He postpones meetings but is interested? What’s behind it?

He postpones meetings but is interested? What's behind it?
He postpones meetings but is interested? What’s behind it?

You’ve been looking forward to your first date with your crush for days. But he cancels your meeting at short notice ?! He still shows interest in you. Then why did he postpone the date at all?

He still shows interest in you. Then why did he postpone the date at all?

Can he really be interested in a meeting?

Please don’t assume that he is no longer interested in you just because he has postponed your date. The reasons for this can be varied and important. However, if he postpones your meeting more often, it is possible that he doesn’t take your relationship as seriously as you do.

Of course, there are men who back down just before a meeting and then never let themselves be heard from again! But let’s be honest! Would you like to have a man like that by your side? No!

But there are also many plausible reasons for having to postpone a meeting. If your date is still interested, you should give them a chance.

10 honest reasons why he’s postponing your date

1) His car is broken

A case that is not so rare is a defective car. Your crush must have been looking forward to your meeting. But unfortunately, his car didn’t start – defective battery

Who doesn’t know this situation? Most of the time something like this happens when you’re in a hurry and something important is about to happen. The consequence of this is the cancellation of appointments, calls to the breakdown service, and then to the workshop. Shit happens!

2) He’s stuck in a traffic jam

You don’t live in the same city and your crush has to drive another way to see you? There is daily commuter and rush hour traffic on Germany’s roads, accidents happen and bang! You’re already stuck in a traffic jam.

Of course, you’re already wondering whether it’s still worth going to a meeting that you might be hours late for or whether you’re going back and postponing your date.

After all, you want to be relaxed on your first date and have time for each other. If you are stressed and lack time, you certainly cannot convince your counterpart. So, better cancel and reschedule! Logical right ?!

3) He’s got the men’s flu

Everyone knows it, the almost fatal male flu. If your crush is sick and cancels your meeting, understand that. After all, it has been scientifically proven that men suffer more from the flu than women.

I don’t think it would have made a good impression on you, either, to date a feverish, snot-nosed man. Maybe he would have infected you with it. Nobody really has any of that.

4) He doesn’t have beautiful hair

Men also want to please us, women. So it may well be that your crush had an appointment with their hairdresser shortly before your meeting

The haircut failed, the color a catastrophe – that is a really understandable reason to cancel a date and to spare yourself embarrassment.

Which woman cannot understand that?

5) He’s afraid of the meeting

Yes, yes, not only we women get into a kind of panic before the first date – the world of men also has to struggle with it:

  • How is it going to be?
  • Do I like it?
  • Do I like her?
  • Will we have enough to talk about?
  • Will there be a first kiss or even sex?

The whole day the thoughts revolve around the upcoming meeting. And the more you think about it, the more mental cinema develops until finally, a panic arises that no longer seems to be under control and leads to a rejection.

Maybe you can take the uncertainty out of your crush for the next attempt. It usually helps if you just admit to being nervous yourself!

6) He suffers from migraines

A third of migraine sufferers are men. As a rule, however, men do not talk about this problem.

Migraines are manifested, among other things, by severe headaches, visual disturbances, and nausea. In bad cases, it can even cause vomiting. The tricky thing is that it comes unexpectedly and medication doesn’t really work in acute situations.

Nobody would be able to go on a date in this condition.

7) He pushes overtime on the job

Your crush must have been looking forward to meeting you together. His boss unexpectedly orders overtime on that very day.

The order book is high and cannot be achieved without his commitment. Anyone who is a reliable employee can of course cancel their leisure appointments here.

This says nothing about the interest in you, but is more an indicator of a hardworking and loyal person who comes to help in times of need.

8) He has a helicopter mother

There are helicopter parents not only with children and adolescents – no – even grown-up children have (over) caring mothers.

Usually, the tide turns at some point and the so-called helicopter mother demands full attention from the child. A little ailment here, an insecurity there – a call to his son, who leaves everything behind to rush to her help.

A second possibility is that the mother on your date knew about the upcoming meeting. Your crush may have said they were going to meet a woman. Unfortunately, some mothers react jealously when they notice that their son is genuinely interested in a woman. They then make up some story to keep their child from the meeting.

But no worry! If your crush notices this, they will surely be able to handle this situation. It just shows how caring he is.

9) Good friend needs his help

Yes – sometimes things don’t always go the way you want them to. A scheduled meeting is coming up, but on this very day, his girlfriend is leaving his best friend. And whoever is a good friend is of course at their side in times of need.

Of course, your date will feel guilty about you. But can you blame him for that? No! He is still interested in us. He just had to stand by his best friend – that says a lot about his great character!

10) He made another appointment and forgot!

Maybe you are about to date an “absent-minded professor”. He probably didn’t write down any appointments, but all in his head! A little stress and confusion – whoosh – you have two appointments on one day.

Even if he has now decided to cancel your meeting, it does not mean that you are not important to him. Because he still shows interest in you, which can only mean that the other appointment could not be postponed.

This is how you react to a rejection:

  • Show understanding (= creates the trust)
  • Ask if you can help him in any way (= shows that you are supporting)
  • Suggest that you arrange a new meeting (= shows that you are still interested)

Why didn’t he justify his rejection?

Well – that’s probably the difference between a man and a woman.

Where women talk “novels”, the man has told everything important in a two-word sentence!

Therefore – don’t be too strict with him! If he’s the right one, you will have plenty of time to talk about it.


You have agreed to a new meeting and can finally enjoy the first few hours together. The mood is flirty, your stomach tingles! Enjoy it!

But please don’t make the mistake and squeeze it out on the canceled appointment! He’ll surely do it all by himself in due course. After all, the basis of every relationship is trust!

Similar questions:

How do I cancel the first date?

If you have an important reason to cancel your meeting, it’s best, to be honest! Get in touch with your date as soon as possible and explain the situation. And don’t forget to arrange a new meeting right away!

How do I overcome my fear of the first meeting?

It’s normal to feel nervous about your first date. You can assume that your crush is excited as well. Ask your friend if she can spend time with you the hours before. This is the best way to distract yourself and she certainly has a few styling tips for you.

What do I wear to the first meeting?

First of all, it is important that you feel comfortable in your clothes. Just putting on something to possibly please your date tends to backfire.

Because if you don’t feel well, you can’t seem relaxed and natural. So if you are more of the sporty type, jeans with a chic blouse and sporty shoes are a good choice.


There can be many reasons a man is postponing the date with you. But that doesn’t have to mean that he’s not interested! A broken car, a sick mother, or unexpected overtime are good reasons to cancel a meeting. Even if it is annoying and stirs up uncertainty.

Everyone deserves a second chance

We women are very sensitive and can quickly become insecure. It is important that you remain fair in your assessment. Anyone can have to cancel a meeting.

Does he still show interest and ask for another chance? Perceive them! You will not regret it.

Have you been moved by your crush before? How did you feel about it and was there a second chance?

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