How a male manipulator behaves – how to recognize him by signs?

How a male manipulator behaves – how to recognize him by signs? In search of a long-tailed man, mohuses notice how the dream man begins to slowly pull on and b ^ n ^ It just seems that all guys are thick-skinned and cannot be manipulators. In practice, this happens very often.

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Most manipulators act surreptitiously and as delicately as possible so that a woman brushes aside all the warning advice of relatives and friends to the last. However, in psychology, there are several signs that allow you to identify a toxic partner.

What are the risks of a relationship with a manipulator?

Pleasant in such love is not enough. A man will not think of both, how to make the relationship as comfortable as possible for both. The main goal of the manipulator is to make a woman feel dependent and do whatever he wants.

The consequences of a long relationship with such a guy can be extremely negative for the girl. If you are not aware of this, it is possible to avoid the problems that arise:

  • Decreased self-esteem.

This is the way to go next to the contact with the manual manipulator. The woman begins to believe his words that no one else will love her. The feeling of uselessness and personal failure grows like a snowball.

  • The development of inferiority complexes.

The result of such an impact is a large number of subconscious clamps. You will gradually turn into a “blue stocking”, which at first is forbidden to dress up and makeup, and then she herself will cease to see the need for such a thing.

  • The emergence of fears, phobias, and paranoia.

In a relationship with a manipulator, the victim begins to be wildly afraid that he will leave her. Possibly nerve-wracking and stressful. Fear passes into a more serious stage – a phobia. And there is already close to real paranoia.

  • Anxious and depressive state.

The presence of an emotional swing in a relationship is not in vain for a woman. She begins to get very worried that she constantly does something wrong. Neopredelennosty and other psychological pomology of the skin in sooby clinical depression.

  • Psycho-emotional dependence.

She can be very strong. The girl ceases to imagine her life without the presence of a manipulator partner in it. She does not find enough strength in herself to break off relations and becomes more and more dependent on the actions of her husband.

  • victim syndrome.

You begin to gradually put up with the fact that everywhere and everywhere you are to blame. An oppressive feeling becomes a constant companion, not allowing you to enjoy life. The victim syndrome makes the girl deeply unhappy and confused.

You begin to take all the negativity for granted in your destiny. There is a desire for self-flagellation, which is capable of soon being transferred to self-harm – 

  • Separation from relatives and friends.

How to understand that a man is manipulating you?

The manipulator will be available on the starting point, so that the partner will be able to use it. As a result, friends stop calling for meetings, and relatives move into the category of enemies who do not understand anything.

The girl herself remains in a world limited by everyday life, an apartment and a man. This leads to a decrease in social and communication skills, the development of depressive states, as well as suicides.

The main signs of a manipulator

Personal psychology contains a whole section devoted to people of this type. If you want to find out if I am not a hardened manipulator, pay attention to the following …

  • On the other hand, with friends and rodents.

At first, this one seems cute, because the beloved wants to spend more time together. To the extent that it is two years old, it is possible to say that the drugs that live. A man can behave both softly, “I will be sad without you,” or rather harshly, “I said you don’t belong there.”

  • There is a depreciation of any female action.

Every perfectly done housework, whether it’s a delicious romantic dinner or smartly ironed shirts, simply goes unnoticed. He will never say thank you, but he will not miss the chance to criticize something “I found it behind the TV in the corner in the heat of the heat”.

  • Everything is always your fault.

This is the crown chip of all manipulators. Even if he behaved somehow ugly or cruelly, provocateurs will expose you. In addition, all mutual acquaintances will regularly listen to unreliable information from a man.

There can be a lot of options for gossip from a manipulator, for example, “she was the first to raise her hand to me, yes, and generally osnor”. As a result, no one will take your complaints seriously.

  • All his ex-girlfriends are real monsters.

This is one of the first signs of a toxic guy in your personal life. An adequate man will not throw mud at the women he met and lived with before, trying to whitewash.

  • Regular emotional cells.

On the contrary and affectionate, to foreign and without reason, it becomes hard and cold. This is exhausting and makes a woman confused, helpless. It always seems to her that she is acting somehow wrong or not good enough to make her beloved happy.

A cruel game that is inherent in all manipulators. She is an advocate for unhealthy relationships that you must get out of as soon as possible.

  • He loves to complain and seek sympathy.

Moreover, as in the case of information disseminated about you, this data will also have only a drop of truth. For example, if a man complains that colleagues do not invite him to an important project, then he probably does not say that before that he disrupted the delivery of important work.

  • All rules are created exclusively for you.

If he did something wrong, then it can and must be understood and forgiven. This does not apply to girls. Any jamb on your part will be detailed and sanded for a long time. Ego needs are sacred and must be met. Your manipulative man just doesn’t care.

  • He competes with a woman in literally everything.

If the girl feels bad, the partner will immediately declare that he is even worse. Tired at work? Because this is what you are talking about…. No, it’s worth it. Because only he deserves it.

  • A man likes to ignore, be offended and remain silent.

This is such a sophisticated form of punishment when all contact is stopped with a woman. This happens especially often when the manipulator feels the emotional dependence of his victim. All arguments that it is painful and insulting will be ignored.

  • Promises never translate into actions.

On the other hand, the building is in the middle of the country. He will certainly agree to any request. It’s just that nothing will be done. Such a man will never refuse rudely. No where it is not known. There will be a million reasons, and each will be much more important than your request.

Relationships with a typical manipulator will never bring happiness. A woman will always feel only coldness and selfishness on the part of her partner. Moreover, everything is served under a fine sauce of love and care, which you will receive from no one else.

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