How many percent of men love obese women? statistics

How many percent of men love obese women? statistics. The era in which the standard of female beauty was rounded, magnificent female forms has long sunk into oblivion. The preslovutye 90-60-90 should not be shown in the figure. In the Modern World, magazine covers are decorated with long-legged models, obviously suffering from Dystrophy, or Ladies with very impressive, magnificent forms. The golden mean is almost never found in the fashion world.

In reality, everything is much simpler. Men choose their beloved either thin and slender, or lush and sometimes even frankly fatter. Davay with toboi obratimsya k suruvoy statistical and vyyasnim, which women are chosen by most men and why.

Skinny or full? statistical

All men love with their eyes. At the first meeting, a guy or a man always first turns his attention to the external data of a woman or girl. Facial features, eyes, lips, all this is undoubtedly the first thing a man looks at.

In particular, men like the female figure. If we turn to statistics, then only 28% of all men surveyed will continue to communicate with a full woman. While 72% of men will prefer thin. On the other hand, when it is necessary to tell the story. It is known that men have their own understanding of a full and thin woman than a woman.

After conducting a sociological survey, scientists from the Hawaiian University School of Medicine found that overweight women enjoy more attention from men. Not only in that case, if they look after their appearance and their fullness does not cause disgust.

The researchers interviewed men from 15 to 44 years old. The main parameter of the survey was the border between normal and overweight relative to body mass index.

So, for example, for a man, a woman with a height of 164 to 175 centimeters should weigh about 65-75 kilograms. In this case, it will seem to him juicy and appetizing. As soon as the grid is up to 80 kilograms, the number of people on the country’s budget.

For a woman, such parameters are completely unsuitable. In women’s eyes, a girl with a height of 165 centimeters and a weight of 65 or 70 kilograms already seems full.

Why do men like fat women?

In the modern world, there is no specific standard of the female figure. Someone sings of anorexic models whose bones stick out. Some people are still trying to fit themselves into the 90-60-90 ideal. And someone likes the size “maxi”.

And yet, many men tend to choose fuller women. In what way:

  • Fat women are always in a good mood. They do not limit themselves in food, do not exhaust their body with endless workouts and diets. They just enjoy life and delicious food.
  • Such women have a great sense of humor and self-irony. They accept themselves for who they are and are not ashamed of their figure. On the other hand, it is necessary to say that “lishness is true” and it is worth while to see.
  • Overweight women have strong empathy. They Easier Make Contact with Others, Listen Attentively About the Interlocutor’s Problems, Support with Advice and Express Sincere Empathy.

Is it true that men love fat women?

  • Adequate needs in men. Fat women don’t chase pie in the sky. To their beloved, they show healthy, adequate demands and rarely criticize their husbands for their appearance.
  • Cuisine. Fat women love delicious food. And that’s why they cook so well! And what man refuses to eat delicious food?
  • Many men are sure that the higher the appetite of a woman at the table, the more insatiable she will be intimately.
  • Men, choosing a fat woman, at the subconscious level, are sure that by doing so they get rid of competitors. After all, what kind of bbw can have fans?

What kind of men like fat women?

According to a study by British scientists, men who do not experience a state of stress choose their own health, unlike those men who are in a stressful state. You will be able to see two of them, see what you can do and choose.

Most of them are men of mature age. Young guys mostly follow the same stereotypes and are much less likely to experience STRess.

There are several more categories of men who will prefer a curvy woman to a thin model.

  • Fat and even fat men.

It is very difficult for such men to find a girl or woman for a long-term relationship. It is, conjointly, on no millionaire and so no existing models so much storage. In other cases, simple, complete hard workers seek to connect their lives with a woman like themselves. They are driven by convenience and adequacy of perception of reality.

Now it isn’t on your own with the dog, which is post-proposal in the sports hall and is located on that day. Such men love a calm, measured life. And also, a delicious dinner, preferably with meat, but fatter.

  • Men of a family mindset.

Such men on an intuitive level absorb economic women who know how to lead a life. It is noteworthy that such men choose fat women also because of the fullness of their hips. They are sure that the wider the hips of a woman, the easier it will be for them to give birth, and, therefore, to endure and raise healthy heirs.

Family men will also not be able to get along with a beauty blogger or model. For such men, the house and family come first. And it is a full woman who will be able to satisfy his most important needs – comfort, life, family.

Men with small stature strive by all means to compensate for their shortcomings and, accordingly, a complex. They choose a big car, a big dom. And, most importantly, a magnificent woman. Thus, they compensate for their low rust, and, in their opinion, look more favorably against the background of their “large-sized” one.

  • Those who love delicious food.

Fat women are also chosen by those men who do not chase fashion trends and simply love a lot. And, as you know, lush ladies cook well. In frequency, they cook a lot and tasty, what this category of men needs.

  • True connoisseurs.

Large women are becoming more and more popular, as are their fans. Among men, many representatives of the stronger sex really admire the magnificent forms of a woman. Some even specially fatten their wives and enjoy the sight of their huge body. Such a hobby can be equated with a fetish.

If a man’s impulse to make his lady of the heart as big as possible goes beyond reason, and frankly harms a woman’s health, then this is not normal and even dangerous.

Men only at the beginning of a relationship pay attention to the external data of a woman. In the future, with a closer acquaintance, appearance fades into the background. And, if he doesn’t care if she’s full or thin.

When a woman is constantly depressed, in problems, her eyes are filled with tears, men instinctively avoid communicating with her. If she were thin, 50 kilograms and weight in centner.

In conclusion, the following can be said. Men, according to statistics, choose fat women for the most part for family life and convenience. Basically, this happens after 35 years. At a younger age, men will strive for fashion trends.

No, if a girl is a little overweight, then she has every chance to attract the attention of a liddled lover. It all depends on herself. If she is a cheerful, easy-to-communicate, self-sufficient woman, then she will not end up with male attention, no matter how much she weighs!

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