How a man shows an increased interest in a woman he likes?

How a man shows an increased interest in a woman he likes? Men show sympathy for women in different ways. Some, without hesitation, devour them with their eyes. From the faces of others, it seems impossible to understand what they are thinking and whether they like you. You experience discomfort about this, you get off at ya, you don’t know how inteough manifests.

Signs of sympathy for you can be detected by facial expressions, eyes, gestures, behavior. Use this article as a roadmap for the moment you start to think about your young tebalo’s attitude.

If you are interested in a man

What happens to a man when he likes a woman? Of course, everyone behaves differently, but you can try to formulate the chain of thoughts and feelings that is formed when you meet an interesting girl. It may not always be true, but many men talk about just such a structure.

The first thing you can pay attention to is that a rare man falls in love instantly. It may seem to some that this is exactly what happens. However, more often instant sympathy is the fruit of the skillful actions of a girl or woman. She spotted a handsome young man, set traps into which he successfully fell.

If this is not the case, a certain time passes, after which the man begins to single out the girl from his environment. It doesn’t matter where it happens – in a team, at fitness classes or while walking in the park.

Imagine you communicate with a young man for a day, a week, a month. During this time, you already fell in love with him, fell out of love, fell in love again, and only by this time you began to notice that he somehow singled you out from the crowd. It is not clear what you did – dressed in a new way, broke your heel, or just the sun lit up your hair and lit it in nonh k. And as soon as this happened, changes in his behavior, facial expressions and gestures began to be detected.

Signs of interest with storon men

Sympathy, interest of a man is manifested in a variety of ways. For example, a normally reserved, boring young man turns into a happy, laughing, very creative person. Or the merry fellow becomes sad and sad.

But let’s take a closer look at what happens to mublyhausen when he shows interest.

facial expressions

The face, and especially the eyes and lips of even the most restrained person, reflects everything that is going on in his soul. Take a closer look:

  • You often catch a man’s gaze on you. Sometimes it freezes on your face, as if you have bewitched it. Or a man looks away, but under the influence of an incomprehensible reason, he begins to look at you again.
  • The look is filled with warmth, tenderness, as if it is thawing – if you watch a young man for a long time, you will change your mind with a public-week.
  • Moreover, this process is uncontrolled.
  • Another involuntary movement is the expansion of the nostrils. There is a feeling that a man cannot breathe normally, he needs more air.
  • A shy, kind man, at the sight of you, empathy for you, slightly raises the corners of his lips. A more open one begins to smile, when meeting with you, he glows with joy with his whole face.

5 unobvious signs of male love

  • A slight blush may appear on the cheeks.
  • Sometimes a man raises his eyebrows a little, as if asking you if you are ready for deeper communication with him.


If you want to know if a man likes you, pay attention to his gestures. Chaotic movements, the feeling that everything is falling out of his hands, may indicate strong excitement, embarrassment. In many situations, he holds something in his hands, twists, turns this object. Touches buttons, straightens hair, shirt, belt. Purposeful active hand movements serve to attract your attention.

In your presence, the young man will try to straighten up, become taller, more powerful. Many bend down, approach the woman in order to be closer.

Repetition, copying of movements, gestures is another attempt to be closer and more understandable.

Many men, showing interest in a woman, try to touch her. It can be a simple handshake, a kiss on the hand. If this is what you want to do and the contact will be broken.

But there is another approach. For example, you are sitting in the office, and your colleague is constantly trying to come up, stand behind, as if by chance touching. With his movement, he, as it were, protects, closes you from everyone.

By the way, casual touches on the thigh, arm, stroking on the back are a sign of an invitation to more intimate relatives.


When a man who likes you addresses you, his intonation changes, his voice becomes more muffled, depending on the situation, it will be louder or quieter.

The young man speaks louder when he is in company and tries to get your attention. His voice becomes quieter when he is with you alone – you will hear the rustle of words and be sure to turn around to listen, look at his owner.


У мужчин меняется поведение. The most important thing is to do it in the sports event, to save the game, to plan it, to buy it in the form.

They change their hair and clothes. Depending on their usual style and style, women change their suit for jeans or, conversely, instead of trousers and a loose-fitting shirt, they put on formal clothes. No one wants to see the name of the place. If you suddenly managed to become the object of the sighs of a hippie or an eternal traveler, pay attention – perhaps he began to wash his hair more often, change socks, clean shoes.

The next change is stricter control of your mood. For example, in a few moments of meeting with you, he freaked out, grumped, and when he saw that ftter, n сдgen · Intonations, facial expressions change, aggression goes away.

You will meet a young man who shows interest in you more often, especially if you work together. He will hold the door in front of you, help with coats, difficult presentations, take you to the fom table.


INTEREST men can be seen not only by their behavior and gestures. Communication is changing. You understand that you are really listening anne, they remember various events, dates, appeal to your trials

One girl was shocked when, while waiting in line at the hospital, she received an SMS from a guy asking if everything is fine P. She talked about going to the hospital 2 weeks ago. The young man remembered this, he himself took an interest in her condition, correctly without going into details.

In the presence of sympathy, communication ceases to be superficial. Instead of routine questions, compliments “on the case” appear. For example, you cut your hair a little or lost weight. It is noticeable to you, others do not notice the change, but your young man noticed it.

In addition, he begins to ask personal questions, asks about childhood, interests, secret desires. He meets those girlfriends, introduces them to friends, when they meet by chance btR A man not only asks you, but also talks about his life himself, shares experiences, stories from childhood.

Your communication is not interrupted after the meeting. He sends you funny photos, pleasant stories, likes pictures in social networks.

No matter how hard a man tries to hide his interest in a woman, you can always detect him by the smallest signs – behavior, gestures, facial expressions, intonation of voice.

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