better.

Friendship is wonderful…

Friends always seek to make us feel better and support us in everything that happens to us, however, this is not always the case.

As you well know, there are friendships that are not so beneficial, even if the intentions are always the best.

For example, there are friends who could encourage negative behaviors such as jealousy with our partner or pressure us to get over the ex.

And trying to get over that breakup would be something like the formula » a nail does pull out another nail «.

Perhaps his intentions are not bad, but his actions and words may lead us to complex situations for us.

All because he wants us to feel good at the moment, but without reflecting if this has other consequences.

It is not that we should be predisposed to everything we say and hear.

Remember we talked about advice on love from the perspective of a psychologist vs that of a friend.

3. It is usually always available

As I was saying, friends are usually unconditional, so it is not uncommon for them to be there whenever we need them.

But, being always there, believe it or not, is not usually that good.

Why do I say it? Basically because we got used to it badly.

That is, we become dependent on those emotional aids that person gives us.

So we do not process the situation by ourselves or develop tools to do it alone.

4. Comfort

loving advice

Fortunately, friends comfort us on many occasions, for example, in love duels.

They comfort us in those most painful moments and accompany us in those duels that life presents us.

They tell us if that person we like is worth it or not…

Or do they warn us? how to detect infidelity by our partner and countless other things.

However, not all friends confront us with certain things that happen to us.

But this is not out of evil, it is because they simply do not want to see us suffer.

That is why they are such beautiful and important people for us, because they try to make us feel good.

So this means omitting issues that may hurt us, but that through that pain could give us learning.

5. There is catharsis or abreaction

Finally, a friend can be your cloth of tears in the most difficult moments of your life that you are going through.

For example, if your boyfriend left you or how to forget an impossible love rather, any situation that makes you feel very bad.

Thanks to that friend you can vent all those painful things at a given moment and she will be there to listen to you.

In addition, it will encourage you and give you advice on love and any other topic, all for you to get a catharsis.

However, this cycle can be repeated many times because your friend supports you at that time.

But she couldn’t teach you how to get over it completely.

His intention is good and from the heart, but, precisely because he loves you, he should not have the objectivity to talk about it.

So his words are necessary, but they serve other purposes than the words of a therapist can have.

As you can see, advice about love can vary from person to person…

It all depends on different factors like the ones mentioned in this article.

Remember that this is not about good or bad advice…

It’s simply a matter of what you need when seeking a third opinion, so you know who to turn to.

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