How do you know when it’s time to let go?

How do you know when it’s time to let go? It happens differently in life. Sometimes you get married – and it seems that this union was definitely destined in heaven. And then you slowly come to a point where you don’t want to return home and it seems as if a stranger lives nearby. How to understand that this point has already been passed, and something needs to be done with marriage?

8 signs

  • You constantly nag at each other

Life is life. It’s okay to grumble at each other sometimes. It’s even okay to grumble all day – well, there are days when everything is annoying. But if such grumbling has been going on for a long time and does not stop – perhaps it’s not a bad day, but that you simply began to annoy each other.

  • Problems with sex life.

Again, it’s normal when there’s a lull in your sex life after the initial hormonal surge, and you don’t make so much emotional and inventive lovemaking anymore. Plus, sex is a part of life, and it is influenced by events from other areas: you can just get tired at work.

But normally there should be physical attraction between you. Even if there is not much sex as such now, there should be hugs, kisses, touches. If not, this is a sign of a problem.

  • What used to be fun is now annoying.

Previously, his sleepy face seemed sweet and touching in the morning, but now it infuriates. Before, you liked how she constantly strives to hug you and snuggle up to you, but now it annoys you – after all, you are busy! You used to love his touching habit of double-checking to see if the stove was off, and now you’re pissed off about it. it is especially disturbing if such small occasions lead to big quarrels.

  • Poor and impersonal communication.

Simply put, you do not communicate at all or communicate only on everyday topics of the “what’s for dinner” and “when you come back” level. You no longer seek to first of all share something interesting with your loved one or even your achievement at work, because the reaction will be dry and unemotional.

You do not know what the other is interested in (or you know, but you are not interested or even annoying), you do not talk on deeper topics, you do not seek to get to know each other. Communication became dry, like “hi-bye” with neighbors in the elevator.

  • One of the partners (or both) often resort to ignoring

This is when you quarreled, but instead of trying to solve the problem, you are simply left alone with your emotions and feelings. They leave, ignore, remain silent, turn away, behave as if they absolutely do not care. In fact, this is a type of emotional abuse: you are left alone with your feelings, without trying to solve the problem.

  • You fantasize about leaving.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s okay to think about other people sometimes. When you get married or get married, your eyesight is not taken away, you see people around, including attractive ones. But if you constantly think about it, these thoughts give you pleasure – you are unlikely to be in a happy marriage.

  • When you think about the future, it has nothing to do with your spouse.

You think about career prospects, about how it would be nice to get a dog, start learning French – but there is practically no spouse in your thoughts. Or he’s like an annoying nuisance. Or even you start fantasizing about a future that obviously contradicts the fact that you’re married.

  • You are more comfortable when you are alone.

It’s okay to enjoy being alone, even if you have a loved one. This is called “personal space”. But if, being alone, you think with horror (not even neutrally) about the return of your spouse, this means that you do not feel happiness with him. How do you know when it’s time to let go?

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