How can you support your girlfriend in difficult times?

How can you support your girlfriend in difficult times in your own words? When your girlfriend finds herself in a difficult situation, or she broke up with a guy, then, of course, she needs you. Remember that you cannot influence the situation. You need to listen, divert problems, not allow mistakes to be made in mornings or your hally yeseshiteshiography “

How can you support your girlfriend in difficult times?

If you are in a position where it is not necessary, it is not necessary for the child. You can try to calm her down in the following ways:

  • Give her a chance to speak.

When she speaks, do not interrupt her, do not interject remarks. Use active listening. To est ty molch a listen to what a friend says, pronouncing the last words of the phrase, use “pause and think.” You can discuss the situation after she expresses everything that has accumulated in her soul.

The sooner she speaks out, the sooner she will feel better.

  • Show maximum care.

Forget about your emotions, thoughts. Immerse yourself completely in your friend’s problems. It is important for her to understand that she is not alone, you will not leave her alone with grief. Be ready to help not only during the day, but also at night.

  • In order to be able to carry more than one layer of chocolate, it is possible for the children to have fun with it.

As a result, the brain receives a command to reduce stress and improve mood.

  • After your friend has spoken out, emphasize that their relationship has already outlived its usefulness. And the breakup that happened is the logical end.

Not worth killing for. For example: “Well, what did you lose, dirty mugs all over the apartment, cheating, strange accusations? You deserve better.”

  • Try to make sure that your friend does not go to social networks in the near future, p.

The less she sees or hears about him, the faster her recovery will be.

  • Turn on the music from your teenage years that played at the disco at school, put on an old movie.

Everything that is an association with the time when she had not yet met her former lover. This will help her return to the other self that she was before the affair.

  • Go for a walk, which is always beneficial.

Within 10 minutes the program will be available to you.

  • Offer to go together to an interesting place, only that it is not remembered with a broken relationship.

Walk around the new shopping center, square. Thus, she will feel that she can be happy without a boyfriend.

  • Of course, if possible, then go on a trip to the sea.

This is a great option for repairing a broken heart.

  • Convince her to buy a new dress in which she will look simply stunning.

Shopping is a great way to cheer up and increase self-esteem.

  • Remind your friend that she can count on you.

This is just a difficult moment that needs to be experienced.

  • Convince your friend to go to the disco.

Loud music, and energetic dance will help relieve stress, and get a charge of positive emotions.

TOP 10 phrases that will help you support your girlfriend

With the help of words, you can support, relieve sadness, bring positive. List of ready-made phrases with which you can console your friend:

  • “I understand how hard it is for you. After all, I, too, was in such a situation. Let’s pay. If you decide that you want it, you want it.”
  • “I understand that betrayal is hard to accept. But hardships are hardening. You will be stronger”
  • “Of course, now he is the best for you. Trust me, it will take a few months for you to change your mind about him. It may well be that you will be grateful to fate that you broke up.
  • “I know it’s hard for you. I believe you can do it.”
  • “I understand that it’s hard, but you need to get together, continue to live. It’s not easy, but go with your head held high, to spite others, to please yourself.”
  • “On the street, it’s on the floor, on the floor, on the floor.”
  • “Get a hold of yourself. After a while, you will look at what happened from the outside, and you will see that you have won.
  • “In this situation, no one is to blame, neither you nor the guy. That’s how the circumstances were. It happens. People break up, feelings pass. Be patient, it will get better soon.”
  • “It is necessary to close one of the two countries, to the same level as to the other people. You will also have new opportunities.”
  • “The best medicine is time. Someday you will remember this with a smile.

When talking with a friend, do not throw accusations at the guy. If she suffers, then in her heart, most likely, there is still love. Your negative comment only hurts her more.

Tips on how to support a girlfriend after a breakup

In the process of comforting a friend, do not allow the following methods of support:

  • Don’t analyze broken relationships. You can’t bring back the past. It’s too late to give advice, and it’s not a thankful deed, to give advice that you weren’t asked for. In this way, you will increase your girlfriend’s guilt.
  • It is not necessary to protect against it. Otherwise, it is likely that she will find a way to meet with him to speak out.
  • A couple of days after the breakup, there is an increase in feelings of guilt. Better not start talking about an ex-boyfriend, switch it to yourself. pay attention to the positive moments of the past, in which there was no former lover.
  • No try to switch your girlfriend’s attention to a new guy. It won’t improve the situation. She will only deal with comparing him with a former lover, where the last one will remain the winner.
  • Don’t pretend that all men are the same.
  • No rasskazyvay location in the living room. A friend needs your attention. You force her to switch from your problem to yours, and she needs to speak out.
  • No dopuskay in alcohol as a consolation.
  • If a friend is going to change her appearance, then convince her to change the image so that she likes it, and does not suit the taste of her former lover. Do not allow cardinal changes, tattoos, cutting off luxurious hair. Time will pass, the situation will calm down, but the changes will remain.
  • No accentuation, that’s why the wine is in the location of the day, it’s that way.

If your friend found herself in a difficult situation, her boyfriend left her, then you will have to be patient, vys exacts, phael “It is important to find the right words, an incorrectly formulated phrase can only aggravate the situation.

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