Friendship between a man & an ex-woman – is it normal or not?

A friendship between a man and an ex-woman – is it normal or not? For many ex-lovers, staying friends is a completely normal development. Is it okay to say that you want it? How exactly does friendship come about between people who once loved each other but don’t want to be anymore?

Is it worth being friends with an ex?

Some people try to cut the other person out of their lives after a breakup. Overwhelmed with resentment against a friend, they try to care about what they used to be, depreciation.

On the one hand, it helps to start everything from scratch and move on. Also, this approach is useful when the breakup was too traumatic, accompanied by a serious conflict, betrayal, betrayal, and disappointment.

Friendship between exes has a number of advantages:

  • help – surely your ex knows what is given to you with difficulty and vice versa. While you were in a relationship, it was not as noticeable as after a breakup. But, while maintaining friendship, you will still be able to receive each other’s support;
  • emotional intimacy – as a rule, former lovers already know each other well and, like no one else, can find the right words to console, inspire, make laugh;
  • habit – sometimes a relationship lasts so long that you get used to having this person in your life. And parting threatens with a feeling of emptiness, confusion and anxiety. Staying friends, it won’t feel as strong;
  • common friends and interests – remaining in a friendly relationship, you do not have to “share” friends, deny yourself some things, do not go to events where the former will be, because this will not cause embarrassment.

All the pluses say that friendship with an ex is a good option for developing your relationship. This will allow you to put an end to the past, to find inner peace.

Friendship or friend zone: what is the difference

Cons of being friends with an ex:

  • jealousy – you need to have a high degree of awareness so as not to be jealous of your ex when he has a new girlfriend, not to start secretly wishing that they quarreled, while pretending that you are happy for him;
  • misunderstanding on the part of the new partner – when you have a new man, and he has a woman, it may be difficult for them to accept your friendship, because they will have the idea that everything is not over between you;
  • self-deception – sometimes friendship becomes just an excuse to stay surrounded by a person, continue to communicate with him in the secret hope that you still have a chance to be together.

This situation will negatively affect both of you. Anyone who is still in love falls into the friend zone. Even then, the post-warranty, the part-timer will be there and everywhere.

This makes it difficult to start new relationships, to see the prospects that are around, it does not allow you to live your life.

The person gets the feeling that he has a “fallback”, which reduces the feeling of anxiety and allows him to calmly build relationships with other people.

To prevent this from happening, before maintaining friendship in a relationship with an ex, you need to be sure that you are not in love with a man, that feelings have already cooled down.

How to maintain friendship with an ex – TOP 7 tips

Friendship is a long-term disinterested relationship between people, built on mutual sympathy, interest and desire. If you want to keep your friendship with your ex-boyfriend, you need to follow a few principles of the vaistip principles.

  • Mutual assistance

If you see that the former is in a difficult situation, does not know what to do, feels confused – suggest. Of course, you should not turn into a “rescuer” who sacrifices himself for the benefit of another person. But if you can help him, do it.

You don’t have to wait for a request. Friends are attentive to each other, so they notice when the second one needs help. At the same time, rush to ask for help and accept it with cheerfulness, gratitude, and not now.

Friendship is not limited to a selfless desire to help each other. Sometimes simple support is just as important. Show your sympathy, understanding, convey that you are on his side when it is difficult for him. Emotional contact is just as important as actual help.

  • Lack of jealousy

Don’t turn, stop now – on more than two years, and on the other hand. To the same thing on the other hand, it is possible to read it on the subject.

It is possible to take the drugs in the new countries. A person is not obliged to share something personal if he does not want to.

  • Respect for personal boundaries

Although you were once romantically involved, it is important to realize that you are now two non-Czechs. Friends do not try to control each other, do not require a report and explanation. They meet when they want to, and don’t meet when they don’t want to.

It is important that in your relationship there is no sense of possessiveness, claims, reminders of past grievances.

  • Common interests

If you want to keep your friends with you, do what interests you. Do something together, share emotions, experiences.

Even simple communication will help you to be in a resource if you both enjoy it, if you develop thanks to it, or just improve your mood.

Sincere friendship implies an equal contribution of both to this relationship. If one always adapts to the other, making concessions, refuses his p

Find time to connect with each other. Don’t worry about it, it’s the word of the dog, but it’s not that bad. These relationships are also important, so they need to be maintained, invested in them with your time and effort.

Friendship is always based on trust, but not impossible since yuyuhard who deceive a friend, . Be honest, be able to say what you think, confess your desires, and do not adapt to the weather of another.

At the time when you are ready and earled – what you listen, try to understand, applyhr d withough, rub

By following these 7 communication principles, you can keep your friendship with your ex-boyfriend. The main thing is your mutual Well Ender

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