He no longer answers! How long to wait? (+ 7 tips)

He no longer answers! How long to wait? (+ 7 tips)
He no longer answers! How long to wait? (+ 7 tips)

In the getting-to-know phase between a man and a woman, feelings increase. Phone calls are made between the dates and WhatsApp messages are exchanged.

In the morning he writes you regularly “Good morning”. Before going to sleep, “heart” emojis are exchanged and it is written how much one misses each other.

But overnight he won’t get in touch with you!

How long you should wait before you get back to him depends on various factors. You can expect from a few days to four weeks.

He no longer answers! What now?

Most of the time it is the men who simply break off contact. Women, on the other hand, expect a clear statement or at least an indication of why the man is withdrawing.

As soon as the first butterflies are in their stomach, the women create the most beautiful romantic head cinema scenes. When the man of desire suddenly withdraws, a world collapses for her.

Reasons for breaking contact

One wonders how the man can be so freezing and what actually led to it? Yes, it really is a very painful experience for women, but sometimes it is worth exploring the background.

  • He is not sure and wants to think about it in peace
  • He has stress at work
  • He has family problems
  • He has a secret and doesn’t dare to tell you
  • He imagined it would be different for you two
  • He’s no longer interested
  • You have clamped

How long should I wait?

As you can see, there are a few reasons a man might withdraw. Of course, you want to know where you are – that’s understandable!

But when is the best time to contact him? How should you behave

How long you should wait before contacting him again depends on various factors! It can be two weeks or a long eight weeks!

First of all, you should implement the following tips for yourself:

Everything comes to you at the right moment. Be patient.

7 tips

1. Try to stay relaxed

Maybe he has problems or, at worst, no interest. No matter what it is, try to stay relaxed first.

Do not look for mistakes in yourself! That just makes you tense. It also gnaws at your self-esteem. In the end, HE did not behave correctly and did not contact us again without a reason.

2. Live your life on

Keep your daily routine. Go to exercise and visit your family. Have fun on the weekend and hit the slopes with your friends.

Nothing is worse than heartache. Therefore do not withdraw. It only makes everything more painful.

And if you happen to meet somewhere, he can see that you can have fun without him!

3. Make yourself scarce

Stop writing to him and don’t try to call him anymore. Do not leave any postings or comments on social networks that contain any hints!

Men are hunters and want to hunt. If you keep contacting him, he won’t have a chance to chase you!

4. Don’t stalk

Don’t make the mistake of contacting his friends. This will make you a stalker and corner your crush.

Don’t keep your friends to yourself because of your snooping attempts. The consequence will be that he closes himself off even more.

5. Talk to the person you trust about it

Don’t eat it all up! This is an additional burden for you. It’s bad enough that your crush doesn’t get in touch and you can’t change it right now.

Talking to your best friend is best. Tell me what is bothering you. Reflect together what happened.

6. Clear your chat history

The greatest favor you can do yourself – delete the chat history! There’s no point reading through everything every day and trying to reinterpret the old news.

You won’t find any hidden clues in it. Men don’t paraphrase or suggest anything. We women are only too happy to interpret that into it.

Men write directly!

7. Think about whether you really want to hold onto it

In the past, you have had plenty of time to worry. You thought about how nice your dates were and why he doesn’t get back to you.

Ask yourself if you want to hold on to the relationship!
Answer the following questions

  • Do we have the same sense of humor?
  • Did we have nice dates?
  • How are his friends?
  • Is he a family man?
  • Were there any signs that he fell in love with you?
  • Have I overlooked any hints that he is not satisfied?
  • Does he have problems that I didn’t realize?
  • Could it be that I was clinging too much?
  • Am I actually in love or does the rejection scratch my self-confidence?

You are just realizing that you are also not sure whether he is the right one? Or do you even find yourself just running after someone because you got a basket?

Then congratulations on this insight! You can now tick it below and complete it

But if you’re still lovesick, it’s time to get back in touch.

You’ve followed the 7 tips – it’s time for a strategy:


Unfortunately, it is not possible to say when you should contact your crush again. Every man is different and has a different character.

His feelings for you also play a big role! Does he have feelings or doesn’t he?

He has feelings for you

Depending on which type of character you are dealing with, different approaches are advantageous.

The melancholic

These men are prone to sadness but are considered to be very reliable. He finds it difficult to trust other people quickly and constantly doubts himself.

His emotional instability can be the reason why he stopped contacting you!

If your crush belongs to this strain, you can get in touch with them as soon as possible. But there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • get in touch 1 to 2 weeks after breaking contact
  • don’t call him
  • He can answer WhatsApp or SMS in peace without feeling pressured
  • Don’t blame him
  • Ask him how he is and that you would be happy to receive an answer.

He will be happy to receive your message and will get back to you in a few days at the latest – if not on the same day.

Seize the chance for a fresh start.

The choleric

He is considered irascible and stubborn. He is also very strong-willed – always with his goals in mind. With him, one little thing is enough to make him angry.

Maybe you unconsciously got too close to him and that’s why he withdrew?

  • give him two to four weeks
  • do not write Whatsapp – he can ignore it
  • summon up your courage and give him a call
  • ask how he is
  • find out if you got too close to him
  • don’t blame him

At first, he will appear distant and cool. But as soon as he realizes that you are showing understanding, he will thaw.

The sanguine

His character is characterized by lightness and humor. He is often perceived by others as inconsistent and reckless. He is extroverted and has a tendency towards occasional excesses.

Could it be that you’ve been a little more serious lately and scared him off with it?

Don’t worry – you can quickly convince a sanguine.

  • get in touch with him when your gut instincts
  • It is accessible again after a few days of radio silence
  • It doesn’t matter to him whether Whatsapp or a call
  • alternatively, you can leave him a funny saying on his pinboard
  • ask him if he has the time and inclination to meet with you
  • explain to him why you haven’t been able to show your lightness lately

You will see, he will receive you with open arms.

The phlegmatic

This type of man is rather calm and introverted. He has a love for order and is considered reliable. His calm manner is not infrequently fatal for him.

Either he was simply afraid of his own courage or you scared him off a little because of your lively manner – or both!

Such a character is usually happy when he doesn’t have to take the first step

  • give him about two weeks to withdraw
  • don’t call him because he’s rather shy
  • write him a message
  • ask how he is
  • suggest a meeting and tell him you miss him

He will gratefully accept your initiative.

He has no feelings for you

If so, you will, unfortunately, have to come to terms with it. It is well known that feelings cannot be forced.

It’s a shame that he simply breaks off contact and has not sought the conversation. Now is the time for you to overcome your lovesickness and look forward again.

Similar questions:

Make the first move?

We women always expect the initiative of men. But men are also happy when the lady of the heart actively shows her interest in him. So go ahead – he’ll be happy.

Why is the withdrawing?

There are many reasons a man might withdraw. These can be personal or professional reasons. Maybe he’s feeling too fast with you too? The best thing to do is to look for an open conversation with him!

How do I make myself interesting for him?

Show that you have a positive attitude and pay attention to your posture. In addition, a well-groomed appearance is very important.


If your crush doesn’t get back to you, there could be many reasons. Don’t look for the fault with yourself, try to find out what the trigger is.

With a little understanding and initiative, a lot can be straightened out again. You just have to get to know each other better.

He no longer answers! How long should you wait? How did you feel when he stopped calling you?

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