How do you drive a Virgo man crazy in bed?

How do you drive a Virgo man crazy in bed? What excites a Virgo man in bed? How does a Virgo man express his sexual desires? Are Virgo men good in bed? What should a woman consider when making love with a man of this zodiac sign? If you want to know how to please him in bed and drive him crazy with pleasure, here are some valuable astrology tips to keep in mind when getting intimate with a Virgo man.


The sexuality of the Virgo man

A Virgo man is quite shy and expressionless, even when in love with a woman. He doesn’t pursue a woman with as much vigor as other zodiac signs that have fairly strong sexual traits in their personalities. He patiently waits for the right moment. In fact, in most cases, he is calm and patient. He expects things to happen without much effort on his part. Time is sacred, and organized, unhurried behavior is just as sacred to a Virgo man.

He likes to see his image in the woman he flirts with and wants to make love with. He appreciates determined women who know what they want. That’s why he combs through people quite easily and separates friends from casual acquaintances.

A Virgo man’s sex life is very much determined by his critical attitude. This affects his choice of women. Its critical nature, which if left unchecked, can become cynical is difficult for most people to understand. In order to experience sexual pleasure and satisfaction, one must be careful not to upset one’s habits and choices. He always seems on a mission to achieve perfection in all areas of his life and those that are close to his heart.

Sex with a Virgo man occurs at a slow pace. It’s wrong to think that he’s the kind of man who wants to have sex with a woman right after the first date. He is actually very reserved and prudish in the truest sense of the word. He has reservations about how he behaves in public, so, normally, he doesn’t immediately try to attract or seduce you. It takes time for him to show his affection in public.

His partner’s needs come first. For him, respect comes first, and sex is just one area among many. Therefore, he will behave like a gentleman and not rush into anything unless the woman has clearly stated that she is sexually attracted to him and has specifically stated her desire to have sex with him. Basically, he won’t make the first move unless you give him a clear signal.

He will be well prepared before making love. A Virgo man will make sure he is ready, well-groomed, smells good, the atmosphere is hinted at and everything is in order. He wants everything to be the way it should be. That’s his minor flaw, and a trait that’s sometimes less well known: the obsession with wanting everything to be right, the way it’s supposed to be. And sex is not immune to it. He will have everything prepared in advance.

He doesn’t like being forced into anything. Being very methodical in everything he does, he likes it all done at his own pace and according to his own criteria, even when it comes to making love with a woman. Don’t worry: not all Virgos are extreme on this point, some more than others…

He may be indifferent and stay away from his partner’s initiative to make love. If a Virgo man doesn’t engage in sex with a woman, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t like her. All he needs is time, the right or even ideal conditions, and a little help from his partner. It’s not the hottest zodiac sign.

How do you drive a Virgo man crazy in bed?

What does a Virgo man like in bed?

Unusual or slightly vulgar behavior is the opposite of a Virgo man’s attitude towards sex. He combines love with affection and tenderness. He values ​​approval and respects his partner. He will always ensure that in the end nothing is regretted by his partner. He is sensitive to the needs of his partner.

He needs to get rid of his inhibitions. These often prevent him from experiencing true levels of sexual and sensual pleasure. Unless he finds a patient partner who will take him on the sensory journey at a pace he can easily keep up with. This is the best way to please him and make him happy in bed. And to take the sexual experience to new heights beyond his imagination and yours…

He likes to feel prepared before sex. He is so perfect in everything he does that he doesn’t want to be bothered with a clumsy move that makes him look inexperienced or inexperienced. He will use everything he knows about making love to a woman. This is why Virgos are so good in bed. But, and there is a but…

Sometimes technique trumps sensitivity. Some Virgo men may be more interested in the technicality and precision of the sexual act than the pleasure experienced. This could cause him to frustrate his partner, to whom the Virgo man might seem a bit robotic. As if he wanted to check the sex box like any other task on his daily to-do list. But that’s only true for a few Virgos who have this negative trait in their personality.

He quickly follows his bed partner into sex. He is open to learning and will not hesitate to make you his tutor. He needs to be touched and teased more often for the relationship to have an exciting sex life.

Now let’s explore the Virgo man’s sexual compatibility with the other zodiac signs:

How do you drive a Virgo man crazy in bed?

The Virgo man and the Cancer woman in bed

The sexual compatibility between a Virgo man and a Cancer woman is very strong. Both will be comfortable with the other’s approach to physical intimacy. They will be very passionate about each other and once committed they will express the highest form of loyalty. Overall a very caring relationship. There will be no power struggle between them and therefore they will live to make every sexual experience enjoyable and satisfying for their partner.


The Virgo man and the Capricorn woman in bed

The Capricorn woman takes the starring role in bed when she is with a Virgo man. Both are fully aware of each other’s needs. Their emotional bond and sexual compatibility seem very strong as they show a high level of maturity and understanding for each other. The Virgo man can adopt a submissive character, not hesitating to experiment and follow the Capricorn woman to bed with confidence, as both respect the boundaries they set for their own good. Sex is pretty traditional, and that’s enough to strengthen their love bond.


The Virgo man and the Scorpio woman in bed

A Scorpio woman has an insatiable sexual appetite. It can be difficult for a Virgo man to keep up with the intensity and frequency of the love commitments he desires. The wild Scorpio woman wants her partner to take care of her, to express herself, and assert herself. This is difficult given the reserved and shy nature of the Virgo man. You would have to be patient and careful not to end up hurting each other with unnecessary judgments and too much stubbornness.


The Virgo man and the Taurus woman in bed

A Virgo man is sometimes seen as a bit rigid when it comes to love. He has difficulty expressing his emotions physically. However, the Taurus woman has the ability to help him let go and fully indulge in sexual pleasures. A Taurus woman is very physical and treats sex as a ritual that is fundamental to the well-being of a relationship. The Virgo man will follow the same path to ensure that the Taurus woman is satisfied. Mutual respect adds to their bond of trust and makes their sexual relationship a joyful and fulfilling experience. How do you drive a Virgo man crazy in bed?

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