How do men cope with the breakup of a relationship with a mistress?

How do men cope with the breakup of a relationship with a mistress? Here, our online magazine somehow communicates more and more with the female sex: it tells stories, shares experiences, consults with gurus-psychologists, and then translates complex terms into “human” language.

Admit it, our faithful friend, as if in spirit: you want to know how they live, these mysterious men with their eternal lotions and kicks, peculiarities of character and behavior, unpredictability and sudden vulnerability. How do they act if love collapses: they fled, dispersed, burned bridges, nothing can be returned. New in no more than, like us, really don’t care and what for.

What’s in a man’s head?

We warn you right away, gentlemen rarely allow anyone to “pick their sores”.

Therefore, to proclaim the manifesto: gay, all the young ladies are here, now we will bring these comrades to clean water, we will maliciously delve into their souls, we will not. Join us only if you feel some guilt about breaking up with your loved one.

If a mistake in choosing a partner irritates both of you inside, and coexistence for some reason is impossible. Read this article if you really want to know: how does the person with whom you recently shared shelter, table, bed, thoughts live, and now it’s all in the past, there are only bitter fragments of love around.

Classification of breaks with a woman in terms of root causes

If the knight, without fear and reproach, himself has long been looking for any reason to “throw away” the romance that is pretty boring to him, he does not feel any remorse after parting, on the contrary, he is satisfied and serene.

It is not interesting for us to study the behavior of such a person, it is better to rejoice together that we got rid of this unsuccessful partnership option. Are you in pain? The wound will heal, don’t worry, but also read our advice, of which there are many in the magazine for this case.

A completely different “calico” for the earner and “hunter for ladies” when he himself was thrown into the “dump of stories of love relationships”, and even preferred another owner of women’s hearts, clearly superior in merits.

In this case, a normal man does not expose pain and emotions, he hides them in the most hidden corners of the soul. Most often he experiences Sincerely, in severe versions he falls into a long depression, reaches for a Glass, a cigarette, or even worse, drugs that erase the Memory. Strives for loneliness, “a wedge with a wedge” as representatives of the weaker sex often do, does not knock out, cries on the shoulder of friends and relatives at the rarest moments when he is very sick.

What are the circumstances? Isvol, my Ih sobrali in Hedinyy list and number of Iх mala:

  • “The old, proven in the mass of collisions, reliable in family battles for survival” wife pointed to the door after the betrayal, and he very soon realized how cruelly he was mistaken, carried away by the charms of the “alien” charmer, the road home is tightly closed, compromises are unlikely, the children took the side the subject and ignore it because of the status;

How do men deal with breakups?

  • the mistress found a thicker wallet, a more accommodating sponsor, a gentle friend, more skilled in the art of bedding, the male “I” was thrown into dust, self-esteem was trampled, ambitions were at zero;
  • a young friend fell out of love, carried away by a certain “bright male-sun” with a creative streak, the soul of a sentimental poet who loves to “throw” sensual compliments, but is not financially adapted to real life, or on her way she met a brutal athlete-athlete, who overshadowed her as if fashioned from granite figure, when ideas about the physical attractiveness of the stronger sex;
  • the man got rid of a female friend with modest external data, with whom he was used to sharing everything that life only brings, went in search of a “diva” model, a stunning beauty, and having won her, he realized that he had run into a “dummy”, “brilliant wrapper without spiritual content, “a fool and a doll without moral principles and undertakings” he should make a “throw back”, but there is icy indifference, a sandy desert with snowstorms, a sharp, irresistible resentment in response to his betrayal.

No, we, of course, do not undertake to assert that in the list of reasons for the breaks, all possible options were indicated. Life is such a thing, more terrible and more interesting than any fiction. And yet, the background of the “divorce” with a woman more or less fits into the given framework, and it’s time for us to talk about the fact that the male sex, according to the “colors and shades” of their experiences after the breakup, is also divided into “psycho-psychotypes”. their highlights and chips, we will now dwell in more detail.

Four types – four reactions to what is happening

We will not “pour water” on the mill of reasoning. Let’s get down to business right away, but the essence is this: different psychotypes of male persons react to a break with a beloved female. Here are their “gadgets”:

“Wounded in the heart”

The portrait “ranímogo” of a comrade is simple and clear. He is soft in character, has a sensual nature, is not well adapted to such life losses, is kind to others, usually loves all his friends, relatives, pets, is not ready to lose them.

Parting for him is a sincere drama, even a tragedy. “Lechitsa” is not a foreign language, but it is important to remember that it is in my place. He is usually brought to himself by household members and friends, of whom there are many in his environment. Will not take revenge, But to remember, wiping a mean male tear, It is quite possible to offend such and such – Irekh, initiating a divorce or the finale of a relationship.

“Royal baby with manners infantas

Bez zhenskoy zaboty hireet and chachnet. Absolutely not aware of how borscht and cutlets used to appear in the refrigerator, and clean ironed shirts and shirts in the closet. After a break with a partner, she strives to hide under the wing of her mother, sister, at worst, a neighbor in the household, in order to again shift domestic issues onto her shoulders.

Oblivion is looking for in computer games, beer gatherings with the same uncomplicated worldly worries of lichchs. He is not capable of long suffering, although it is possible that he will begin to blackmail you with menacing promises that he will commit suicide, throw himself off a bridge, lie under a train. Tension relieves with hysterical dialogues with everyone who comes to hand.

“Beast of Prey” on the trail of eternal hunting

Such men are abandoned only by the most courageous women: cruel, merciless, vengeful. He will never lie at the feet of his beloved, even if he was really very passionate, he will not accept back, he will not forgive humiliation, he does not know how to grieve. Only annoyance reigns in his soul: the bird has slipped out of the cage, he will have to catch a new victim.

Photo by cottonbro: Pexels

He used to send all the young ladies on an “independent voyage” himself, as soon as they get bored, hoping that he will be different with you – it’s useless, such “lions” do not change themselves, but you, for sure, are far from the first and not the last in his list of heartfelt victories.Go away, don’t look back, don’t count on amnesty.

Vanishing Species – A noble knight with a mature mind

It will be hot, passionate, sincere to experience after the breakup, but no one will ever know about it. Stay and that part with the material sheet and don’t agree with this. He will get out of the crisis without the help of harmful addictions, he will choose another extreme “potion”: he will leave with “offal” to work, go into space, learn a new profession, learn 5 foreign languages, will relieve stress somewhere on impassable mountain paths, in icy fonts of waterfalls, with the help of “adrenaline” sports.

Is it possible to return the relationship – he will decide for himself right away, everything will depend on whether he loved or did not love you in a nap. Restoration of the union is possible, but very painful. You will never get rid of suspicion in your address.

When deciding to interrupt “love” at the most interesting or doomed to break place, remember also that a man’s acceptance of the truth will take place in several stages: denial, hatred, depression, awareness of what happened, sometimes attempts to turn back time, search for a new chosen one in in case of impossibility of returning everything to its usual course. It is not possible to understand, it is not necessary, it is not necessary. Everything should grow into reality, be forgotten, life will go on, whether you both want it or not.

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