How a guy communicates with girls – 15 truths

How a guy communicates with girls – 15 truths (clear tactics) Sometimes we can say whatever we want in a few words. And you don’t always need a long article to cover a topic. Today, it is precisely such concentrated information about the short most important principles of how a guy communicates with girls.

These 15 tips (one might say, quotes) were formulated by me during conversations and public discussions with men like you. At the same time, they are very successful in their personal lives. They are the ones girls are drawn to, who they want to be with.

I would like each of you to find an inspiring phrase or idea for yourself that will help improve your influence and success when dating girls. And take control of your life and relationships.

If you want in detail, then with examples, phrases and your necessary chips, I wrote in the article How to communicate with girls (ideal interlocutor).

Now about the interesting. How a guy communicates with girls – 15 truths (clear tactics)

1. Never look down after eye contact – this is a sign of submission.

2. Want to talk to the gorgeous girl who gave you such a hot look? Do it now.

3. Don’t apologize for not knowing something she never told you. Don’t apologize if you have a different opinion. Don’t apologize for what you want to do.

4. Don’t argue with her logic. This is Mission Impossible 4. Your intellect will not penetrate her “I feel this way.” Be taller and say “Yes, I understand you.”

5. Once you know her name, use it constantly. Girls think their name is the most important word in the world. (Yes, and everything is so, what to hide).

6. Shy guys think too much. They choose to react and worry in a situation where they need to act and take the initiative.

7. Free girls go on dates to have a good time, not for serious conversations. Keep that in mind, and never be too serious about blaming problems, past years, or your prospects for her on first dates.

8. Not all girls are worth dating you.

9. End dates on your own initiative.

10. As a true Don Juan, you must be ready to break up with a girl in a second if she crosses the line. And let her know it.

11. When you look directly into a woman’s eyes, her body releases chemicals like phenethylamine that make her feel in love.

12. Use your eyes to communicate with girls. It will give more than using your mouth.

13. The lack of heat is the scourge of our time. Give her your warmth – and she will return it to you three times multiplied.

14. You can’t be happy in a relationship if you don’t feel comfortable being alone.

15. Do not hide your sexual interest when communicating with a girl.

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