Funny, Sweet & Love Good Night Messages For My Boyfriend

Is there anything more charming than going to sleep with good wishes and even more if they are of love? That is why I bring you a compilation of the best Funny, Sweet & Love Good Night Messages For My Boyfriend for you to dedicate to the man you love.

You can express these phrases when you are personally or you can also write and send them, surely they will not stop thinking about you and you will be able to captivate that special being whom you want to impress.

So go ahead and start choosing the ones that fit your personality and dedicate a night full of thoughts to the boy who drives you crazy.

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Funny, Sweet & Love Good Night Messages For My Boyfriend

Just like women, men love to be seduced and praised.

Show him how sweet you are and how much you care with these Funny, Sweet & Love Good Night Messages For My Boyfriend and be the protagonist of his dreams!

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  • Sweetheart, good night. Good rest to you.
  • Goodnight My Love. I wish for tomorrow to be by your side again. Sweet Dreams.
  • May the silence of the night accompany your precious sleep and the dawn bring you much happiness.
  • Good night, love. She dreams of me.
  • Rest my love and do not forget to dream of me. I already do the same with you every night.
  • In all the days that I see you, in all the moments that I feel you, in all the seconds that I have you, in all the caresses that you give me, I breathe love: your love. Good evening.
  • You are the light that illuminates my day when I wake up, and the peace that allows me to sleep. Thank you for being what you are to me. Have a good night, rest well.
  • Today I want to say goodnight to those who make me happy with a simple smile, who, looking into my eyes, understand me, and those who make me go to heaven with a simple word. Good night my love.
  • I have a bad relationship with the night. I hate her because I can’t be with you, but I love her because she allows me to dream of you endlessly. Good evening.
  • Before going to sleep I want to tell you that you are the only owner of my heart and I will dream of you every night.
  • I send you a big kiss goodnight my beloved prince. I wish you can have sweet dreams and tonight goes by quickly because I want the morning to see you again. I love you a lot.
  • Before going to sleep I want to tell you that you are the sole owner of my heart. I wish you rest well love, that the little angels take care of you while you sleep. Love you!
  • By your side I feel safe, I feel that nothing bad can ever happen. Good night, love.
  • Good night my love, thank you for always being by my side.
  • It is incredible how by your side I feel the bravest and strongest person, because you make me feel unique and special. Good evening.

Know the best good night phrases for your partner

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Dare and send your boy some of the following Funny, Sweet & Love Good Night Messages For My Boyfriend, he will surely love them!

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  • I can’t find any better way to fall asleep than thinking of you.
  • Tonight I will continue to love you in my dreams.
  • You have everything I need to be happy, I can’t believe I was so lucky. Sweet Dreams.
  • Every night I look at the sky and I think that our love is so infinite. Have sweet dreams. I hope I can dream of you tonight.
  • If when you’re sleeping you feel something on your cheek or on your lips, don’t be scared, it’s my goodnight kiss.
  • I wish you a dream as happy as the ones I have when you appear in them.
  • Receive this message as my goodnight kiss.
  • There are infinite stars in the sky and among them, none is capable of illuminating me even half as much as you do. May you rest, my love.
  • Someday I will get you to see me as I see you, perfect for me. Have a nice rest.
  • Rest and sleep well. Thank you for giving me a little light with that beautiful smile you have.
  • Sweet dreams, who makes me sleep with a smile.
  • I am going to sleep, but I am calm because I know that you will continue to be present in my dreams.
  • I love you by day and I dream of you at night. Rest and have a good night, my love.
  • The best thing in the world is putting my head on my pillow and realizing that it still smells like you.
  • I love you so much because you have the ability to bring out the best in me, by your side, I am always the best version of myself. Goodnight.


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  • The only thing I regret is not having been able to meet you earlier. She dreams of me!
  • I am somewhat shy and I have not dared to tell you this in person, but you should know that I am someone very close to you, and that I am looking forward to getting to know you better. You look amazing to me and I just wanted to tell you: Good night.
  • Have a nice night and have nice dreams. Rest assured that you will be in mine.
  • I never find any better way to fall asleep than thinking of you. Good evening.
  • If you don’t know what is the reason for my big smile, you just have to go look at yourself in a mirror. Goodnight.
  • I can’t stop thinking about you at any time of the day, sweet dreams.
  • I love feeling close to you, sweet dreams.



  • “Make me a space in your nights, I want to dream of you.”
  • May the most beautiful star in the sky illuminate your dreams. Good evening!
  • It all comes down to the last person you think of at night. That’s where your heart is.
  • Tonight like many before, I always think of you.
  • I left you the moon on so you don’t have to be afraid when you wake up.
  • Tonight let me dream with the spell of your eyes, the charm of your voice, and the charm of your smile.
  • Ask the moon, she has seen me whole nights thinking of you.
  • Every night I have a dream and that dream is you.
  • The stars are my eyes watching that all your dreams are beautiful. Good evening!
  • I’ll dream of you again so you don’t feel so far away. Good evening!
  • Your only flaw is not waking up next to me.
  • The last to dream that turns off the moon.
  • I never find any other way to fall asleep than thinking of you.
  • During the day I think of you, in the afternoon I wish for you and at night I dream of you.
  • I love you by day and I dream of you at night.
  • The time has come to dream of you. Good evening!
  • I hope your dreams are as happy as mine when you appear in them.
  • I wish that tomorrow arrives soon to have you again in my arms. Luckily, during the night I can dream of you.
  • Rest and sleep well. Thank you for giving me a little light with that beautiful smile you have.


  • Today I will sleep happy because I know that tomorrow we will be together again. Goodnight My Love!
  • Every night I hear the melody of my soul that repeats your name as many times as my heart beats.
  • I don’t know if I’ll dream of you, but I promise I’ll sleep thinking of you.
  • You are not here, but you live fully in my heart.
  • When I follow my heart, it leads me to you, even when I sleep.
  • Before going to sleep I want to send you a little bit of my love in this message. Good night my love, may your sleep not be interrupted by anything or anyone. Remember that I will be thinking of you.
  • You are the only one capable of giving calm and tranquility to my heart, send me a kiss and I promise that I will dream of you.
  • Tonight before going to sleep, look at the brightest and most beautiful star, it is she who I have asked to give you a goodnight ray.
  • This beautiful night, I feel infinite joy just by remembering you. You are my life, my sun, my moon, and the most beautiful of melodies. I wish that all the stars illuminate you with their radiance.



If you still do not have enough confidence with the person to whom you want to dedicate a good message before bed, or it is your love and you want to wish him a happy night in a cheerful way, then you can opt for this selection of fun Funny, Sweet & Love Good Night Messages For My Boyfriend.

You will also find phrases that you can write to him through Facebook or another social network:

  • Good night hug is requested, with or without experience
  • You have to go to sleep now! It’s too late! Don’t force me to get violently tender with you. Good night my love.
  • It’s OK darling. We both want to do it. You know we both want to do it. Why don’t we? Let’s go to sleep now! Good night my love.
  • My life is much happier since you are by my side.
  • You drive me crazy, just like the first day.
  • I think that one day my heart will explode with love, because it seems incredible to me that every day I love you a little more.
  • My heart repeats your name in every beat. Love you very much.
  • I know you know how much I love you, but even so, I will never get tired of repeating it to you every day.
  • I don’t need gifts, because the best gift life has given me, and it’s you.
  • The day was heavy, this little body needs rest. Good evening.
  • I’m going to sleep, the coconut comes and takes me.
  • I don’t say good night to you, because I will see you in my dreams.
  • Don’t go to sleep angry if you want to wake up rested. Love you!
  • I don’t tell you good night, I tell you: I will see you in my dreams.


If the person you love or are attracted to is far away, don’t hesitate to send your wishes with these Funny, Sweet & Love Good Night Messages For My Boyfriend.

Wherever he is, the thought will take you with him and keep you present, even in the distance.

You can also send them as virtual messages, make social networks your best tool, send thee Funny, Sweet & Love Good Night Messages For My Boyfriend also by WhatsApp, and thus they will be closer and in love.

What are you waiting for? Take note!:

  • Sleep well and do not forget that I will always be by your side.
  • I would like to wake up one day many years from now, and still think about how lucky I was to find you. Rest.
  • I don’t know if it’s true that love grows larger with distance, but if so, I’m going to need a transplant, because there’s no room for more love in this heart. Good night Sweetheart.
  • Happy afternoon love, it will still be a few days before we can see each other again, but it doesn’t matter because, although thousands of kilometers separate us, I always have you very close to my heart.
  • Always remember that you are present in my thoughts all day, do not think that I am exaggerating. When I’m not with you I feel happy remembering you. Have sweet dreams my beloved boyfriend, thank you for making this day unforgettable.
  • May your heart not be filled with sadness my love, soon we will meet again and everything will be as always, the love I feel for you will never change. Good night darling, for the moment I can only dream of you.
  • I would love to give you thousands of kisses right now, you are the one who fills my days with joy. I am a very happy woman by your side, thank you for making me live such wonderful moments. I hope you have sweet dreams, light of my life.
  • I would love that, instead of saying goodbye by messages or calls, it would be in person. Having you by my side to feel and take care of your dreams would be really beautiful. Rest, my sweetheart. Love you!
  • I always imagine what it would be like to wake up next to you. Immediately, my mind structures a totally wonderful scene. I know that date will come and it will be the most beautiful of my existence, but for now I will settle for saying goodnight. Rest, I will always love you.
  • Love, I wish you have sweet dreams, and may tomorrow be a wonderful day for you. I love you and miss you with all my might. Good night, my sweet half.
  • Dream with me that I will dream of you, so we can meet in my dreams, or in yours, and spend more time together. Rest, I love you too much.
  • This is a very sad night since you are not here. I wish you come back soon, because I miss you by my side. Take care and rest. Love you.
  • I hate that we are so far away from each other on this beautiful night. I wish so much that you come back soon so that we can sleep together again. Goodnight My Love.

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  • The night does not allow me to be with you, but it lets me dream of you and that makes me very happy. I love you huge amounts, good night my love.
  • The night is ideal to reflect, to thank, to realize how lucky I am to have you in my life. Every day I pray to God for us and for our love so that it continues to grow. May you rest well my life!
  • Goodnight My Love! You are the most beautiful thing that has happened to me in life; Just thinking about you makes me happy every day and every night. The moon will lull you to sleep tonight with its calm and peace. I send you many kisses with the wind.
  • I close my eyes and imagine how beautiful things will be when we can finally rest together. I long to spend many nights by your side, enjoying your company and love. Goodnight!
  • Goodnight My Love. On this warm night, all your dreams will be beautiful and calm. I hope that all your energies are replenished and that tomorrow you start your day with the best disposition. Kisses!
  • I really like the night because in the dark we can see the light, and I feel that you are the light of my life.
  • My love, before going to sleep look at the sky, we will be observing the same stars. Then, close your little eyes and feel each kiss that I will send you through the moon.
  • Have a nice night my love; I commissioned the stars to take care of you. I count the seconds to see you again my life. Love you.

In addition, other options that he will surely love is that you send him some of these phrases of love songs or famous phrases of love. Dare to fall in love with him every day!


For married couples, the best way to keep the spark of love is with beautiful messages, in which they show how much they love each other.

For this reason, here you will find a list of good night phrases for marriage, you can use them or you can also learn to be inspired to create your personalized phrases.

So go ahead and show your partner how much you love her and how much you appreciate her with some sweet and loving good night phrases; also remind him every night the reason why you are together every day.

  • Something remarkable about sleeping by your side is seeing you dream; but, above all, it is the fact of knowing that you will be the first thing I look at when I wake up. Having you on my lap causes an emotion difficult to express. Love you!
  • The best part of my day is when you come home. Seeing you rest in our bed makes me feel like the luckiest woman in the world. May you rest, my life.
  • The nights are magical if you stay by my side, that’s why I want to repeat to you every day how much I love you; Yes, I also wish to grow old with you. You will always be the most beautiful thing I will see when sleeping. Thank you, God, for having given me such a beautiful and caring man. I love you rest.
  • My love, it’s time to go to sleep and I want you to know that today I will be the architect of your dreams. Have a good night and a beautiful day.
  • I feel very happy that a man as wonderful as you rests by my side. Sweet dreams and good night. I love you with my soul.
  • The night is so beautiful because you are next to me sleeping. I love taking care of your dreams, I love seeing you rest, I love everything about you. Sweet dreams, honey.
  • Rest that I will take care of you, I will take care of you from the night shadows. I will kiss your forehead and your eyelids so that you have happy dreams. I love you madly.
  • I feel the passing of the days as a gift for starting my days with you and because every night you are here by my side.
  • Being with you every day is enjoying the most wonderful moments, and every night we are together I take care of it and remember it as a treasure.
  • Even when we were first dating, I wanted this badly, to be able to live with you and watch over your sleep. Now that I have achieved it, and I can sleep next to you every night, I am immensely happy. Rest well, my love, keep in mind that you live in my mind and in my heart.
  • Rest, my angel. When I look at your beautiful sleeping face, under the moonlight, my heart repeats and confirms that you are the only man for me. Have a restful night, tomorrow will be a very good day, because I know that I will continue to have your heart.
  • How I wish that the light that illuminates our lives would never go out, love. Sweet Dreams.
  • Sometimes I wonder why life is so beautiful, now I know: it’s because you’re in it. Goodnight My Love.
  • When I say good night to you, it is so that you know that you are my last thought before going to sleep. Love you.

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When it comes to expressing our feelings, the length of the message is irrelevant, the most important thing is that it comes from the depths of the heart and has the intention of making the person who steals our breath shudder.

The list of good night phrases that I will share with you below has the particularity of being short, concise, but beautiful and full of love. Do not lose sight of any!

  • I want to give you good night kisses and good night kisses.
  • Every night I have the same dream, and that dream is you.
  • 16 hours I think of you, 8 I dream of you.
  • I’ll dream of you again so you don’t feel so far away.
  • I have a dream… to sleep with you on the same pillow.
  • Dream nice, but with me.
  • I wish you an insomnia full of memories of me.
  • If you dream of me, I promise not to wake you up.
  • If I get into your dreams, hug me without letting go.
  • I’m thinking of you, no matter what time you read it.
  • My sweetest dream is you, love!
  • Make a space for me in your nights, I want to dream of you.
  • I write to you every day because I can’t kiss you every night.
  • Don’t wish me good night, give it to me!
  • I wait for you in the dream of always, do not be late.
  • My favorite moment is at night when I close my eyes and think of you.
  • My desire for you does not go away, they accumulate every night.
  • I dream of hiding in your bed and losing myself in your kisses every night.
  • How nice it would be to wake up in the middle of the night and see you here, by my side.
  • Today I kidnap you and lock you inside my dreams.
  • Tonight I will continue to love you in my dreams.
  • Your only flaw is not waking up next to me every morning.
  • I say good night to you so you know that you are my last thought before going to sleep.

Do not stop reading the phrases to captivate a man, you will love them!

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Now that you have read the compilation of the best Funny, Sweet & Love Good Night Messages For My Boyfriend to dedicate to your partner or someone you are attracted to, then get inspired and learn to praise that special person for you.

These good night phrases can become the beginning of a healthy routine for the couple, since, through pleasant and positive messages, the qualities of both will be reinforced and you will be able to show how important he is to you.

Thus, the bonds of love, affection, and well-being as a couple will be strengthened. Cheer up and start tonight to put them into practice. You will have very good results!

Find more options of true love phrases so you can dedicate them to your partner, as well as the best phrases to send as seductive text messages.

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