How long does the candy-bouquet period last for lovers?

How long does the candy-bouquet period last for lovers? The beautiful, promising term “candy-buffet period” does not have a solid scientific basis. Most often coincides with the era of “blind”, sweet, romantic, slightly touching, and sentimental love, when the couple has not yet moved to closer intimate contacts.

How long does the candy-bouquet period last for lovers?

But further on, the paths of different types of partners diverge, like ships at sea. Some couples manage to keep the lines of “delicious sweets” and “luxurious bouquets”, be they the most modest in price terms, for life.

Others generally skip this “pink”, somewhat naive, and innocent moment in love, considering it vulgarity and “old-fashioned” costs for advanced modern personalities. So there is no single, universally recognized, official term for this exciting process. No one will tell you in advance: this charm will last “from now to now.”

Who is right, who is to blame in this scenario – it’s not for you and me, probably, to judge. Our magazine is sure that young ladies who have not known all the wonderful romance with chocolates and violets are losing a lot. They do not know how to give feelings colorful shades, are deprived of the fireworks of emotions, offended by fate and male willow. However, in the comments we are ready to argue with those whose opinion disagrees with our verdict.

How to know that the candy-bouquet period has begun?

Interpersonal psychologists in the man-plus-woman niche don’t want to detract from flowers and sweet treats in winning hearts. They believe that both of them should be involved in these nice iconic “graters”.

Another thing is that it has long been accepted in society that the gentleman is more often the initiator. True, we must pay tribute to the fact that now it is almost not necessary to force the fair sex to “give a response to the mountain” after the first initiatives of the gentleman. If they set themselves such a goal, in good sentimental fantasies they will easily outdo their friend.

For the “Esculapius of souls” themselves, the sweet-iec period was characterized as the time of the first contract rob s and p ^ disc This definition, of course, has significant “errors”, life, as usual, is even more colorful than melodramas and book romance novels. dictate drug realism.

After all, such versions as “guest marriage”, in which lovers walk to each other for a long time due to some circumstances. “Love at a distance”, when a couple is forced to live in different localities, is also called “family” or “being together”, only under a different mask.

These unions have already departed from the signs of romantic awe, but they did not turn out to be fully together. By the way, staying in this deliciously fragrant euphoria all your life, using its individual elements, gentle echoes to bring joy is also aerobatics.

We now want to “roll out” a list of signs to your nerdy teleoulka that you are a companion all the same. You can be sure that you are in the very epicenter of a wonderful period if it has the following features:

  • you almost completely and irrevocably abandoned online communication, although you may have met on the Internet, offline communication fascinates you more;
  • you are alte delaying (given man against such a decision) the moment of intimacy, believing that ° g g g ^
  • if you are already enjoying each other in bed, you try to give these moments special shades: a bath with fragrant foam, candle lights around the “nest” of passion, rose petals on bed linen, constant sparkling wine, and fruits at the head of the bed;
  • let it be on the winds of the sun, and the engine on the lamp in the night;
  • for every meeting with you, the boyfriend comes with some surprise, a present, a nice gift: flowers, even in a single copy, favorite desserts, ice cream, tickets to interesting events, invitations to have fun in an unusual way, books, CDs with melodic music tracks, playcasts with colorful views;
  • you also try to do something nice for him, knit a scarf, buy little things for the gadgets that he was looking for in front of you, but unsuccessfully, bake the buns that he praised when he was visiting you;
  • as a dear friend, you react painfully even to short-term separations, to be constantly together is a hot mutual;
  • often discuss joint dreams: to go on an exciting journey, break out of the city to renew the winter ski track, go to the forest for mushrooms or sweet strawberries, it doesn’t matter to you: where and how, the main thing is to be together;
  • the expectation prevails: to please the object of love with a price, to give – and not to torturehal, d n of wearing Me;
  • all the flaws of a partner seem like cute eccentricities, a man and a woman literally idolize each other, not noticing anything negative, either around or in the chosen one;
  • it even seems to especially sensitive natures with a fine spiritual organization that the sun shines brighter, the blue of the sky is more piercing, the sea magically shines with turquoise, the flowers spread a magical flair and mystically intoxicate, and the alleged betrothed (narrowed) is a deity, an ideal, a fetish.

Practicing psychologists have noticed that in society, of course, there is a small layer of skeptics who consider all these enthusiasm about the candy-bouquet period to be stupidity and weakness of individual men. They do not understand: how happy both are in this serene time.

Any, even the most beautiful fairy tale, inevitably comes to an end – ce la vie (such is life), as French experts in love relationships say. Let us only remind you that the terms of this sparkling, dizzying version of love, you and your companion can only be prolonged or shortened by yourself.

Our publication wants to follow up to enlighten you that the candy-bouquet period has its own stages. By which one you are currently in, you will be able to identify when to wait for the romance to end.

3 stages of the candy-bouquet period

Before we tell you about 3 stretches of wonderful “candy and flower times”, we want to warn against the delicious temptations and temptations that fall on this “blind” era.

The beginnings of falling in love, the first dates are accompanied by an overwhelming release of hormones in the body. A person becomes blind, deaf, not recognizing other people’s opinions. Be careful, such a state is akin to a decent level of alcohol intoxication and even looks like a drug one.

Unscrupulous male comrades sometimes take advantage of the “relaxed-brake” state of naive young ladies and force them to do something not very approved by society, up to crime.

If you are not 100% sure of your new fan, you do not expect “dark” surprises from him, then remember.

Raznye by the “nacking” stage of the candy-basket period:

  • number 1 – juicy, greedy love of a friend to the bottom, “permanent desire for gifts, ulyatiary, ookorhael
  • the natural continuation of the first issue is the woman’s response initiative in terms of independent ideas: what would impress the man even more, what to organize, where to invite, what fantasies and surprises to surround all this with;
  • number 2 – freedom to express feelings: there are no obstacles in matters of who will call us first;

The disadvantages of the second stage are the appearance of the beginnings of jealousy, the birth of a sense of possessiveness according to the principle “do not touch mine”, the princes also try in every possible way to tie the “trophy” in any way, claim the right to sole possession;

  • number 3 – acceptance of results of hanivaniye and conquest of the heart, introduction to a private circle of communication, acquaintance with ° and p roensioner

The final period of candy-buffet relations is insidious in the sense that close people may not accept a new member to the team, or the applicant for a role in a family-friendly clan behaves inappropriately and disappoints a partner.

We will not delve further into the consequences of the “season” of sweets, flowers, presents, because this will be a completely different story, worthy of special attention and explanation. In the end, we sincerely want to sweat you, dear reader, be sure to experience the delights of Her in the box. He is very exciting, trust us.

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