Funny Words for Lovers to show Feelings

15+ Funny Words for Lovers to show Feelings to your girlfriend/boyfriend or crush.  Are you currently trying to get close to someone and confused about how to get their attention? Instead of being confused, try sending funny words to your crush now and then. You can find some of the words or quotes in this article.

If you are still confused about finding the best quotes, see the quotes that we have prepared in this article. Here, you can find the words love, sweet, flirting, and compliments that can be sent to your lovers or crush. Happy reading!

Funny words for Lovers

Funny Words for Lovers to show Feelings
Funny Words for Lovers to show Feelings

1. More than Angels

Other people say that they have seen angels, but I have seen you and for me that is more than enough. George A. Moore

When they see someone who looks beautiful or handsome, sometimes some people will equate it with an angel. In fact, the standard of beauty or good looks for each person is different, and so is it for you.

You also don’t really care if other people are considered angels. Because like the love words for this one pdkt, the existence of a crush is more than enough. You will not be tempted by other people or even if there are real angels though.

2. Moneylender Duties

If the loan sharks are chasing debtors, my job is to chase you.

When in need of a money loan, some people will borrow from friends, banks, or even moneylenders. When dealing with loan sharks, he will continue to chase and visit the debtor’s house until the debt is paid off.

Your feelings for your crush may be compared to a loan shark chasing debt. But the difference is, you will try to continue to chase him until he reciprocates the feelings of affection that you have been feeling for him.

3. Like Electrons and Protons

I want to be your lover, more than the electrons that want to cling to protons. Emma Stone

When the charges of a proton and an electron meet, they stick together as if they can’t be released. This is explained in an electric charge formula called Coulomb’s law.

You can send this one to your crush if you want to show how much you want to have it. That if you could, you want to be able to stick with it, more attached than the electrons and protons.

4. Sweet Taste Bitter Coffee

I prefer to drink bitter coffee. The problem is if you drink it while looking at it you become sweet.

Every coffee lover must have a taste for their respective drinks. If you’re the type of person who likes bitter coffee without any additions, then this quote is perfect for sending your crush.

Tell him that when you drink coffee with him, you prefer to drink black coffee only. The reason is that it’s too sweet is enough to make your coffee taste less bitter.

5. Run Around the World

I am willing to run around the world as long as you are the finish line.

For some people, exercise can be very annoying. Never mind running around the world, just running around the field is tiring and lazy.

However, if there is a crush waiting at the finish line, you are certainly willing to do it happily. To show this, try giving love words for this one crush. Show that you are willing to do anything for the sake of the crush, even if you run around the world.

Funny words for your crush

Funny Words for Lovers to show Feelings
Funny Words for Lovers to show Feelings

1. Love is like a debt

My love for you is like a debt. At first it was small, but it took a long time to grow up by itself.

There are various kinds of things that can be used to describe your feelings of affection for your crush, one of which is this funny rant. Here, you are likening the feeling of love to debt to someone else.

H debt with interest usually the amount will continue to grow to be more. That’s more or less how you feel your love for him, keep growing little by little until it becomes very big.

2. Become a gang of criminals

What if the two of us become a gang of criminals? I stole your heart and you stole mine.

Committing evil is not a good thing. Therefore, it might sound wrong to try to get your crush to commit a crime. However, there seems to be one crime you can commit with your crush.

An example is a rant for this one crush, where you express the idea of ​​becoming a gang of criminals with him. However, the only crime the two of you committed was stealing each other’s hearts.

3. The Sound Makes It Melt

Hearing your voice makes me feel like butter on a hot skillet, melts instantly.

There are all kinds of reasons why you might be attracted to your crush, one of which is their voice. No matter what the sound is, to you it is the most melodious voice ever heard.

Sometimes, just hearing the sound can make you smile and all the troubles seem to disappear. To show this, send him a rant for this one crush. He will immediately smile happily.

4. Can Make You Miss

If Japan can make robots and Germany can make cars, you can make me miss.

Several countries are usually known for their expertise in producing something. Examples are Japan which is famous for its robots and Germany for its car production.

You can apparently use this as funny for a crush. Point out that if these countries have the expertise to make an object, they also have an equally outstanding skill, which is to make you miss them all the time. Guaranteed he will smile when he hears that.

5. Like Clockwork

You are like clockwork, but instead of circling inside the clock, you are spinning in my mind.

When you love someone, it’s no surprise that their presence is always in your mind. Everything you see or hear will remind you of it.

When that happens, send this one love word to your dear crush. So that he knows that his existence has never disappeared from your mind, always turn around like clockwork.

Funny words make your crush smile

1. Hopefully Time Can Stop

When I am near you I want to stop time, because when I am with you time flies.

Spending time with people you love will be very enjoyable. Not infrequently, time flies faster when you are together.

Therefore, if you could possess a superpower, you might wish you could stop time. So that later you can spend much longer with him.

2. The Most Beautiful Things in Life

If you ask what the most beautiful thing has ever happened in my life, then the answer is when I met you.

Everyone must have the most fun moments in his life. Sometimes, these moments are when you spend time with someone you like, like your crush.

If you want to show that to your crush, you can send him these love words. Express that your meeting with him was the best thing

3. Mostly Eating Sugarcane

You are gravity that always pulls me endlessly. Taeyeon, Gravity

There are all kinds of reasons why you might be attracted to your crush. Whether because of his beautiful face, kindness, intelligence, or other things.

Whatever the reason, you can express that interest using funny love words for this one crush. Express that his presence in your life is like a strong gravity that will always attract your attention wherever he is.

4. Will Continue to Learn

Since knowing you, my innate desire is to continue learning, to learn so that I can be the best for you.

You may often hear words of wisdom that say that learning knows no time. Sometimes, some things discourage you from learning new things.

However, if you learn about crushes, you will definitely be excited and will not hesitate at all. Just like these rash words, you are willing to learn with all your heart so that you can become a better person for your crush.

5. Become an atmosphere that protects the Earth

If you were the earth, then I would be the atmosphere. That way, every time I can protect you from the pain of meteor and comet attacks.

When you are close to a crush, you don’t want him to get hurt. You will do whatever it takes to protect it.

To show that feeling to your crush, try sending these rant words. Apart from just expressing it through expression, you have to really show it with attitude.

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Express your feelings for your crush using these words

After reading the funny words for lovers to show feelings in this article, was there any inspiration that you got? Are there any rags that you want to send your crush right away?

In addition to sending him your quote, you need to show him your sincerity. Because if the words are not followed by a sincere attitude, it will be of no use. Then how can you change your status from crush to lover, right?

If you are still looking for other inspirational quotes, check out the Inspirasi channel on the website. You can get romantic quotes, sad, disappointed, and many others.

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