How Do I Grow As a Person?

How Do I Grow As a Person

Lots of people believe that if someone understands a lot and knows a lot, he will grow as a person in society. In fact, it often turns out that this isn’t sufficient at all, and very smart and well-read men and women who’ve stuffed themselves with a great deal of information do not receive, it would appear, deserved recognition, and can’t always have a sufficient effect on the surrounding reality. Why is this happening? The reason is that what matters is not how much you really know, but who you are – it’s important to have certain personality characteristics.

To be strong and protected in all respects is of course very important, and you will need to start work on changing your life on your own, but in order to have a larger effect on the world around you, and be considered a person in the eyes of others, you need to develop”influence”, to increase the social weight of the person.

How to begin personal growth or How to Grow as a Person?

We need an approach opposite to what we use in self-development, which is, to accelerate personal growth, we need to decrease the number of points of application of attempts, but increase the intensity and quality of impact on the channel. At the same time, when working on the end result of your efforts, you need to identify it with your character and work on it in the identical versatile manner as in self-development. What does all this mean?

In self-development, we focus our attention and efforts on different factors in the manifestation of our personality and try to improve in every direction, that is, enhance health, be more educated, more successful, more beautiful, more stylish, more optimistic, and much more. Each of these areas includes many points, working on that we create one or a different quality in ourselves, for example, in order to be healthy, you want a nutritious diet, healthy sleep, physical activity, connection with nature, etc.

But this approach won’t lead to faster growth of the character in society, because the world is enormous relative to us, and when we could control the manifestations of our character, then we won’t have the ability to develop equally qualitatively in all areas of interaction with society. If we move in an identical way in all directions of life, it will be just a dissipation of energy, and at best we’ll move very slowly, and at worst – stagnate in one place, having learned a little bit of everything, and having obtained a lot of knowledge in different places, and not Furthermore.

The way to act correctly?

So as to grow faster as a person in society, you need to decide on a narrow direction and direct all your energy to it. It is required to identify the result of your job with yourself – and work on it in the same many-sided manner as you work on yourself. That is, if you are, by way of example, a foreman in a factory, then be a high-quality professional in your area, improve technology, improve working methods, improve your products, make them among the best in the world, and become one of the best specialists in this field yourself. If you’re a businessman, it is the same. It doesn’t matter if you’re a sculptor, musician, or writer – only move in one direction and always improve the results of your job.

Take any famous person – and you will notice that even if this individual had many areas of activity, then he attained the greatest recognition in only one, and in the others, the results are usually less.

1. Engage in self-development. (article about self-development)

If you’re engaged in self-development, then you will be a healthier and happier person, thus, you’ll have more strength, you will be more active, your decisions will be of better quality, and your activities will be effective.

2. Hit one point.

Keep working on improving your performance, and obviously do it, do it, and do it and then you are going to be next to the best representatives of your specialty.

3. Enhance your personality.

Even in the event that you adhere to a certain style on your work – be bold, act on the edge, and show individuality, don’t be afraid to experiment, don’t be afraid of public opinion, it was thanks to individuality and courage that new trends and directions have been created in all areas.

4. Build Personal Attractiveness.

If a person sees in front of him several high-class representatives of the same direction, then usually he wants to work with the person who is more attractive to him. He will also use the services of that person or that company that will be more attractive to him, judges in a variety of festivals and competitions – they’ll also frequently vote according to this principle.

Self-development ideas, strategies, and techniques. Personal growth techniques.

1. Personal growth goes through self-knowledge.

Even the ancient Greeks knew how significant self-knowledge is. On the walls of the Temple of Apollo in Delphi, an older inscription was maintained: “Know thyself.” For our personal growth, it is very important that you know our personality traits, character traits, strengths, and weaknesses, what makes us happy and vice versa, and what we would like to achieve.

Moreover, you will need to know how emotionally we respond to different events in our life. Self-knowledge is necessary in order to understand your weaknesses and strengthen them. How can I do that? One of the effective ways is mindfulness meditation. Another way is to pay more attention to your emotions and examine their sources and causes. What lifts your mood, and what, on the contrary, spoils it. Another useful technique or strategy for promoting personal growth is keeping a journal of mood fluctuations. All of this will help you better control your emotions and feelings.

The best personal growth strategy is to find what makes you happy. Explore your fantasies and life objectives. Ask yourself: where am I going? am I happy with life? who would I like to be remembered when I am gone? You can also make a list of your goals.

2. Take responsibility for your life for personal growth.

Oftentimes, when something goes wrong in our life, we begin to complain and fall to a victim state. The personal growth approach to use is to not blame others for what is happening to you. Though others may, to some extent, be responsible for what happened to you, the final word is yours, as you are responsible for your life. Not taking responsibility for your own life means staying where you’re, not altering, not developing.

3. Make an action plan for self-development.

For personal growth, it is not sufficient to set goals or dream about something or that you want to become. It’s necessary to develop a plan to accomplish your targets.

A useful technique for individual growth is to analyze specific targets and draw up a comprehensive plan of action to attain each of them, in small steps.

For example, your goal is to become skilled and be successful. However, at present, you hate your job. In this case, you can take the following steps:

  • Understand what profession or specialty motivates you.
  • Find out what knowledge and level of education are required for this profession.
  • Get the suitable education and the essential skills.
  • Create a new resume based on your goals.
  • Find vacancies and receive interview invitations.
  • Find a new job and leave the previous one.
  • Make the most of your new job.
  • Apply for a promotion and professional development.

4. Leaving the comfort zone as a personal growth strategy.

It is necessary for our self-development to continuously challenge ourselves, to do what disturbs us. Often this means a step towards the unknown, a risk, a test of oneself. It is very difficult if an individual has lived all his life” on everything ready” and isn’t used to acting in this way. But with age, we get so used to our routine, “get used to” it, that we ourselves don’t allow ourselves to grow further.

Personal growth strategy is that you dare to do something new or do something familiar but in a different way. Start making small changes in your life. What is stopping you?

Very often we ourselves put obstacles on the way from the comfort zone. “I can not do it on my own,” “I can not do it,” “I will fail.” In actuality, this”failure” is that you haven’t even tried, but instead are forced to think about what would happen if you could still achieve what you want. Analyze these thoughts that are stopping you and use logic: “What is the evidence that I may not be able to do it? What does it give me?”

5. For personal growth, put things in order in your habits.

Often our customs prevent us from moving forward, which inhibits our personal development. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze which customs are good and which are harmful. Changing habits is not easy since this behavior takes a while to develop and is tough to change. It’s frequently said that lack of willpower doesn’t allow changing habits, but this is an oversimplified viewpoint. Additionally, there are many external and personal circumstances that could hinder this.

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