How Do I Make a Scorpio Man Jealous?

How Do I Make a Scorpio Man Jealous? My first question is: do you want to win him back or just seduce him? If you know him, you have to realize that green doesn’t suit him very well. Trying to win him back by making him jealous is a waste of time. A Scorpio man can never be jealous if he doesn’t love you. Dating him will only make your relationship worse. But if you’re trying to get him back after a breakup, then it can work. But be careful, you and only you will bear the consequences. After that, if he decides to break up, you have only himself to blame. So think twice before using this strategy. How Do I Make a Scorpio Man Jealous?


Get in touch with your ex

He’s a man who doesn’t like to lose. So if he feels replaced by someone else, he will feel affected. If that person happens to be a man you’ve already met, then that’s the peak of jealousy. It will hit his heart straight. He will not accept that he is so easily and lightly forgotten. In fact, the message she sends is that she was the hardest of your relationship. That’s why you could swap it out so easily.

He will try to come back slowly. But the most sensitive can become resentful. This could cause trouble for you. Because the sting of an avenging Scorpio man is poisonous. So don’t give the impression that you’re back with your ex-boyfriend. Just the simple suggestion that your ex reappear in your life is enough. Don’t try to hit harder than that. You will regret the consequences.


Act fast to get him back!

Timing is very important in making a Scorpio man jealous. If you try to play the jealousy card after the breakup, it probably won’t work. It is very difficult for Scorpio to break up. So if he’s already made that decision, then he must be done with you. In this case it’s all pointless. So make sure you use these tactics when you feel like he’s about to break up. If the breakup surprised you, take action as soon as he tells you to.

The Scorpio man is a sensitive and emotional being. He must never go back to the person he broke up with. But he never really loses all feelings. So it would be easy for a wise woman to bring it back to her. Another thing you need to make sure is that you understand them well. All Scorpio men are different. Try to understand what makes her personality so original.

How Do I Make a Scorpio Man Jealous?

Achieve what he wants to achieve

The men born under the sign of Scorpio are passionate beings. Her passion is not limited to love but extends to life as a whole. So what’s worse for him than seeing someone else live their dream? This works in two ways. Either he wants to be with the person who made his dream come true. Or hate them for the rest of their lives. So think well before you choose the dream he wants to pursue.

For example, if he’s always dreamed of going to Australia, posting pictures of the Sydney Opera House would be a good attack. But if you divert a promotion he’s been waiting for, he’ll become your mortal enemy. I’m not saying you should give up that promotion if it was something he wanted. Then he would never respect you. But don’t do everything you can to make sure he doesn’t have it. Remember that balance is the most important thing.


Play with his weaknesses!

We must sink very low. are you ready to be so mean? Do you know this man well enough to know his weaknesses? He is very discreet about his life. If he trusted you enough to let you in, don’t make him regret it. But if you want to make him jealous, use his weaknesses against him. do it smart You have to make him feel like you are all he has left.

It is your absence from his life that has caused this misery. Or that you are the solution to his problem. Besides, the more real the better. Because if he comes back with you under an illusion, this relationship will not last. For example, if he feels like his friends are judging him for being single, then you are the obvious solution.

How Do I Make a Scorpio Man Jealous?

Flirt with other men around him

This classic clockwork of old books works perfectly on it. There are two ways to do this. The first is to flirt with the men around her. The Scorpio man is very special with the people he surrounds himself with. It’s a loyal group of people that he loves very much. So if you try to attract one of them, it will trigger something in him. It will be an indicator for him that his personality is not that unique. His colleagues are people who have the same ideas.

So that means they’re sort of a replica of him. To feel unique again, he would see returning with you as an alternative. The second way to do that is to flirt with him. Is there a guy trying to date you? Try to meet him not far from your Scorpio man. This will make him doubt his decision. If your timing is right, of course. It’s a classic way of playing with the male ego. Scorpio men will tell you that they never decide unless they are sure. But the male ego takes precedence over all astrological afflictions.


Don’t become the crazy ex-girlfriend

Now it is important to put an end to all this. If you’ve gotten this far, you’re probably already acting like a crazy ex-girlfriend. But even if you do, try to pretend you don’t, at least keep an eye on your mind. One of the things you need to make sure you don’t break his trust. If he lets you in, you need to keep that sacred trust. Don’t share his secrets with others or make fun of him.

And don’t do what he doesn’t expect of you. He wouldn’t expect you to start rumors about his personal life. Give him the respect you would give a loved one. Nobody expects that from you. What makes you special and unique. It also makes you a woman who will help you stand out in the eyes of those around you. The most important thing is that if you really want to bring your Scorpio man back after a breakup, don’t seek revenge because once you fall down that well, you won’t be able to get back up. How Do I Make a Scorpio Man Jealous?

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