Happy birthday letter Ideas for my boyfriend

If you’re wondering, “How can I make an emotional happy birthday letter to my boyfriend?» and you don’t know how to achieve it, don’t worry!

Here you will find what you were looking for among the details to make a boy fall in love.

Also, if you think that none of the alternatives that I propose is perfect for your relationship, then you will have the keys so that you can make a beautiful personalized letter.

Get inspired! So you can wish your boyfriend, in a loving and original way, a happy birthday and make him always remember you.

Dedicate one of these letters to him as a sign of the true love what do you have

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birthday messages for my boyfriend

If you haven’t been getting to know your boyfriend for a long time, don’t worry, with this happy birthday letter to my boyfriend, You can express your good wishes on his day.

You can do it in an affectionate and subtle way, because you are just getting to know each other and since you don’t want to scare him, this is the best option for you.

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Dare to discover it!


I know that this is a very special day for you, since it is your birthday and it is for this reason that I want to wish you an unforgettable day that you can share with your family, friends and me.

Although we are just getting to know each other and it is not much that we carry as a couple, I want to tell you that by your side I feel very good, because I can be who I am, without concealment or masks and I can be with you without ceasing to be myself.

I also like you much more because you respect my spaces, my tastes, my thoughts and you respect me.

With your sweetness and your affection I feel that we can discover ourselves as people, more and more and better.

Thank you for the beautiful moments together, I know there will be many more and more and more heartfelt.

I wish you a happy birthday, with much love.


Happy birthday letter to my boyfriend

Here you will find a beautiful happy birthday letter to my boyfriend where will you leave all your thoughts of love.

If they have been together for some time, it is the ideal one for you, because the intensity of love is already on another level and the moments they have spent together have been enough to know what they like about each other.

Share interests and although there will always be much to discover about the couple, you are on the right track.

You can also know what you can give him on his day. Dare to discover it and find the best gift for your boyfriend in the article «gifts for my boyfriend«.

So, dedicate this letter to the one who makes your days sweeter.

Hi love:

Since the day I met you, you occupy a large part of my thoughts, and today, which is your birthday, I want to express all my love to you and wish you much happiness.

Of course I also hope that you can share that happiness with me.

In my mind there are not enough words that can help express what I feel for you.

However, I will let the words flow and you can see in my eyes the immensity of love that you produce in me and that you also absorb when we are together.

In this time that we have shared as a couple, I cannot find many happy moments in which you are not there.

You light up my life in a surprising way and every day you make our courtship grow with immense love.

It’s amazing to know that so much love can fit in my chest. I will always be very grateful because you are a great support in my life.

You help me so that I can also grow as a person, as a woman.

On this day of your birthday, I want to remind you how happy I feel when I am by your side.

And I am even happier when I see your smile and your eyes that lovingly light up when they see me.

I hope that our story continues and that we can share many unforgettable moments.

Thank you my life for everything you give me with your presence, your love, your understanding, for your friendship.

I love you and I wish you great happiness, not only on this day, but on all the days of your existence.


Phrases to wish you a happy birthday

If you are in a stable relationship, in which you have had a very good time with your partner, and you think:

“What kind of happy birthday letter to my boyfriend could do? ¡This letter is specially made for him!

You can also learn the keys to achieve a good relationshipand that helps both enjoy the relationship to the fullest.

So without further ado, start reading the letter to the love of my life.

Hi my love:

I want to share with you the immense happiness that I feel by your side.

You illuminate my days and nights with your presence and you are what I had always wanted to find.

Now that you are with me, I feel very grateful to life because it crossed my path to fill me with much love.

I wish that both today, which is your birthday, and every day that you still breathe, you feel the joy of being alive and that together we can continue building happiness.

We both know that there have been difficulties, but together we have solved them to continue advancing.

Our relationship and our love is the most important thing and we will not let anything or anyone ruin it.

By your side I am the happiest woman in the Universe.

Every day you bring out the best in me and help me to be the most complete woman and the best version of myself that I can be.

When we are together I am immensely happy, and when I am not with you I remember all the happy moments.

We are a complete couple, with a stable and healthy relationship, respectful and full of love.

That’s why I couldn’t leave out your birthday: the birthday of the love of my life.

I love you immensely.

Note: Keep in mind that it is very important to share your emotions with your loved one.

In fact, there is the article from scielo.edu.uy that talks about the importance of this.

In this case it is applicable since you want to show him how much you celebrate his birthday.


love letter for my boyfriend

If you think that none of the options of happy birthday letter to my boyfriend is the one for you, don’t be scared.

Next, you will have the keys that you must take into account when writing a letter to your love.

Take note!

  • Dedicate all your love to him, accompanied by good wishes of happiness for his birthday.
  • Show him once again how much you feel for him and remind him of the joy you enjoy in your relationship.
  • Tell him that there will be many more moments of happiness being together, because both of you feel full and happy.
  • Use a loving and delicate tone.
  • Don’t write the letter too short and don’t write it too long either.
  • Have it in your future plans.
  • Thank him for his support.
  • Acknowledge the good times in the relationship and what you have shared together.
  • Tell him that there will be many more moments that you will enjoy as a couple.
  • Let him know how much you appreciate, value, and love him.
  • Don’t talk about past fights, don’t write him anything negative. Only nice and positive things.
  • Wish him lots and lots of happiness.

End the letter with the feelings you have towards him:

If you are just starting the relationship, do not tell him that you love him, because it is too soon.

You can say “With much love…” or, “With appreciation” and close with your name.

Do not use phrases like: always yours or something like that, because you could scare him away.

If you have been with him for some time and you feel that it is too early for you to tell each other that you love each other and you still do not treat each other with affectionate nicknames, then you can choose to sign your letter as:

“I love you (and then your name)” or, “I love you so much.”

If they have spent enough time where they openly talk about their feelings, likes and share many things together, then you can sign your letter, such as:

“With love”, “lovingly”, “with immense love”, “my life” or also with the nicknames that they usually use in their relationship.

You better avoid using new nicknames that haven’t been said yet, as he wouldn’t understand very well.

Better choose to speak to him with warmth and much love through these details love.

Also keep in mind what real men want in a woman and avoid making too many mistakes.

Thus, you will have better results in your relationship and, therefore, better results for your life.

If in the same way you feel that you need to refine your writing a little more, I recommend you read the text of amc.edu.mx.

With this tip you can motivate yourself more to risk writing!

Grab a pen and paper and start writing! happy birthday letter to my boyfriend, let the inspiration flow from within you!

You can also make the letter on your PC, however, at the time of delivery, it is essential that you do it personally and that it be physical, this will make it more personal.

So, don’t wait any longer and express your good wishes of love, happiness and prosperity to your partner.

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