How do you drive an Aquarius man crazy in bed?

How do you drive an Aquarius man crazy in bed? What does an Aquarius man like in bed and how to make him happy? How does he express his sexuality? In love with an Aquarius man and wondering how to sexually satisfy him? This is not the kind of man who follows the classic and usual path. He’s wild and hides his fantasies, only concerned with giving his partner a good time.

Here’s everything astrology can tell us about this man, his psychology, sexuality, and personality in bed.


The sexuality of the Aquarius man

He needs time to figure things out. The Aquarius man likes the game of seduction. But he must first be a friend and confidante before becoming the lover. He must understand a woman before he can act. His partner might find his approach too soft or that the foreplay is a bit slow. He won’t talk even when he’s attracted to someone, but once the right arrangements are in place, he’ll dive deep to make sure his woman is having fun and being content. Once he’s comfortable, he needs a good dose of creativity in bed to stay hooked.

He’s very persuasive. He does magic with his words. As a sign of the non-conforming zodiac, he is open to the idea of ​​trying and testing what others are reluctant to do. There are no taboos in his world, and if you haven’t tried to step out of your comfort zone, now is the time. It’s hard for him to settle down with anyone. However, the Aquarius man believes in love. What he fears is written down. Pet him the wrong way and he’ll explode in no time.

he is loyal It is wrong to think that his desire for freedom means or implies that he has a tendency to cheat on his partner. He loves his freedom. He makes his own rules and hates being told what to do. This means all you have to do is give him his freedom, let him do that and he will come back to you. He is generally devoted like few other zodiac signs, unless he is frustrated by someone overwhelming him and draining his energy. His idea of ​​the ideal partner is a woman who has compassion, patience, and an open mind.


What does an Aquarius man like in bed?

Words excite him. Men born under the sign of Aquarius love to talk. An Aquarius man is always looking for a woman who spiritually shares the same frequency as him. The perfect harmony of mental chords can set fire to the emotional connection he shares with someone. He belongs to a lot of the curious; the seeker of knowledge, always looking for new ways to make love to his mate.

He likes new experiences. Experiencing new acts and new positions is what the Aquarius man seeks. He treats sex as a game, is always ready to do crazy things, and has an adventure full of pleasure. Any monotony in sex life can bore him. So be sure to avoid routine. Be unpredictable, leave him speechless and he’s all yours. Make sure to keep things alive, even outside of the bedroom, with surprises, gifts (just the way he likes them), or little touches to keep your bond fresh and his yearning alive.

He doesn’t like being controlled. The most perverted or “strange” actions are the most normal for him. Don’t expect him to have sex in the traditional way because he is a true zodiac rebel, always looking for adventure. However, it is best not to overexert himself as he is very rational and can maintain a strict separation between sex and love. He spends a lot of time learning the right tricks to please his partner. He loves advice on sex and finding his partner’s pleasure. That’s his thing. Although he takes his time to open up and explore, he likes to dominate. The more you try to control and direct him, the more he will distance himself. How do you drive an Aquarius man crazy in bed?


Aquarius man and Taurus woman in bed

The Taurus woman’s strong libido can be easily satisfied by the Aquarius man who enjoys exploring and experimenting. This couple will be very sexually attracted to each other, sharing the same passions and sensuality to make the most of their intimacy.

While the Aquarius man is all about the intellect, the Taurus woman is more about physical pleasures. The Taurus woman must learn to captivate her Aquarius partner’s mind and give them space to be free, while they must show their admiration through touch, ready to cuddle and have uninhibited sex for hours.


Aquarius man and Cancer woman in bed

Sexual compatibility between the Aquarius zodiac sign and the Cancer zodiac sign can be a difficult match as they do not share the same values. Aquarius is quick-witted, while Cancer women long for someone who could be gentle with them.

What they really need to work on is understanding each other and finding common ground to adjust to their differences. The Aquarius man needs to keep his energy in check, while the Cancer woman needs to see beyond her emotional needs. They find it difficult to trust one another, with Cancer woman having trust issues with Aquarius man’s free and adventurous nature making routine tremble.


Aquarius man and Gemini woman in bed

They are a couple who share a great alchemy from the first moment they meet. Intellectual compatibility is a given for Aquarius and Gemini zodiac signs. Their mutual attraction and affinity arises from understanding their uniqueness and feeling inspired by the positive attitude they share in each other’s company.

With an indecisive Gemini woman who doesn’t really know what she’s looking for in bed, the Aquarius man brings the excitement and pleasure that is exactly what makes the Gemini woman happy. They communicate a lot during intercourse and are open to experimenting with new positions and locations to keep their sex life dynamic.


Aquarius man and Leo woman in bed

Very few zodiac signs can boast such amazing sexual and spiritual compatibility as that of the Aquarius man and the Leo woman. They set the room on fire when they have sex. In astrology, there is a tremendous attraction between these zodiac signs as they spend precious time learning about each other’s anatomy and how they respond sexually.

However, with the Aquarius man’s uncompromising need for unlimited freedom, there will be lingering trust issues at the heart of the Leo woman. If they make an effort to focus their incredible energies on resolving their differences and channeling them into a good cause, their relationship can make others jealous. How do you drive an Aquarius man crazy in bed?

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