How Do I Get Him Out Of My Head? 17 Best Tips

How Do I Get Him Out Of My Head? 17 Best Tips
How Do I Get Him Out Of My Head? 17 Best Tips

How Do I Get Him Out Of My Head?

Today we are dealing with the question of how you can finally get him/guy out of your head.

Has your affair turned into more than just physical attraction and you have to think about him all the time? Your crush has no eyes for you and you just want to forget about them? Did you fall in love with someone else even though you are in a committed relationship?

To overcome this, there is only one thing left to do: You urgently need a few tips on how to finally get it out of your head.

So that this happens soon, let’s not waste any time and start right away:

How can I get him out of my head?

Most of the time, emotions are difficult to control. Nevertheless, there are some helpful tips to influence your own feelings. When you’ve developed feelings for a man that you just want to get out of your head, the following tips and exercises can help you with that.

You just don’t know what else to do to get it out of your head?

To be unhappily in love is a state that is almost unbearable. You feel rejected, not loved, and powerless. But that’s not true: He’s just not right for you, and you definitely deserve someone who feels the same for you as you do for him.

It is very important that you recognize the following: You have already taken the first step! Because you have recognized that your feelings towards him are not good for you and that they are not reciprocated. So it is time to take action and act.

As my grandma used to say:

Time heals all wounds.

You may not need such sayings at this moment, but it’s true! Make yourself aware of this by recalling other situations from your past. At first, the situation seemed hopeless, but after some grass had grown over it, the world looked different again, didn’t it?

But you also have to face the truth:

Before the time comes and you no longer have to think about him, there is still a difficult path waiting for you, which holds some challenges. But it can be done!

And how should that work now?

So if you have already tried everything to finally forget it, then you should read the following 17 tips very carefully and implement them step by step.

This is how you are guaranteed to get him out of your head?

  • You have to break off contact completely.
  • Think of yourself and treat yourself to something good again.
  • Deal with your feelings.
  • Distract yourself.
  • Get involved with a new man.

Break off contact completely

The first step in getting it out of your mind is easier said than done. Because actually you long to be around him, after all, you still have feelings for him. That is why it is all the more important that you consistently implement this first step.

To make it easier for you, I have divided it into 4 steps for you:

1. Delete his number from your cell phone.

I know what it is like myself: You have a little time, scroll through your contacts, and hey presto you stumble across your new profile photo in WhatsApp. And the temptation is already great, maybe just to send a little message.

STOP! That can’t happen, you shouldn’t even get the thought. So do yourself a favor and delete his number, then you won’t even be tempted to contact him in a weak moment.

2. Stop following him on social networks.

Social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Co. are great. You are always up to date with what’s going on in other people’s lives. But of course, you don’t want to know what the guy you want to forget is doing right now.

So go on number yourself and delete him everywhere in your contact list or unfollow him on all other profiles. Otherwise, you will automatically come across news, pictures, and information from him again and again.

3. Throw away all memorabilia from him.

Should you break off contact with him and now throw away all the things that remind you of him? Exactly. With all the objects that you have saved from your time together or that remind you of him, you connect the beautiful moments that you shared with each other.

So before you run the risk of reminiscing, cut yourself off from these things for good.

4. Avoid places that you associate with him.

Places that you have often visited together are initially taboo for you. And for two good reasons: On the one hand, there is a great risk of running into him there and you should absolutely avoid that in this first phase.

On the other hand, you associate a lot of emotions with these places that are just not good for you at the moment. So cross it off your list for a while and try a new café!

Do something good for yourself

5. Treat yourself to a new haircut.

Yeah, I know that sounds like a cliché … but what if it helps? Make an appointment with your favorite hairdresser and treat yourself to a new cut, fresh highlights, or maybe even a whole new hair color.

What do you have to lose? This will give you new self-confidence and that is exactly what you need now.

6. wellness day

Whether with your best friend or maybe even alone. A day of wellness will do you good and is a balm for your soul.

Go to the sauna, make an appointment for a relaxing massage and let yourself be pampered according to every trick in the book. You will notice that afterward you will feel like a new person and have fresh energy.

7. New clothes

We, women, know that: we just feel most comfortable in our favorite clothes and we radiate that too. So it’s time to stock up and add a few more pieces to your wardrobe that make you feel right at home!

It is important not to dress up, but look for pieces that suit you and that underline your advantages. Your friend is a great advisor, so take her with you right away.

8. Take a yoga class 

The stars have sworn by it for years and yoga is becoming more and more popular with us too. Yoga helps us to calm down and to focus on the essential things in life.

You don’t even have to spend any money to get started, the internet is full of free exercises and courses. Perhaps it is also good for you to get around people and you can simply arrange a trial lesson in your area.

9. Enjoy the time just for yourself

This time is incredibly valuable. You are free and independent and do not have to make any compromises. Try to make yourself aware of this and enjoy the moments just for you.

So: what do you feel like doing today? Just do it! You don’t have to coordinate with anyone or ask for permission.

Deal with your lovesickness

After you have completely broken off contact with him and have done yourself something good, it is now very important to deal with your feelings. Under no circumstances should you just suppress them, because sooner or later they will catch up with you. 

So before you take the next step and get other thoughts, it is important to come to terms with the past in order to be able to finish with it.

Be realistic and honest with yourself, you are lovesick and it hurts like hell. It takes time to come to terms with it and the wounds don’t heal overnight.

You will never be able to completely erase your time together and the memories of him from your thoughts, but you will find it easier to think back to yourself over time.

Distract yourself

If you have overcome your worst heartache, now is the time to return to other positive thoughts. What helps? Distraction, of course! The following are examples of what this might look like.

10. Your best friend

Your best friend knows you inside out. In some things maybe even better than you yourself. She knows exactly how you are and what you need now.

It is best to meet her regularly during this time. On the one hand, you can get your worries off your mind with her and, on the other hand, she brings you to different thoughts.

11. Short trip

A change of scenery often works wonders. Whether alone or with a friend, go away for a few days and be inspired by new impressions.

Escaping the daily grind will change your mind and help you get it out of your head. Just take a look at last-minute offers, because you can often find great bargains.

12. A new hobby

You always wanted to play an instrument, but didn’t dare? Or do you really want to learn a new language so that you can communicate even better on vacation? Then now is the right time for it!

Many adult education centers offer inexpensive introductory courses in which you can simply get a taste of your new hobby.

13. series marathon

Sometimes only one thing helps: a weekend on the couch with lots of goodies and your favorite series.

There’s nothing wrong with that as long as you don’t curl up or become a habit. So throw yourself in your cuddly clothes, grab the remote control, and off you go!

Get involved with someone new

Other mothers also have beautiful sons.

You’ve probably heard this saying before, haven’t you? And even if it sounds somehow flat, it’s true: The guy you want to get out of your head isn’t the only handsome, smart, and funny man in the world.

Yes, it’s true, the feelings you have for him don’t just go away overnight. A great way to get it out of your head anyway is to engage with someone new. In the process, you develop new feelings and the old ones gradually fade away.

It doesn’t have to be really big love for that, it is just important that you recognize that he is not the only one. Even if it may seem to you at the moment as if nobody can get hold of him, believe me, that will change quickly if you implement the following tips and exercises.

14. Go out with your girls.

Make an appointment with your girls for some delicious cocktails and a long night of partying. While dancing, you can look out for men freely and without pressure and check them out with your girls.

And if it’s just a flirt for an evening, enjoy the attention of other men, your self-confidence can recharge your batteries.

15. Meet up with a colleague after work.

You get on well, but you haven’t really talked to each other much so far. Never mind The next time you run into each other, just ask him if you want to go out for a beer together later to talk about mine’s customer.

It’s completely informal and without any ulterior motives. And who knows, you might have a nice evening together.

16. Talk to a guy.

Sounds like a test of courage for you? Well, then we should put it into practice now! You don’t have to ask a stranger out on a date to do this.

You can also just ask a nice guy on the street for directions. Or ask him a safe question in line at the supermarket:

I’ve been looking for the sauce you just put on the belt on the shelf for ages, I must have overlooked it.

He’s guaranteed to respond with a nice comment. And who knows, maybe he’ll even invite you for pasta with sauce?

17. Try a dating app. 

Dating apps are on everyone’s lips, but it never occurred to you to try one of them for yourself? What do you have to lose?

In the worst-case scenario, you can simply uninstall it again. But in the best-case scenario, you will meet a few interesting new people and maybe there will be a hot candidate with whom you can finally forget your crush.

When you have implemented all of the tips little by little, one thing is still very important: You have to consciously let go of it and finish with your time together. 

Do not try to deal with him in a bad way, but show strength and still treat him with respect. This gives you the opportunity to meet on the street in the future without creating an embarrassing situation.

In any case, give yourself the necessary time for this path and do not put yourself under pressure, then you will make it.

Similar questions

Does he have feelings for me or am I just a good friend to him?

Sometimes it’s not that easy to say at the beginning. Because the transition can be fluid, and often a plantonic friendship only gradually develops into more.

That is why you should be very sensitive and pay close attention to his signals. Because you will recognize the transition or the difference primarily from his body language. Does he look at you a little longer than is usually the case in a friendship? Is he looking for you and touching you again and again as if by chance?

Then you can assume that he feels more for you and that something could develop between you.

How do I make him jealous?

He’s no longer interested in you and you want more than just forget him? You want him to get jealous and finally realize what he had in you?

Do something good for yourself, such as a visit to the beauty salon and show him that you can have fun without him! Your independence will quickly pique his interest.

A nice phone call with your colleague, about whom you tell him casually, shows him that he is not your number 1 in every situation and will make him feel jealous.

How can I bind him to me?

Whenever you guys love each other, you have a great time together. You have feelings for him and think that he feels the same way, but he just doesn’t want to get involved in a committed relationship with you?

Then you should awaken his hunting instinct and show him that he is not the only one for you. You don’t believe how quickly he wants to change this state. There is nothing wrong with being in contact with other men and having a nice chat here and there.

It makes you interesting, independent, and desirable, and that will get across to him very quickly, too.


If you just can’t get your crush or your affair out of your head, even though you want nothing more than to finally forget about it, then you should definitely act and implement the tips and exercises.

Very important: Be consistent and don’t let yourself be fooled, the decision has been made!

But give yourself the time you need and don’t put yourself under pressure, because feelings cannot simply be turned off overnight.

Have you ever been in love with a man you really wanted to get out of your head? Which tips helped you best to finally forget him?

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