How can a girl walk to the left safely?


Treason … Many associate only negative with this word, because it means deceit and violation of any promises. But not only this meaning is embedded in such a simple concept. For some, sex on the side is just a way to let off steam and return to their permanent relationship refreshed. Others are looking for something in a lover that the chosen one cannot give: pleasure in bed, easy communication, a feeling of love. Whatever pushes on this shaky path, but the fact remains – often girls decide to cheat on guys. And if you are also thinking about this, then you should read a small instruction that will allow you not to lose yourself and not complicate your own life even more.

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Potential Candidates

The first thing to decide is who will be your lover. Often this happens spontaneously and does not require any reasoning, but if you have not yet acquired such a partner, then you should approach the search responsibly. Many prefer those men who are already breathing unevenly and are just waiting for the moment to get closer. This option is convenient, because here, too, you practically do not have to make an effort. However, you should be very careful – a lover from a close circle of friends can quickly turn your secret into evidence. It is best to get acquainted on the side with someone who does not intersect with your friends and colleagues in any way, and even more so is not familiar with the environment of her husband or boyfriend. Then the likelihood that you will be revealed will be much less.

Meeting place can not be Changed

In fact, you can, but the essence remains the same – choose secluded locations for your vacation with your lover. If your relationship is built on getting sexual pleasure, then you need to choose a place where you will be hidden from prying eyes. It could be his car, a hotel room, or a remote rented apartment. Try not to be seen together in public. Even with an impeccable reputation, you can cause some gossip. The meeting area should be neutral, especially if your lover also has a regular partner. Catch the eye of his missus is one of the worst scenarios.

Out of range

Another point at which most women are pierced is electronic “footprints”. Calls, sms, correspondence in social networks – all this one way or another can reveal to a regular partner the essence of your dishonest game.

To prevent this, try to pick up strong passwords for all accounts, exit correspondence before returning home, or simply clear all messages corny. The same can be said about candid photos. It is not recommended to send them to your lover, because they can later turn into a means of blackmail.

The best protection

One of the sad scenarios for communicating with a lover is an unwanted pregnancy. Many at this point begin to understand the depth of their mistake. After all, it is quite possible that this pregnancy will be difficult to explain to your husband, or it will not fit into your legend at all. It is for this that all the ladies who are going to change should remember one piece of advice – protect yourself. Choose the most convenient method for yourself and do not refuse contraception under any circumstances. Even if they promise you that everything will be fine.

Choose the most convenient method for yourself and do not refuse contraception under any circumstances. Even if they promise you that everything will be fine.

Definition of boundaries

Here it is necessary first of all to answer the question why many ladies get lovers. If your main goal is just to unwind and get positive emotions, then you need to make sure that the new partner does not begin to have strong feelings for you. After all, if you refuse to love him, it can turn out very badly. But if your main goal is to feel in love yourself, then do not blame me if there is no reciprocity from the lover.

For many, such novels are just a one-time affair that does not lead to anything serious. And if you do not want to be disappointed, then it is better to discuss on the shore what you need and what you are waiting for.

Difficulties are an integral part of our life. Even if it seems that only of them it consists. Cheating on your regular partner is a personal matter for everyone, because there can be the most unexpected reasons for such an act. But if you still decide to make another romantic acquaintance and go left, then weigh all the pros and cons in advance. After all, it is likely that your boyfriend or husband also has some problems and wants to talk about it. And if the troubles are only temporary, then you need to think about how to strengthen the connection between you, and not look for a replacement. Indeed, in most cases it always turns out that it was possible to fix everything, and not cut it in the bud, destroying sincere feelings.

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