Here are 18 Characteristics of a Qualified Employee, These are Always Considered by Your Boss!


Professional skills are important, but make no mistake; it’s attitude that determines whether you succeed or not at work.

Attitude or personality is what drives soft skills, which two-thirds of employers say are most in demand. Listening skills are based on curiosity. Punctuality is at the root of whether a person consistently shows up for work on time or not.

Soft skills, not to mention the attitude behind them, are much more difficult to train than hard skills. One can be taught how to code; they can’t just be taught how to be better.

So which attitude is most important to your boss? Here are 18 characteristics of a quality employee, which one do you already have?:


Honesty is the foundation for a high-performing team. If you can’t be trusted to tell the truth, then you definitely can’t be trusted with things like sales and customer experience.

Plus, dishonesty can be contagious: If other people on your team see you’re lying, they’re more likely to too.

How to Show Honesty

Present your application and interview openly. Is your college GPA not that great? Were you fired from your previous position? Be honest because the boss will find out.


When it comes to honesty, this attitude is about sticking to your moral principles. Be a good example to others. Never fake your performance figures, always tell customers the truth, and be a good company money manager.

How to Show Integrity

Describe a time when you were tempted to bend the rules to get a prize. What makes you reluctant to do it? If you did break the rules, was it for a morally valid reason?

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It is important to distinguish these attitudes: Thrifty is not the same as cheap. Cheap people buy candy because it’s on discount; a frugal person will not buy it at all because he knows he doesn’t need it or he finds a better deal. Employers want to hire people who will find cost-effective ways to do things for the company.

How to Show a Thrifty Attitude

Learn as much as you can about how to save your company money. Understand the terms group buying, negotiating bargains, and have ideas on how to find a cost-effective vendor. You don’t have to get all the answers during the interview, but surprise them with your understanding of the options.


If you have been hired to do a job, and you have to complete it. This is especially true during crises like the coronavirus: Responsibility is critical to a productive remote work culture. [4]

How to Show Responsibility

Prove that you can handle the little things. If you are applying for a writing role, for example, submit the test on time and in good shape. You need to demonstrate that you are reliable before you can be considered for a full-time role.

5.Technology Smart

Entrepreneurs want someone who will understand the new world in which businesses need to operate and thrive. Understanding new ways to communicate and organize things can impress an employer.

How to Demonstrate Technology Proficiency

Make scheduling easy naturally for them via email. Use productivity apps to speed up your work efficiency. For example, you can use Google Calendar to include your schedule in an email discussing an interview. It has a visual feel that you can even customize. Things like this can make you stand out from the crowd.

6. Empathy

This attitude is about being able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. No matter your professional role, you need to be able to relate to your team members as humans.

How to Show Empathy

Follow the emotional flow of the interviewer. Express sympathy for the stressful experiences she shared. Be genuinely happy about something good that happened to them recently.


Some roles require more sociability than others. Sellers have to be social if they want to stand out in the minds of prospects. But on a certain level, this attitude is important to everyone in the workplace. Even writers and engineers should be fun to be around.

How to Show a Sociable Attitude

Be wise. Add this attitude, carry on the conversation without dominating it. Involve people, especially introverts who may feel uncomfortable starting conversations on their own.


Things change quickly in business. In addition to the plague, the client changed his mind. The supply line is broken. In such situations, flexibility is very important.

How to Show Flexibility

Remain calm in the face of uncertainty. Treat unexpected changes as opportunities rather than reasons for fear. Change your own schedule periodically: If you usually work out around lunchtime, could it be that exercising in the morning makes you more productive?

9. Perseverance

Especially during times of change, persistence is the attitude that keeps you going. If you continue to work through the tough times, you’re going to have a hard time in the modern workplace.

How to Show Perseverance

Tell the interviewer about a time when you were discouraged but encouraged. After that, follow up frequently. Show that you won’t give up on an opportunity just because there are other applicants.


Loyalty is an attitude related to diligence that every employer looks for. Who doesn’t want a worker who sticks with the company through hardships and hardships? Often, loyalty is rewarded with raises and promotions.

How to Show Loyalty

Emphasize long-term commitments you have made in the past. One of the reasons most employers prefer a college graduate is because it shows that you can stick with a four-year degree program.

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11. Curiosity

In the knowledge economy, employees must be lifelong learners. Curious people are interested in a variety of different topics, but they also want to dive deep into those topics.

How to Show Curiosity

Discuss your hobbies, especially if they are different from the work you do. Don’t think it’s irrelevant to the interview; realize that they make you a more attractive and memorable candidate.


Work can’t be sunshine and roses all the time. That’s why positivity is so important. If you get lost easily, you will provoke pessimism from others on the team.

How to Show a Positive Attitude

Don’t pretend to be happy, but try to see the silver lining in things. If the interviewer asks about a time you failed, explain what you learned from the experience. And be sure to smile: A cheerful attitude makes other people want to be around you.


Of all the attitudes on this list, authenticity is perhaps the most difficult to define. It’s about being sincere. What you express must match how you really feel about a situation.

How to Show Authenticity

On the other hand, the best way to show authenticity is not to try to show it. Be yourself: If you’re having a great day, show it. And if you recently had a relative pass away, realize that it’s okay to be upset about it.

14. Generosity

Professional life is tough enough without this attribute. Generosity makes the world around you warmer, which everyone appreciates. And if you believe in karma, you believe that generosity will come back to you in ways you can’t see.

How to Show Generosity

Generosity isn’t just about giving gifts – although it doesn’t hurt to surprise someone with a treat. Be generous with things like praise and feedback too. Even your interviewer deserves to know when he or she is doing a good job.


Transparency is similar to honesty, but there is an important issue that distinguishes this attitude. Working with transparency means letting your team members see the good, the bad, and the ugly. More than telling the truth, it’s about defaulting on openness.

How to Show Transparency

Volunteer information. Tell the interviewer how he or she can contact your company beforehand. Bring a copy of your college transcript to the meeting. Prompt questions, even after you leave the building.

16. Maturity

Misunderstanding surrounds this attitude. Maturity isn’t about not making fart jokes; it’s about being sensitive to the reality of a situation. Adults respect the interviewer’s decision to cancel at the last minute because their child needs to see a doctor. If there aren’t enough cookies for everyone to have two, adults resist the urge to take a minute.

How to Show Maturity

Think of other people. If the person you’re interviewing needs a break, offer to chat in five minutes. If you don’t get the job, don’t trash the company you applied to on Glassdoor.


Being kind means having compassion. We all make mistakes, and we all deserve the opportunity to do better. Bad things happen to good people.

How to Show Kindness

Avoid giving judgments. If the interviewer is a little late, don’t be upset. Chances are, he’s just stuck in traffic – something that must have happened to you at some point too.


People are diligent about doing their homework. Not only do they pay attention to detail, but they work to get the details right. This attitude can show up in everything from the way you dress to the way you schedule your days.

How to Show Perseverance

Follow instructions strictly. If the interviewer asks you to give an example of a small business video ad you created, don’t show an ad for a large company. Don’t show radio or digital ads. And bring a spare, just in case the interviewer wants to take a quick look.


Attitude doesn’t necessarily make up for deficiencies in professional skills, but you may be surprised how important it is. Be the best, and let your boss judge you for who you are. This is what often happens, good people are people who get good jobs.

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