How can a woman understand who to choose between two men?

How can a woman understand who to choose between two men? Loneliness always seems to a woman a huge problem and sadness. But sometimes it happens that two men appear in life at once. And also turns into problems.

Perhaps you have heard the expression “If the first was good, then the second would not have appeared”? No you want that?

Each case is different and it is very important to make the right choice.

Why there is a situation of choice?

Some believe that only a promiscuous woman can have a relationship with two men.

No sometimes situation, in which you will live in my city.

  • Parting with one man, and immediately began a relationship with another.

But after a while, the ex may try to enter back into “your sinful life.”

And it’s easy to get lost here. There will be a temptation to return, because you have already studied the previous partner well, and he also regrets because. The past connection is always idealized, because all the bad things are forgotten, but the good ones remain;

  • Protracted relationship.

Let’s say you love your partner, you’ve been dating for a long time, but he still doesn’t propose to you. And here comes the one who is ready to marry even tomorrow. The current feelings are quite strong, but doubts begin to cover – and he did not offer zistrihals. The years go by. So you are at a loss as to what to do next;

  • Crisis in relationships.

This situation often occurs in married women. A new man, a lover, brings romance, lightness, new emotions to life. He has no claims or demands. The construction of this man as an ideal begins, comparing with his spouse. And such a love triangle can exist for quite some time;

  • Simultaneous acquaintance.

For example, you have nothing to do sitting on a dating site. And the stars aligned so that you not only found a normal person there, but two at once. Both of these men seem like really worthy candidates, but you can’t decide. The difficulty may lie in the fact that you yourself do not know what you are looking for. After all, in the end, you were not taken with serious intentions to a dating site.

8 tips for choosing a man

If you are a child and want to make a choice with the least expenditure of mental strength, check out disc.

How can a woman understand who to choose between two men? Decide how both men feel?

The most important thing is to understand how you feel in the presence of these men. This is more important than comparing advantages and disadvantages. If you want to choose:

How to choose from two men?

  • Do you feel special with him?
  • What do you feel when he is around? Is it possible to take it from the plane that is flying?
  • Do you receive unobtrusive but thoughtful compliments from him?
  • Do you feel like getting better?
  • Do you feel like a helpless girl next to you? Are you embarrassed when he comes into view?

Appreciate the positive qualities of both

During the next meeting, talk to each man. Try to figure out what you like about them the most. It may not be possible to immediately decide what exactly causes sympathy, but it is very important to collect as much as possible.

  • Are you interested in drugs or in drugs? If he thinks only of himself, then perhaps he is still a bore. The name of the game is of interest to you;
  • Do you want to share and save yourself? Laughter give my interest and brighter. And also check whether it is pleasant when he touches you. Nobody can touch you if you don’t like it, so touching is also an important aspect;
  • Is he in a hurry? A man who is not in a hurry, strives to spend every moment with the one he likes, and enjoys it;
  • Prove it on the emoji? Many men are used to hiding what they feel. No, it isn’t true that some of the emoji are – you are in the same room and you have a heart.

Appreciate the negative qualities of both

If you are determined to make a choice, then the bad is also worth thinking about. This may even be more important than thinking about the pros.

  • Is he talking about an ex? If a former passion of a man often pops up in your conversations, then everything is pretty bad. He hasn’t been released yet;
  • Is he trying to manipulate you? As long as it is possible to control it and not pay it, it is possible to do it;
  • Does it carry a heavy load? His psychological trauma and bad past are none of your concern. If you are not ready to help him cope, then it is better to immediately go overboard;
  • Did he lie to you? Lying from the very beginning of a relationship is a road to nowhere. Trust is the foundation of a relationship.

Think about how each of the men feels about you

In the case when both are ready for anything for you, the choice will be more difficult. Of course, you shouldn’t stay with someone just because they like you better. You need to think carefully about what will happen to them if you end the relationship.

If it seems to you that one of the men is experiencing deeper feelings, then this will become a serious criterion in. There is no point in asking a direct question here. Look at the attitude towards you, the desire to spend time together, what kind of conversations on starts about the future.

Do not rush

No word on the subject, it is up to you to save it. This is a long and sometimes difficult process. Perhaps while you are deciding, one of the chosen ones will do something bad that will make the choice easier. If you haven’t sworn any of them and you don’t feel like you’re cheating on any of them, then you can cheat.

But don’t take too long either. If you are # alone, and at the same time you were chatting with someone

Make a list of similarities and differences

Make a list of what you want and what you don’t want to see in your man. This will help you figure it out.

  • With whom do you have more in common?
  • Is it not possible to buy it in the room?
  • Who doesn’t quit in three minutes?
  • Which of the men will like your family and friends?
  • Who would you like to meet every day?
  • Who can you imagine your life without?

Trust your intuition

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to choose what you like. Each person has a certain set of qualities from birth, and preferences are formed with age. No word from the slicing of the words and the instructions. You can flip a coin, and while it’s falling, think about what relation you would like it to have. Here is the answer.

If you know for sure, this and mm ear suits you, but he is strongly drawn, and sometimes he likes gar. Being alone is better than being with anyone.

And always learn from your mistakes. Even if your relationship with your ex ended badly or painfully, then you should not transfer all your disappointments and rakes into the future. Better think about how not to repeat this with the one you choose.

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