Friendship between a man and a woman: does it exist?

Friendship between a man and a woman: does it exist? Opinions regarding friendship between representatives of two opposite sexes, which are expressed by serious researchers and people of creative professions, are the most opposite. There are those who believe that such friendship is just “sex put off for later.” Consequently, only he underlies any relationship (including production) between a man and a woman. Others, on the contrary, tend to argue that only relationships based on friendship are the most durable and faithful. Because of the sexual component is extracted and permanently removed from such relationships, they have every chance to maintain purity of thoughts.

Why is there such a friendship?

There are, of course, many other opinions. Some prefer the option in which, sooner or later, the relationship between the representatives of the stronger and fairer sexes will lead to the need to consider friendship as a prelude, followed by the main, intimate part. Cynics and other representatives of society, who have a critical look at everything around them, are sure: a man who has failed to achieve reciprocity from a woman offers to “remain friends”.

But at the same time, it has only one goal – the hope that over time such relationships will develop into sexual ones. In the same way, arguments from more experienced specialists in this field of psychology can be cited: a man initially offers to be “only a friend”, hoping, thus, to win over a woman, with all the sexual prospects that follow from this.

Friendship between a man and a woman: does it exist?

Enumerate all sorts of variations of such, at first glance, unpretentious friendship can be arbitrarily long. On whichever of the above principles, the friendship between a man and a woman is built, it should be considered from the point of view of relations. And relationships, like many other things in life, require daily care and attention.

After all, a friend is, in essence, the most ordinary person who has not only advantages, but also disadvantages. To be able to accept a friend for who he really is and not try to remake him to fit his egoistic “comb” is the key to the success of any friendship. Only when a person is valued, respected, and feels the attention, understanding, and care of another person, friendship will be strong and long.

Basic types of friendship

Based on the specifics of friendships, we can consider them in relation to the following three main patterns:

  • friendship of two people united by one profession (colleagues);
  • relationships that have become strong, starting from living in the same yard, from kindergarten, school, university, and so on (childhood friends);
  • finally, a connection that was formed spontaneously, at some specific moment in life (disco, theater, stadium, mutual friends, common interests, and many others).

In each such case of the emergence and continuation of friendship, there are positive and negative nuances. Because not all friendships are built on the foundation of honesty and sincerity. Let us first turn to the negative aspects that often underlie quite normal, seemingly, relationships.

  • There are friends who need a person to become a “vest” for other people’s tears. They enjoy the fact that an outsider trusts them with their most secret secrets from others (and often this is exactly what happens). They are lonely by nature and need not a specific person, but the consciousness that he has someone over whom he has power.
  • There are also friends who are friends with someone as long as it suits them. The most common couples are either a despot admired by his friend who is ready to do anything for the sake of friendship, or simply a pragmatic person who skillfully maintains relationships to extract, from time to time, some benefit for himself.
  • There are many friends in modern life with whom famous personalities from the world of art, politics, or business have relationships. Such friends simply need to show off when meeting or talking with people they know: they say, I am friends with this person!

But there are also sincere relationships, both between people who are old enough, and friendship between a guy and a girl, which is also not uncommon. Most often they arise from a common interest and have a fairly powerful resource for survival.

Friendship between a man and a woman: does it exist?

Moreover, such friendship can be not only in ordinary reality, but also, for example, in social networks. Young people, for whom numerous professional opportunities open up with the entry into a serious life, can easily communicate with each other without seeing any sexual overtones in this. The same thing happens with older people who are united by a common profession or common interests in music, painting, or literature. There is a huge scope for a fruitful exchange of useful information. And such relationships can be considered positive.

Friendship between a guy and a girl: the opinion of psychologists

Interestingly, over the years, men, according to sociological surveys, are more inclined towards the possibility of normal friendship between members of opposite sexes. But women, growing up, on the contrary, more and more firmly believe that any such friendship will invariably lead to adultery. In part, the basis for such confidence is provided by the more than rich practice of such relations.

In works of literature, cinema, and television programs, the topic of friendship is raised very often, and it is replete with cases when a guy falls in love with his girlfriend-girl (or vice versa), sexual relations arise between friends of the newlyweds, and so on. In addition, there are many and simple cases when the friendship still continues, but one of its participants is drawn to other relationships.

Everything necessary to maintain a pure, sincere friendship, both participants in such a relationship have. This is everyday care for your “little garden”, which you need to be able to cultivate. And for this – to use the soul and heart, without them it is impossible to achieve friendship.

It is no coincidence that the same social surveys revealed one very interesting feature of the formation of opinions “for” and “against”. Among the respondents who answered the question about the existence of such friendship in the affirmative, there are more people who are based on personal experience. And, on the contrary, opponents of the existence of friendship, came to this opinion “on the basis of other ideas.” Supporters of the existence of such friendship in 9 cases out of 10 have in mind their own personal experience. And these are figures that cannot be trusted.

The best friendship.

Yes, friendship between people of different sexes is possible. And it’s just wonderful that it happens. Indeed, in this way, the idea that people do not live by sex alone justifies itself. That we can all be united by a common religion, a common idea to make our planet a better place, and other common interests.

As practice shows, it is such disinterested, honest, and pure relationships that are most valued in our world. A true friend, a friend without any self-interest in the soul, is always ready to help, and it doesn’t matter if he is on the other side of the world and whether he has the means to get to a friend. This is a very touching friendship, it is strong and reliable. And examples of such friendship, sung in immortal works of art, make us all a little better.

Friendship between a man and a woman: does it exist?

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