How can you remind a man about yourself if he forgot about you and does not remember?

How can you remind a man about yourself if he forgot about you and does not remember? Do you like a man, but he stopped communicating? Are you thinking about it? Or maybe you have doubts like: “Gone, yes, okay. What will I impose?

Agree, it’s great if there is a knowledgeable person in your environment who can give a practical recommendation, and, speaking in the language of images, “will pave the way out” of this labyrinth of questions. But what if there is no such person? I have good news for you! Your girlfriend is a psychologist , that is, this article will help you figure it out and give “keys” to the answers to the questions raised.

Where to begin?

After that, it is only possible to choose between the following:

  • I need to remind myself to a man from virtual life
  • I need to remind myself to a man from real life

Many of us are virtual residents. So it’s easier and easier. Most of the time and the social activity is due to the fact that the people and the people who live there.

Or, on the contrary, you, yes, you, are not a supporter of Wirth-life, and your “element” is exclusively real. Let not such a light, but it is real, “without cuts.”

How to remind a man from virtual life about yourself

In this part, again, it is important to make a conditional division:

  • You met on a dating site
  • The beginning of communication was unexpected for you
  • You’ve had a virtual romance for quite some time now. Daily communication, no on suddenly disappeared or reduced the intensity of correspondence to almost zero
  • You met on the Internet, met in real life, and after that he stopped answering you.

You probably realized that making such a separation is quite important. Each of these points has its own accent component. And as you remember, a psychologist friend, strive to help you.

Let’s combine the first and second points. Their differences lie only in the fact that the second option did not imply purposefulness for you. To this end it is not necessary to say that it is written in the wind-flare.

And again, you need to understand at what stage your communication was:

  • Initial
  • far gone

Top key messages

If communication broke off at the very initial stages, but the man has already managed to hook something, and you want to continue, you can apply simple tricks.

Internet, as they say, to help you.

If you do not want to write first, and expect feedback from him, you can very delicately remind yourself of yourself by liking under his photo, or by some post on his page.

If it is named, then it is possible:

  • just send him a smiley and see how he reacts;
  • write a message: “Hi! We haven’t talked to you for a long time. How are you?”.
  • For you, it will be a huge plus if you have some information about his hobbies, or specialization. In this case, you can write, as if for the purpose of obtaining a prof. help. For example, the message might be something like this: “Hello! I remember you said that you are good at understanding/studying… I had a problem, could you consult/give advice. Indeed, it is very necessary.”

TOP 3 SMS to a man if he is missing. How to remind yourself?

  • You can also write a message like this: “There is one interesting topic. Need to talk”. The main thing is to think over in advance this most interesting topic in case of feedback from him.
  • There is another cool, win-win component – humor. In Pictures with jokes. Choose a cool inscription and send it to him. If he was interested in you, then he will definitely react to the “abandoned bait”.
  • Again, it is very important if you not only corresponded, but also called up and talked about movies, mupka. You can write the following: “Hi! Did you ever talk about… It is not possible to ask for it, so that it is not possible to understand it.” The main thing is to write concisely, without any explanation why you need it.

And it turns out that, as it were, you justify yourself. And this can lead to a certain kind of suspicion.

  • Another option is to write: “an interesting premiere on such and such a date. Will you go with me?”. It’s great if he answers. If it is projected and projected, that is what it is called: “Accidentally made a newsletter with all contacts. Pay no attention.” If this is not the case, then it is new to you – not to that.

As you understand, you can make your own mix from the proposed options.

  • If your communication was long enough.

Agree, when you already have your own little communicative virtual space, you got used to His messages and cute jokes. You were touched by his tender and touching messages, and at some point, he just stopped getting in touch, to put it mildly – not ice.

Top key messages when Wirth-lover stopped communicating

  • Let’s start with the simplest: you can send him the usual sad emoticon.
  • You can send a picture of a cat from Shrek accompanied by the following message: “Write. I miss…”. Or “I’m sad without you …”, or “Do you want, with your presence, to dilute my longing?”

That is, as you understand, there can be a huge number of accompanying messages. If we start writing all of them, we get a message directory!

  • You can also write a comic message using the words of the song: “well, at least send a smiley to my lonely phone …” and further in the text. This post is humorous. And humor, as we have established above, will never be superfluous.

The main thing is not to put humor, and tasteless vulgarity.

  • You can also write: “Why don’t you write? There was a quarrel between us, but I don’t know?” and put a winking smiley at the end.
  • You can write something lyrical using the huge selection offered by the Internet, pictures with meaning.

If you not only corresponded, but also actively communicated in the format of audio-video calls, you can drink to him. If you don’t want to talk, dial and hang up. If he calls back, you can say that you accidentally dialed, and, as if by chance, continue the dialogue like: “We haven’t talked for a long time! How are you?”. Or ask him a personal question.

Let’s say he planned to do something. And the previous question, you can immediately continue with the following: “Did you manage to carry out your plan?”

Top clues when a man stopped communicating after a meeting

Let’s be honest: if he stopped communicating, then we can assume that something went wrong. But then again, he may have simply been stunned by your beauty, and felt that he was unworthy of a girl like you. Who knows what they have in men’s heads?

In the long term it is possible to do sovsem light messages:

  • “Can we continue?”
  • “I invite you to a white dance…”
  • “It’s almost midnight, but Herman is still gone.” Be sure to add an explanation: “I decided to write to you first, since you don’t write!”
  • You can just send universal emoticons like smiles or winks.

If he does not react in any way, then this man is not your option. It is not necessary to forget that they are sooty, and they are shy.

It’s not enough to say that it’s real

Again, to make everything look very delicate, unobtrusive and not forced, you need to take into account the circumstances under which you paused communication. Maybe it was preceded by some kind of conflict? If you want by your heart and heart, you will that you are in “no seelle”.

Is it by the way?

For starters, you can write messages. You already have options.

Top Universal Hint Keys

No, it’s okay, isn’t that what you’re talking about?

  • If you have mutual friends, but no common company, you can, provided that you are not extradited, agree with one of them and come to a meeting where he will also be. You don’t even have to let other people into your plan. Just ostorozhno find out when he will be in the company, and what is called asking for them.
  • If you know about the places he frequents, set up a chance meeting. Let’s say you know which gym he goes to, or a cafe, or he often goes to some club, and so on.
  • If you know where he lives, you can set up a chance meeting near his house.

In this case, it is not necessary, because the agent in the statement: it is not worth it; it is not known how long to wait; turn on the maximum ease of tone and surprise in facial expressions.

Turn on such a fool, they say: “I came to my friend, but either she wrote down the address incorrectly, or she dreamed something. And how are you here?

Remember! It is important! If a man does not react in any way to your attempts to remind him of himself, then this is simply not your man. Everything is very simple! Sorry for the tautology.

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