How do I make a Cancer man jealous?

How do I make a Cancer man jealous? Are you sure you want to be so cruel and be able to do this to his soul? The pure and kind soul of the Cancer man who would not harm a fly. This man wouldn’t even consider doing such a thing to you! Or did he? It’s possible, because the Cancer man can certainly make you jealous. And he reacts to your actions to make you jealous with the same passion! Or are you trying to get him back after a breakup? Or have you caught him flirting with other women?

Whatever his crime, here’s everything you can do to make Cancer man jealous! How do I make a Cancer man jealous?


Are Cancer men jealous and possessive?

If it wasn’t already clear, I’d like to repeat myself. Yes, Cancer men can become jealous and extremely possessive. But it’s not entirely her fault. Your zodiac sign gives you the qualities and traits that make you one.

The dominant ones have mood swings controlled by the moon. On a full moon, the Cancer man can endure anything. But when the moon is no longer in the sky, he has terrible mood swings. He would get mad at anything. And that’s when he’s most jealous.

He is very possessive of the woman he loves. Isn’t he a little clingy sometimes? No more than other men? If he falls in love, it’s only because he falls madly in love. Really insane. And anything that seems to indicate that his love could be taken from him hurts him.

He expects absolute devotion and trust from you. The Cancer man grew up with certain ideas and beliefs about love. He is sure that true love is exactly what he dreamed of. So when something threatens to disrupt his utopia, he gets angry. Just the mere possibility of you cheating can drive him mad. What is his should never be viewed by anyone else. How dare another man look at you? He’s the kind of man who might get annoyed at you for comments on Facebook or Instagram. Making a Cancer man jealous is easy as pie.


How do I make a Cancer man jealous?

Making a Cancer man jealous is as easy as stealing candy from a child. Aries are said to be the babies of the karmic cycle. However, a Cancer man in love is as insecure as a baby. So how do you make your cancer friend or ex-boyfriend jealous? We’re about to find out.

    1. Keep an eye on things and remain mysterious. You can’t make him more unhappy than by hiding something from him. His mind will almost always turn to delusion. He’ll think you’re hiding something because you’re ashamed of what you’re doing. And what could be worse than cheating on your partner? Pretend you don’t want him to know what’s going on in your life. For example, hide your phone when sending a text message. Or change your password superficially. If he asks you who you’re talking to, just say it’s nobody.


    1. Stop sharing everything with him. The relationship with a man born under the sign of Cancer is usually largely based on sharing. Unless he was raised to keep his emotions to himself. Your Cancer partner probably expects you to share everything about your life with them. What will happen if you stop doing this? That will make him curious. So curious he might die from it. He will start asking you questions. The longer you stall him, the more upset he will become. To the point where he will accuse you of withholding things from him. Then you will know that he is mad with jealousy.


    1. Let him know that you can have a good time without him. I told you it’s not hard to make him jealous, is it? If you want to get your ex-boyfriend Cancer’s attention, make him believe that you’re better off without him. His greatest sin is his curiosity. So he will try to get back in touch to find out more. To find out how you lived without him. This will make him want to get back into your life. In any case, it will try to re-establish the connection.


    1. Concentrate on your outward appearance. This is not a new tactic. While he watches how much fun you are having without him, you must also look sexy during this time. If he feels that the breakup didn’t affect you, he will be jealous. Didn’t he notice how attractive you were when he was with you? Did he miss the opportunity to be seen with such a beautiful and bright girl by breaking up with you? Was it a mistake? The answers to these questions will surely bring him back to you.



How does the Cancer man show his jealousy?

You don’t need to do more than the four tips suggested above. So let’s get to the results. When do you know if your tactic worked? How do Cancer men act when they are jealous? Look for these signs in their behavior.

He calms down and one day erupts like a volcano. The Cancer man’s jealousy starts with a lot of inwardness. He internalizes his anger, frustration, and jealousy. But even the slightest trigger is enough to make him explode like a maniac. If that happens, be quiet. Don’t react, he will eventually calm down and crawl back to you.

He’s getting more and more suspicious. Is he trying to figure out what you do without him? And no matter what you say, it seems he doesn’t believe you. It can even get a little toxic. So make sure things don’t get out of hand.

He will follow all your male friends on social networks. Especially your old friends. These are the first men he will worry about when he gets jealous. When a guy comments on your posts, he’s going to want to know who it is. Cancer men can become extremely paranoid when jealous. So try to contain things as much as possible.

He will make sharp comments to make you uncomfortable. The Cancer man will try to make you feel the worst. He will say terrible things to get revenge. Something can go wrong with this man…

How do I make a Cancer man jealous?

Can you win back a Cancer man by making him jealous?

I should have warned you from the start. But if you’re still here, let’s do it now. Making a Cancer man jealous can end up being disastrous. He can get really paranoid with jealousy and obsession. This will also be difficult for you. Only use the jealousy tactic when trying to get him back after a breakup. Otherwise it can ruin your relationship.

So yeah, making him jealous will bring him back. He will try to get in touch with you again. As with other men, keep calm. Don’t give the impression that you want to get back together with him.

Make him believe you’ve changed. If he’s back because you reinvented yourself, then he needs to own the idea. He will come back out of curiosity. It’s up to you to make him stay. How do I make a Cancer man jealous?

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