How Do I Get His Interest Back? 17 Proven Methods

How Do I Get His Interest Back 17 Proven Methods
How Do I Get His Interest Back 17 Proven Methods

Today we are dealing with the question of how you are guaranteed to get his interest back.

Since I am in a long-term partnership myself, I know that you have to fight over and over again for the love and interests of the other. Over the past few years, I have found some methods for this together with my friends that I would like to share with you today.

So let’s start right away How Do You Get His Interest Back?:

What 17 methods do I use to make myself interesting again for him?

Regardless of whether you have a long-term partnership or an affair: If you have the feeling that he has lost interest in you, you shouldn’t waste any more time and take action.

  • Give your self-confidence a new boost!
  • Take the reins in your relationship!
  • Be spontaneous and exciting on dates together!

At first, it’s all about you: give your self-confidence new impetus!

How Do I Get His Interest Back? 17 Proven Methods

1. You are the most important person in your life!

At this point, you feel insecure because you have noticed that his interest in you has decreased. This feeling is quite normal. But it won’t help you get his attention back, on the contrary.

It is important that you regain confidence and be at peace with yourself. 

Stop defining yourself through him or through your relationship and concentrate only on yourself for now! You are the most important person in your life, make yourself aware of this and start to act according to this principle.

2. Discover your real strengths!

Everyone has something that they are particularly good at: some are very good at an instrument, others are particularly good at dealing with people and still, others have a green thumb.

It is incredibly attractive when a woman knows what she can do and when she loves what she is doing. 

No matter what your strength is: find it and concentrate fully on it from now on! Far too often we try to work on our weaknesses, and we should concentrate much more on our strengths!

3. Jump into the cold water and dare to do something new!

Exactly: Be brave and try something that you have never done before. You don’t have to book a parachute jump right away.

It is enough for the beginning if you maybe try out a new hobby that you may not have believed yourself capable of before. You don’t even believe how much that boosts your self-confidence.

And best of all: He too will be surprised and get to know a whole new side of you.

4. Be clever, determined, and ambitious!

You are a smart and intelligent woman! No matter what your job, do your best every day! Dress well, be attentive, and do a really good job. You will give your everyday life more structure and meaning and you will feel better.

How about further training, distance learning or just good reading?

For example, I really enjoy reading books on finance and personal development. Maybe that would be something for you too? 

Determined, ambitious women are definitely incredibly interesting for men!

5. Be authentic and just be yourself!

If you pretend you will not be able to let yourself go and you will never be really happy.

And only those who love themselves, just as they are, can also be loved by others!

So: who are you and what defines you? Stand by yourself, by your preferences, and also by your quirks! That makes you approachable and lovable.

6. Become irresistible

There are very simple tricks to make a woman feel irresistible and to bring this attractiveness outward.

  • Wear sexy underwear
  • Take care of your nails and hair
  • Pay attention to your make-up
  • Wear well-fitting and well-groomed clothing
  • Wear a subtle, feminine scent

Every woman knows this: When we style ourselves because we are planning something special, we immediately feel more attractive. Our attitude changes and we exude an irresistible self-confidence.

Use this knowledge and apply it in everyday life! Even if nobody knows what you are wearing underneath, you will feel more attractive and that is exactly what he will feel.

Now it’s your turn to the relationship: take the reins in your hands!

7. What do YOU ​​want?

From now on it’s your turn. Of course, it’s convenient to just always accept the other’s suggestions. But in the long run, you lose yourself and your preferences.

Consciously think about what is important to YOU ​​in your relationship:

  • How often do you want to meet with him?
  • What dates do you want to go on?
  • Where do you want to eat or what do you want to cook?
  • What should your conversations be about?

There are so many little things that add up to make a huge difference.

8. Don’t always be available, you are a very busy woman!

The cell phone rings and you would like to answer it on the second ring? Do not do that! Especially not every time!

Let him wait for a callback and have a little longing for you, that will be good for your relationship. 

9. Make him wait and don’t run after him!

Oh, I know exactly how it is. You longingly wait for a sign of life from him and as soon as he answers, you can’t wait to answer him and write back immediately.

Or maybe you are the first to get in touch most of the time? This is over from now on!

Otherwise, he won’t even get the chance to miss you. And then it’s all too understandable that he’s used to your presence and never worry!

So: if he answers, wait at least 15 minutes before you answer. You are a busy woman and you have other things to do as well.

10. He wants a date? You decide the time and place!

So far have you always danced to his tune? Did you go along with what he felt like doing? OK, that might sound like a bit of an exaggeration, but if you’re honest, I’m right, right?

If he’s interested in a date, suggest a place that you’re particularly keen on next time. Also agree on a time when you don’t have to make compromises, but which fit best into your daily structure

11. Show him that you value him as a person!

In a relationship, mutual respect is very important. 

It’s about showing respect for the other person and showing them that you love them unconditionally for who they are.

He will sense your feelings and it will trigger something crucial in him.

12. YOU give HIM your time!

Often we women tend to adore our men and (gladly) follow them. But that’s boring in the long run!

Realize that you are a wonderful person and a desirable woman and that he is lucky enough to spend his time with you!

Be spontaneous and exciting when you date together!

13. Surprise him with a trip!

You know that he has no plans for the weekend and that he would definitely like to meet you? Then surprise him with a spontaneous excursion!

This gives you the chance to leave the daily grind behind and concentrate entirely on yourself.

14. Make the fire blaze!

You’re a woman and you know exactly what he’s into. So take advantage of that and play with your charms! These can be very subliminal things, such as a shirt that is cut a little wider, a tender touch, or an intense look.

15. Let him know before a date how much you’re looking forward to seeing him!

What could be nicer than knowing that someone is happy to see you! Signal him your previous friends, he will notice how much it means to you.

But beware! The dosage is important: if you overdo it, it can quickly become intrusive!

16. React unpredictably!

Oops, you were always thrilled when he wanted to come over to you on the spur of the moment? And now? Are you suddenly up to something or it just doesn’t suit you? Maybe for no reason at all?

Perfect! That’s exactly what we want!

He has to notice that something has changed and that you drop everything at any time as soon as he snaps his finger.

17. You are a dream team!

How are you Bonnie and Clyde, like Mickey and Minnie, just the perfect duo! Emphasize how well you complement each other and become an indispensable part of his life!

He can’t help but think of you when you’re not around.

similar questions

He answers less and less, is he no longer interested?

If you mean something to him, then he is still interested in you, even if he does not answer as often for a while. If you feel like it’s mere propriety news, you have to weigh up whether it’s worth fighting for or letting him go.

Why did he lose interest in me at all?

In most cases, it is simply because everyday life has returned. Everything that was new and excited at the beginning becomes more and more a habit, that’s completely normal. Nevertheless, you should always work on your relationship and implement the tips described above.

How long should I fight for our relationship?

You should fight for him as long as you still have hope and feel good. As soon as he clearly turns away from you or you are suffering too much, it is better to put a stop to it.


When everyday life has returned to you and many things have become habits, you should definitely bring a breath of fresh air into your relationship. Men are interested in confident, independent women who know what they want. 

So: think more about yourself again, concentrate on the things you love, and make yourself scarce. This is good for your self-confidence; interest in you is guaranteed to come back. 

What do you think: Which method do you have the best chance of getting his interest back?

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