Funny Sarcasm words that Flick and Tickle

Collection of Funny Sarcasm words that Flick and Tickle, Describe Your Irritation. The mannerisms and attitudes of some people may irritate and irritate you. If you want to express annoyance but are confused about composing sentences, the funny satire words in this article might help you. Let’s look at the full review here.

Here, you can find a variety of flicking quotes that you can direct to anyone, from hypocritical friends to annoying exes. Apart from being an outlet for their conscience, your insinuation may lead them to introspect.

Are you curious about what funny satire words you can use? Let’s take a look at the full list below. Hopefully, you will find a quote that can voice your frustration.

Funny Satire Words for Friends

Funny Sarcasm words that Flick and Tickle
Funny Sarcasm words that Flick and Tickle


1. Old Reply to Message

The purpose of sending a short message is to get a reply within minutes. If not, I better use the postal service.

Today, technology has made it possible for you to get instant replies to messages over the internet. So, it’s a little annoying if you text your friend but he or she always takes a long time or even forgets to reply.

One or two times may be natural because everyone has their own busy schedule. If it continues? Looks like you need to flick your friend with the funny words of sarcasm above so he immediately fixes the bad habit.

2. Bullshit

Your speech is like a colorful balloon, beautiful but filled with the wind.

Promises are often made not only by couples who are romantically drunk but also in friendship. Usually, the promise that often arises is to always be together and take care of each other under any circumstances.

Therefore, you may feel hurt when you find out that your friend who said you will always be by your side has disappeared when you need it. The quote that analogizes what your friend is saying is like the wind in a balloon above is suitable as an insinuation for him.

3. Not Doormat

I am not a doormat that can always welcome you even though you have made many mistakes.

No human is perfect in this world, so it’s only natural that your friends make mistakes. What is inexcusable is when he keeps making the same mistakes and doesn’t want to improve.

If you are bored and want him to change immediately, you may occasionally need to tease him with funny sarcasm. Tell him that you are not a doormat that is always ‘ welcome ‘ or can accept him at any time because patience has its limits.

4. It’s already a risk

Yes, his name is also a friend. Some are good, some are hypocritical.

Not everyone you meet in life will give you happiness. Sometimes there are also painful experiences that you can experience, including when you build friendships.

If your friend has shown his true character as a hypocrite, let it go. As you can see from the wise quote above, there are still good people out there who can replace him.

5. Perfume Refills

Your talk is like refillable perfume, smelly but fake.

Some people just can’t be trusted what they say. Therefore, you need to be careful with friends who easily promise you something but in the end are just nonsense.

This is similar to the funny words of flirting for friends above. The promise she made was like a fragrant perfume, but unfortunately, there was no evidence that it felt fake.

Words of Satire for the Ex


1. Counting Alms

You don’t need to feel jealous when you see your ex-boyfriend with other people. Our parents teach us to give toys that are not used to people who are less fortunate.

When you see that your ex has partnered with a new partner even though you broke up recently, feelings of anger and hurt may arise in your heart. Even so, don’t let that feeling dominate your emotions and heart as it will only hurt yourself.

Calm yourself with funny satire words for your ex above. You may find that spending energy thinking about your ex is a waste of time. You better focus on improving yourself to meet better people than him.

2. Different tastes

In English, you used to be my cup of tea or my favorite tea. Unfortunately, now I prefer champagne.

The expression my cup of tea when interpreted according to the context of its use is like the expression “my ideal type”. This expression is commonly used to show interest in someone when they want to be in love.

However, you can actually use this expression to refuse any feedback from your ex like the one mentioned in the flicking quote above. These funny satirical words add to the expression “I prefer champagne” which means that your ex is no longer your ideal person.

3. Different Classes

A diamond is never juxtaposed with pebbles, that’s why God separated us.

Perhaps you are familiar with the belief that good people match up with good people. Conversely, bad people may also be juxtaposed with bad people.

The diamond and pebble analogy in the quote for the former above illustrates this belief. Diamonds will always be equated with precious stones that have no less high selling value, not with gravel that can be found anywhere.

4. Tahlilan

You said you can’t live without me? How come I haven’t received a tahlilan invitation to your house until now, huh?

Flirtatious like “I can’t live without you” is often said by your partner when you and he are having a flirtatious relationship. At that time, your heart mayflower to hear him and believe what he said even though if you think it logically it seems too much.

If your ex then decides to leave, it can seem like you want to show him the flirt again. You can use satirical words that are funny but make her on the top as a social media status for her.

5. Purpose

When ex says, ‘You won’t find someone like me’. Just smile and answer, ‘Yes, that’s my goal.’

When a relationship ends, you will want to learn from your mistakes and be pickier when looking for a new partner. Hopefully, your new love story will be better than the previous one.

Therefore, when your ex says that you will never find someone like him again, of course, that is not a problem. According to the breakup quotes above, your goal is to meet better people, not the same as your ex.

Funny Sarcasm words that Flick and Tickle
Funny Sarcasm words that Flick and Tickle


Words of Sarcasm Funny but Spicy


1. Like Change

Some friends are like pennies, are duplicity and of little value.

Change is usually used as change when shopping. The face value is not as big as banknotes that can reach thousands to hundreds of thousands.

No wonder that change is used as an analogy for a hypocritical friend in the funny but spicy satire above. If you want him to repent immediately, maybe you can send this quote to him.

2. Stop Caring

Sometimes, you have to stop caring about someone’s situation. Not because you want to ignore him, but because he doesn’t care himself either.

If you see a friend’s condition who is trapped in the wrong association, you, as her friend, of course, want to help her realize immediately. However, what happens when he or she doesn’t care and ignores all of your help? Feelings of disappointment may arise in your mind.

If in the end, you choose to ignore it because you can’t do it anymore, that’s okay. You are under no obligation to fix someone’s situation when that person doesn’t care about themselves. You can say goodbye with a goodbye quote as well as a sarcastic message on top of it.

3. Toxic people

Some of the most poisonous people in the world come disguised as friends and family.

Friends and family are among the closest people in your life. These are confidants you can rely on when you’re feeling down.

Hence, it is inconceivable the heartache you will experience when knowing that they only want to take advantage of you. Express your hurt feelings with sarcastic words for friends and family above. Besides being able to vent your emotions, hopefully, this quote can make them aware and introspect themselves.

4. Acting Most Holy

Counting other people’s sins doesn’t make you a saint right away.

Many of the characters you meet when you make friends with large people. Some are humorous, introverted, generous, and so on. As long as it’s not annoying and uncomfortable, of course, the diversity of characters will actually make your friendship even more colorful.

It’s different if your friend has an annoying attitude, acting the holiest, for example. You and your other friends may feel uncomfortable because basically sin matters are the responsibility of each individual. Just quip with the flicking quote above so that he immediately awakens.

5. An irony

What’s the point of looking pretty on the outside when you’re so ugly on the inside?

Judging someone by appearance alone can not fully make you get to know their character more deeply. Especially if it’s just based on good looks because you don’t know what’s in her heart.

The funny satire words above seem to give a fitting picture for those of you who have been deceived by your friend’s outer appearance. So that you don’t repeat the same mistakes, try to get to know someone’s character better before giving them confidence.

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Flirt with people who annoy you with funny words of sarcasm

This is a collection of funny satire words or funny sarcasm words that flick and tickle that we can summarize. Of the quotes that have been explained above, is there anything that catches your attention because it is in accordance with what you experienced? If so, express your irritation immediately before the feeling triggers further anger.

It’s okay to convey irritation to the person who has upset you. After all, it is possible that after hearing what you have said, the person will come to their senses and want to introspect themselves so as not to repeat the same mistakes.

Apart from this article, there are many other articles that are no less interesting on lovepsychologys. Starting from aphorisms for friends, life mottos, to upset quotes. Just look at the full review on this site.

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