Girl dynamite for no reason – why?

Girl dynamite for no reason – why? “Why is she ignoring me if she likes me?” – such a familiar and painful phrase, right? Even worse, if you have already heard enough encouraging rumors that the girl you like so much reciprocates. Her friends, your friends, sisters and closest friends hint that she is always talking about you!

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So why doesn’t she show you love? Why, when you’re in the same room with her, does she literally act like you don’t even exist? Or, when you work up the courage to speak, does it abruptly disappear?

The real reasons for its inaccessibility

Girl dynamite for no reason – why?

In fact, the answer to the question “Why does she keep dynamizing me?” already found. Do we know how to proceed?

  • She’s on the defensive

Many girls in the past have been hurt, lied to, cheated on, perhaps even physically abused. You can be the man of her dreams, the good guy she’s been waiting for.

But she’s just not ready to let her emotional defenses down, and the only way to protect herself is to ignore it.

  • She pretends she’s hard to get

Women pretend to be inaccessible for two reasons: because she likes you, and she wants to run after her, or because she doesn’t like you at all, and the point is only in the attention that you give. But since we found out that the feelings are mutual, we will focus on the first option.

Unfortunately, men have acquired a terrible reputation for acting as if the main goal in communicating with a girl is to get into her panties, and then immediately disappear after that. She probably dynamite you to make sure you’re a reliable guy and want to be around her and not in her underwear.

  • She doesn’t want to lead


Ignoring a guy is a weird way to show submission. In some cases, girls in this way give the guy space for the first step, so that he achieves and pays attention.

Believe me, she watches your every action; if she is a traditional girl, she wants to be sure that you are very serious in your intentions and ready to become the “ship captain” in your relationship. And yes, if a girl needs to push you and be suspended in order to find out or prove something, rest assured, she will do so.

  • She is emotionally unavailable

Emotionally unavailable people often resist any change in their emotional state, even if it is a pleasant crush. They will go to great lengths to protect their well-being. Often this is associated with a negative experience experienced, which has transformed into counter-dependence (a constant desire to keep the object of one’s love at a distance). In most cases, for girls with injuries, this is a way to disconnect themselves from the outside world, it will not be very easy to get into a narrow circle of trusted people of such a passion.

Of course, it’s not easy being the protagonist of a situation where you know the girl likes you, but she keeps ignoring you every time you try to get close to her. But don’t give up just yet! Your lover may have some problems that she needs to deal with, and if you are confident in the strength of your feelings, you can wait and help her.

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