How do I know if he is my Soul Mate?

Are you in a relationship, do you feel something very strongly for that boy and frequently wonder how to know if he is my soul mate and the love of my life?

You may have had other partners and so has he, but with this boy everything seems new and different, while you perceive that a kind of strange magic surrounds them when they are together.

It is likely, then, that you have in front of you what you were looking for, that you can finally recognize your soulmate .

But it is clear that, for this, you will have to know what aspects to look at and what things happen when, in effect, you find your better half.

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To get rid of doubts, do not stop looking now for the answers in this article.

Discover what components can help you identify that boy who is your ideal love, do not lose sight of these signs!

To finish, I am going to leave you with a test that will help you confirm and know if someone is your soul mate once and for all.

How do I know if he is my soul mate?


Identifying your soulmate can be easier than you think, you just have to be attentive and observe what you feel, everything counts!

So what you are going to do is sit down for a moment and think about the relationship you have with your boyfriend and check if all or some of the signs that I am going to show you now are met.

Pay a lot of attention!

Signal #1: Total Connection

One of the first signs that he is your soulmate that you will notice between you and your boy is the connection that exists around the things of the two.

It is not that both are the same in terms of personality, character or even details on the body.

It is a connection that goes far beyond the elemental and pure physical fact, since it transcends spiritual levels that make them be “connected” even if they are in distant places from each other.

Please note the following:

It is possible that between you and your boy things that apparently have no explanation and that are related to you, things that will demonstrate that bond over and over again.

For example, to better illustrate what I want to explain, some manifestations that you can perceive of that connection may be that they think the same thing at the same time or similar things occur to them without having talked about it.

It is also common for them to finish each other’s sentences or anticipate what they are going to say.

Even the most skeptical or people who do not believe in these things are able to recognize that synchronicity is always a useful piece of information to identify your soul mate.

Don’t forget that…

These coincidental ties between you and your soul mate may eventually involve the past of both of you, when you did not know each other.

It is even possible that they have similar life histories, or that both have contacted or “stumbled” during their lives at previous times.

If this is happening to you with your partner, don’t ask yourself anymore “ how do I know if my soul mate is close by ?”, because you have already found them.

You just have to work to be a better person and make the relationship work, making you the ideal partner.

Sign #2: You feel like “it’s him”

Another answer to your question of how to know if he is my soulmate is what your heart and intuition dictate.

It’s like a little voice inside you that tells you all the time that he is the person you expected, that everything is fine if you let yourself go.

Something like a certainty in yourself, as if you knew it without anyone having to tell you or verify it.


It’s like a hunch that gives you signs that he is your soulmate .

It may also be the case that you dream of him even before you meet him, or of a person like him.

It may not be your first love or your first partner but, when the time comes, you can identify your soulmate because your heart is screaming at you!

You just have to work on the relationship day by day so as not to lose this special person, your better half, and know how to keep a man in love.

Sign #3: Total Chemistry

How to know if he is the love of your life

When you have the certainty that allows you to know if it is my soulmate , the chemistry is total and palpable between the two.

You may have had partners come your way that you connected with or had some intimate chemistry with, but with this guy that takes it to the next level.

Both fit perfectly, it’s like sparks fly every time they kiss or hug.

There is a powerful magnetism that surrounds them and attracts them, because it almost seems that the whole universe conspires to get closer and join more.

Also, keep in mind the following:

If you notice in your heart that you never loved like this before, that with him everything is different.

And I haven’t had to talk about intimate relationships yet!

Making love with him is a new experience, incomparable to all the ones you’ve lived before even doing the same things.

It’s like being in paradise itself, touching the sky and at the same time not losing contact with the ground you walk on.

My friend, if this is happening to you, I recommend that you consult our Magnetic Desire Method to reinforce this magic that surrounds you.

Sign #4: From the start

Another sure way to know if someone is your soulmate is to check what you have felt since the beginning of the relationship.

If this boy is your better half, you will know it because they feel good since they started the relationship, with total familiarity and comfort.

It is like having the feeling that they have known each other all their lives.

It is as if destiny had been waiting to bring them together, to be a couple, because there is no other alternative in the lives of each other than this.

He is your family, your home, and you feel him close to you since you saw him for the first time, perhaps you have not realized it and you are in the presence of your soulmate.

I invite you to read the secrets of lasting relationships so that that special love lasts for a long time or forever.

Sign #5: Problems that empower

All couple relationships argue and have fights, some of which lead their members to separate and take different paths in life.

But if you ask yourself again ” how to know if he is my soulmate ?”, you will have the answer precisely in the problems you have as a couple.

I’m not going to lie to you, not everything will be perfect between you and your boyfriend, there will be difficulties and challenges in the relationship as in any other.

Do not forget this:

It may even be the case that they separate, but they will be together again and that will make the couple stronger and unite them more.

There will be fights and discussions, but none of these obstacles will prevent the bond and you will learn how to be happy with your partner.

Sign #6: Individual Development

There is something important that I have not mentioned to you, that will happen and will allow you to recognize your soul mate without hesitation: the individual development of both.

And it is that when it comes to your better half, the progress and strong connection of the couple never hinders the personal and individual development of each one.

Quite the contrary, because a soul mate enhances the development of the other, facilitates their evolution, makes you grow.

Your guy will encourage you to follow your dreams, even when he knows they will take you away from him; he will motivate you to fight every day and will always respect your need to transcend and grow as a person.

Sign #7: Interests that coincide

lasting relationships

If you want to know if it is your soulmate, you must pay attention to everything, in the small and the great details of the couple.

They do not have to coincide in every little thing but, without a doubt, the interests of the couple and those of life will go hand in hand.

This does not mean that they will always have the same points of view regarding various issues, because remember that they are two different people, but there will be similar ideals and aspirations between the two.

Their vision of the future will be quite coincidental, which will bring them closer together.

Even planning vacations will be very easy, as they will coincide in many tastes in this regard.

They will then be able to enjoy these excellent romantic plans because they will also know the importance of traveling with your partner to strengthen the relationship.

Sign #8: Safety and Calm

One of the things that also identifies soulmates is the sense of security they have regarding each other and the relationship.

Between you and your partner, everything flows naturally, but what is most latent is the sensation of calm and peace in the relationship.

It is something like the feeling that your boy hugs you and you feel that everything is fine, that no matter what happens around you if he is with you because he will protect you and you will protect him.

A kind of long-term security, trust in the future together, as a couple, hand in hand building the same path.

Of course, you can always work and enhance this aspect much more and learn how to improve trust as a couple.

Sign #9: Two are one

Despite what I told you before about the individual development of each one and how your soulmate will enhance this in you and you in him, there is a sacred bond that is special between the two that you cannot ignore.

Although they are individual, two separate people, they know and feel that they make up a nucleus and a unity, an indissoluble and strong bond that will last forever.

It’s like the answer to the equation 1+1 , but in your case the mathematical rule will not hold, the result will never be 2 .

When it comes to soul mates, two halves of the same sphere, 1+1 will always be equal to 1 , to that nucleus that both share and of which they are an indispensable part.

Sign #10: Same time for love

It is likely that, more than once in your life, it has happened to you that you connected perfectly with a person, that everything was going well, but the relationship did not work out.

When it seemed that everything was going to work out and the feeling of love was very strong between you and that person, something prevented everything from flowing well.

This has to do with the moment of life in which you were, because it was not the perfect moment for that relationship with that boy to work.

But when it comes to your soulmate there are no doubts, because both will be at the same time for love.

Keep in mind…

They may have even met earlier in life and tried to have a relationship, but it didn’t work either.

But now, or maybe in the future, you are certain that you will find it again, and everything will be perfect!

And it is that when you finally really run into your better half, with your half, there will be nothing to stop that relationship or to separate that bond, because it will be their moment, their time.

They will only have to rejoice and celebrate that love in which they will let themselves go, tell each other how much they love each other, and give each other one of these 97 famous phrases of love every day

Sign #11: Love, love and more love

Universal love, happiness and the joy of living as a couple will constantly manifest between the two.

Even the world will be able to perceive this that you emanate all the time.

It is an infinite love, which will never end even if they separate or are very far from each other.

You will not hesitate to give an “I love you” from the depths of your heart, simply because your mouth will not be able to resist the desire to tell your boy, and the same will happen with him.

To know a little more about the psychology of love, take a look at the article, it will surely interest you!

TEST to know if he is your soulmate

How do I know if he is my soul mate?

You already have the signs to recognize that boy as your better half, but so that you have absolute certainty and how to know if he is my soulmate becomes something simple to discover, here I leave you this test!

If the signs that the universe constantly yells at you are not enough, check with these questions that I leave you below.

The way you should do it is by answering YES or NO to these questions, and then you can check your results at the end.

So grab a pen and paper, and write down your answers for the countdown at the end!

Question 1:

Are there countless coincidences around the love story that unites them?

Question #2:

Have you felt more than once that you are “connected” even though you are not in the same space, for example, that you are thinking about him and suddenly he calls you or appears, or have you been doing the same thing at the same time and then were you surprised to find out?

Question #3:

In a large percentage of the time, is a look or a gesture enough for them to know what the other is thinking?

Question #4:

Do you have many hobbies in common?

Question #5:

Do they argue and fight, like all couples, but always end up fixing it and reaching an agreement?

Question #6:

Do you feel that you have known him for a long time, even if you have little relationship?

Question #7:

Do you think that destiny plays a fundamental role in their love story, as if it was written that they are together?

Question #8:

Do you have similar life projects and ideals for the future?

Question #9:

When they are together, everything is more beautiful and it seems that the light has more colors and that the breeze cools more?

Question #10:

Have you even managed to feel his presence in a place or anticipate his arrival when you don’t know he’s around?

Question #11:

At his side, when he hugs you, when you walk hand in hand together, do you feel safe and at peace?

Question #12:

Do they get along very well intimately?

Question #13:

Do you feel like your intimate relationships with him are like no other person you’ve been with before?

Question #14:

Do you feel that everything that has happened to you and what you have experienced made more sense when you met him, as if the end (and the beginning) of your story was that they met and loved each other?

Question #15:

Do you have the certainty and security, from the beginning, about what you feel for him?

You will also be interested in reading the text of to discover the true meaning of the concept “love”.

Verify the results obtained and draw conclusions

How to find your soulmate

If you got a majority of YES (more than 6 positive answers) you can no longer doubt it, in that boy you can definitely recognize your soulmate !

In case you have few YES in your answers (less than 6) it is time for you to rethink your ideas a bit.

Although you feel very good with this boy, he is not your soulmate, which does not mean that they do not make an excellent couple and can last many years loving each other.

Remember that…

Regardless of whether they are soul mates or not, there can be a very strong feeling and an indissoluble bond between them.

Everything will depend on the desire and effort they put into it and the work they do as a team, as a couple, to love and respect each other mutually.

And after what I have shown you here, I hope you are no longer wondering “ how to know if it is my soulmate ?”, because you will have the keys to deduce it.

Bonus tip:

You just have to know how to observe carefully and verify if most of the signs in your relationship are fulfilled, because, perhaps, you are facing the man of your life and you have not realized it!

If you are interested in continuing to investigate related topics, I recommend that you also take our true love test.

Also, you can use these useful Feng shui love tricks and you won’t regret the results!

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