Funny Friendship Words for Beloved Friends

Funny Friendship Words for Beloved Friends to Strengthen Relationships with Friends. The existence of a friend can be quite important in your life. Not only as the closest person to the family but also as a consolation. To show gratitude for having a friend, you can send him funny friendly words.

These quotes can not only make friends smile but can also show the importance of being friends in your life. It could be, this post makes other people who see it feel jealous of your friendship.

If you are confused about finding funny friendship words that can make you amused, just check out this article. Here you can find funny quotes that can strengthen your relationship with your friends.

Funny Friendship Words for Real Friends

Funny Friendship Words for Beloved Friends
Funny Friendship Words for Beloved Friends

1. Not Just Shoulders Cry

A friend will provide a shoulder for you to cry on, but a best friend will provide a shovel to hurt someone who has made you cry.

When things go wrong, it can be nice to have a friend you can count on. He will listen to all your problems so that they can lighten the burden on your shoulders.

However, it would be even more fun if you had a close friend you could count on. Because like these cute friendship words, a friend will not only provide a shoulder to cry on but also offer to hit whoever makes you sad.

2. Not easily offended

True friends won’t take offense when you insult them, but they will smile and call you more offensive terms.

In a friendship relationship, it is common to mock one another. Sometimes, you may even have a sneer that is reserved for best friends.

However, a true friend will not be angry just because of the insult given by his friend. Because he knew that the taunts of small change he gave were a sign of intimacy, not to offend. In fact, he may already have other taunts in return.

3. Creating Problems with Friends

When you are in prison, a good friend will try to get you out of there. However, a true friend will be in the cell next to you and say, “Wow, that was fun, huh!” Groucho Marx

Being close to friends can sometimes lead him to do whatever it takes for you. If you go to prison, he will try to get you out of there.

However, just like these cute friendship words, a true friend will not only come later to help you when you need it. A true friend will not let you do everything alone, especially if you are having fun.

4. Friends Not Only Help Moving

Good friends will help you move, but true friends will help you move corpses. Jim Hayes

Moving house or boarding house is quite troublesome and tiring. Therefore, it would be great if one of your friends helped with the moving process.

However, a true friend will always support and help whatever is needed. Like these funny friendship words, because of your close relationship, it will help you do even the most difficult and hardest things.

5. When visiting a friend’s house

True friendship is when you come to his house and your cellphone is directly connected to WIFI.

Sometimes, you and your friends prefer to hang out at your best friend’s house than at the mall. You can more freely chat, joke, gossip, while looking for the latest information on the internet. To do that, you will probably be using a WIFI connection.

Because you gather at the house too often, you don’t even need to enter your WIFI password into your cellphone. It is enough just to turn on WIFI, the internet connection is immediately connected, really shows that you regularly come there.

Funny Friendship Words for Goofy Friends

Funny Friendship Words for Beloved Friends
Funny Friendship Words for Beloved Friends

1. Chat between Friends

Every time I chat with my best friend, I’m afraid that if someone hears it, it will take us to a mental hospital.

Chat with friends can sometimes be very exciting and full of enthusiasm. Everything from the trivial to the really serious will be discussed.

Because the conversation you are having is too nonsense, sometimes other people who hear the conversation will think you and your friends are crazy people who escaped from a mental hospital. Then, like these cute friendship words, that person might take you right away to a mental hospital.

2. Friends Forever to Older

We will be true friends forever, until we age and cause trouble in the nursing home.

Having fun and fun friends will make you want to always spend time with them. Not just being friends for a year or two, but until both of you age.

You even wish that the friendship would be like these cute friendship words. Where you will continue to be friends even when in a nursing home.

3. Nicknames for Friends

True friends only call each other by alias names. Sometimes, even calling by real names can feel strange. Kishore

Honestly, you and your friends definitely have special nicknames. This name is usually used more often than your real name.

Because you are used to using these nicknames, sometimes you will find it strange if you call each other by their real names. You can make these funny friendship words as a caption on uploading photos with friends of a gang. To make it more attractive, also write down your best friend’s real name and alias.

4. Laugh with friends

A good friend will always make you smile, but a true friend will make you laugh so hard that you pee in your pants. Terri Guillemets

Everyone wants to have a nice friend. Someone who will make you smile every time you spend time with him and treat any sadness you feel.

However, a true friend will not only make you smile to treat that sadness. He will make you laugh so loud that you pee. You may not have time to feel sad every time you hang out with friends.

5. The Most Understanding Friend

Strangers will think that I am quiet, my friends think I am outgoing, while my best friends know that I’m really crazy.

The nature and behavior of a person can never be known if you do not know him more deeply. It could be that someone who looks quiet is someone who likes to make silly jokes.

Sometimes, a person’s true nature is only shown to those closest to him, such as friends. You can use these funny friendship words as a  photo caption that shows your excitement with friends.

Funny Aphorisms about Friendship

1. Dirty House No Problem

Real friends don’t care if your house is dirty. They care more about the food you have.

When a friend comes to your house, you may feel bad at times when the house is in a mess. Maybe you will apologize for not having time to clean the house.

However, a true friend will never make a fuss about whether your home is dirty or clean. They may care more about whether you have food or not.

2. Never Judge One Another

Two true friends will not judge each other, they judge others together.

Have you rated or commented on other people? Whether because of the way he dressed, dressed up, or his attitude is annoying, there is something that you want to comment on.

However, two true friends will not judge each other or comment excessively. Because like this one cute friendship aphorism, best friends prefer to comment on other people together.

3. Having friends is like peeing in your pants

Friendship is like peeing in your pants. Everyone can see it, but only you can feel its warmth. Robert Bloch

Of course, those close to you know who your best friends are. In fact, some people may even feel jealous because they saw your close intimacy.

Even though other people can see your familiarity, no one can really feel it. Because just like these funny friendship words, only you and your friends can feel the warmth of the relationship.

4. No Need to Keep Chatting

A pair of friends doesn’t have to chat all the time. However, when chatting, they wouldn’t stop talking.

Busyness sometimes makes you and your friends unable to get together often. Especially if you have to be separated, it’s not only difficult to meet, chatting on the phone is rare.

Even so, it doesn’t mean that your friendship will just stop. Because when you get the chance to chat again, your conversations will go on for hours. If you want, you can use these funny friendship words as a  caption to upload a photo of you and your friends or a  screenshot of your cellphone screen that shows the length of the conversation.

5. Proof of Real Friendship

If you can last eleven days in a tight spot with a friend and then come out laughing, your friendship is real. Oprah Winfrey

How to assess the closeness of friendly relations? How can you be sure that your friendship is real, not just lip service?

To convince yourself, try to check these funny friendship words. Imagine what you would do if you had to spend eleven days with your best friend in a room? Will you be able to continue to be happy with him or do you feel annoyed over time?

Short Funny Friendship Words

1. Appropriate Companions

Everyone who is tall needs a friend who is short.

These cute friendship words are perfect for those of you who are tall and have shorter best friends. It would be better if the relationship was close enough so that you don’t have to be afraid of the words offend him.

Then, make these funny words of friendship as a photo post caption that shows your differences in height. After that, also add a description of how important it is in your heart.

2. Friends will not stab from behind

True friends will not stab you in the back, but directly from the front. Oscar Wilde

It’s annoying to have someone who loves to stab in the back. All your sincerity seems useless because he will still betray and badmouth you behind your back.

Such people do not deserve to be called true friends. Because like these funny friendship words, a true friend will not betray you. When there are things that are not pleasing to his heart, he will immediately tell you, instead of giving innuendo behind the scenes.

3. Strange Friendship

If you have friends who are as weird as you, then you already have everything.

The friendly relationship that exists between you and your friends can sometimes happen for a variety of reasons. One of them is because you have similar traits and tastes. Sometimes, you are even considered strange by other people.

When that happens to you, don’t worry! Like these funny friendship words, there’s nothing wrong with having a strange friend. In fact, he might even perfect your life.

4. Will never reveal secrets

When I said I wouldn’t tell anyone, my best friend was not included.

How many secrets have you shared with your best friends? It must have been countless.

Even when you are told a secret by others, you will still share it with friends. Even when you have made a promise that you will not spread the secret to other people, but friends are not someone else for you.

5. The Importance of Friends in Life

A true friend is the cutlet of meat in the salad bowl of life.

H cohabited like a bowl of salad: where any content can reflect something. Starting from tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, and other ingredients that complement the salad can symbolize family, education, relationships with people, and so on.

Then what is the role of friends in the salad bowl of your life? If based on these funny words of friendship, its role is like a piece of meat that will add vitamins and protein to your life. Although some salads still taste good without meat, their existence can add to the enjoyment of taste, just like having friends in life.

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Send Funny Friendship Words to Closest Friends

After reading the funny friendship words for beloved friends in this article, is there anything you would like to send to your dear friend? Or do you want to take the quote as a  caption in one of your posts on social media accounts?

Even though your friend is quite good, there’s nothing wrong with sending him funny quotes that can make him smile. Because by doing so, your friendly relationship can be more lasting.

If you still want to find other inspirational quotes that aren’t interesting from these funny friendship words, check out this article on the Inspiration channel on the website. You can get inspired words of friendship, expressions of affection, turmoil, and much more.

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