How not to get bored with your beloved man in a relationship?

The inner world of a woman is arranged in such a way that as soon as a suitable candidate for the role of the father of her children appears on her horizon, she comes to combat readiness and begins a kind of hunt.

In my head, I thought about how the curtains in the common kitchen would look like, in the hands of a telephone for communication, go and run away, where it is. There is an active discussion with friends about how the son and daughter will be named in the future marriage, and the contender for the hand and heart of the charmer, as they say “neither ear nor snout” about what is at stake.

Why do women try to surround their boyfriends with excessive attention?

Drug variants, if you want to know more about it, you need it:

  • that same love came, which is “one and for life”;
  • It’s time to transfer a friend from the notorious friend zone to Lovers, then such beauty disappears for nothing in the course of innocent communication without intimacy;
  • it is necessary, so that it doesn’t become, to seduce a single, successful colleague, or even a boss, you look in a career, it will help;
  • tired of being alone when “all the girlfriends wandered off in pairs in silence”;
  • the time has come for a stamp in the passport, all the acquaintances of a close age are already “ringed”, even the embarrassing right to live in the status of an “unclaimed young lady”.

In the labors of winning a successful party, women are often, to put it mildly, too zealous. It is unlikely that tireless obsession will be able to attract a gentleman, but it will be able to “turn away” him from a lady he seems to like and without the help of sorcery of “specially trained” witches, he can quickly and effectively.

The Amazon pricked up on the target immediately forgets the orders of her older relatives: move away from this boy, put aside stupid “grimaces and jumps” stop stupidly giggling and flirting, this is already becoming indecent.

Cupid will help you along with the crafty Cupid, our dear reader, and yet read this article to the end in order to “spud a marvelous flower” on the green lawn of life correctly with the help of the tips of the wisest psychologists. On any of the location you will receive feedback.

How not to get bored with your beloved man in a relationship?

Walking “through love pains”, which definitely will not frighten off a potential groom – a whole science. Practice on it is not easy, not proven. On what and ony sami:

  • always remain for the fan an “unread book” with an intricate plot, do not dump all your secrets on him, do not shock him with stories about “skeletons in the closet” even if they are quite harmless and amusing, mystery is your trump card;
  • be keenly interested in all his affairs, but to some extent, feeling tension, showing his unwillingness to “turn his soul out” – do not insist, do not turn inside out, the moment will come – he will share if he trusts you;

How not to annoy your man?

  • don’t think of putting a sacrifice on “his altar” in the form of your complete dissolution in it, you have “your own garden and your own strawberries”, he has his own “plantations and tangerine crops” the stronger sex prefers the integrity of nature and respects other people’s interests, career requests, hobbies, protecting your own, do not destroy this balance;
  • important things for you – indicate your principles and rules – stipulate, but do not fantasize at the same time, he chose you among other women of that original one, without “artistic talents” and games in another, new, incomprehensible one, do not get carried away with experiments with change masks;
  • our knights, without fear and reproach, do not like tearful crybabies, now and then falling into melancholy or hovering in distant clouds, came on a date – “keep your face” to the last, you will lose heart and grunt later;
  • do not start acquaintance with his parents and friends “with pouted lips” that you did not like everything and everyone, maybe they were also not delighted with you, but they were more educated and did not show it, “tame” the environment of the chosen one slowly, give in small things, do not ignore compromises;
  • if it so happened that the levels of your intellects are not commensurate, one is lagging behind, and the other is in the forefront – think about it, engage in development and self-improvement, seeing that you are lagging behind, but at the same time lend a hand to a friend, if he is a loser, tell me what to read how to work on yourself, but do it tactfully, gently, with love;
  • do not turn into a “wild cat” when a partner shows signs of attention to other beauties, first observe and make sure that this is not a system or a way of life, then carefully deal with the “rivals”, but do it beautifully so that your friend does not guess anything ;
  • do not tie the gentleman to you with strong ropes, do not force him with prayers, spend all the time only with you, do not arrange surveillance of him “live” or in social networks, each of you has the full right to personal space, learn not to violate its boundaries;
  • do not rest on your laurels on a series of compliments from your beloved and his male friends, this is not the time to relax, you should also look flawless and stunning at any moment of meeting a man, you should not devote him to our little secrets of creating an ideal image and show them inside out;
  • do not involve your companion in routine life, setting household traps on his way: breakfast, lunch and dinner – strictly on schedule, gatherings with friends – only Friday or Saturday evening, no deviations in the wardrobe for work – a tie, a business suit, then it will definitely elevate you over colleagues, dear;
  • you and I are well aware that the average young lady pronounces much more words a day than even the most “many” speaking “by virtue of the profession, male specialists, do not bring down a flurry of words and information from the threshold on your partner, you will drown and drive away from yourself;
  • release a friend “to the wild, to the pampas” in the sense that do not limit his desire, to be with other men at sports matches, fishing, hunting, a bar with beer and fish, at the parents’ dacha, where, however, it is still better to go together;
  • make it clear that she herself is not averse to going away “on women’s affairs” here you immediately have an intrigue – where is she, and a tactical maneuver – and she is not a bitch, she understands that the peasant needs to “walk”, but where then she herself “soaped” ;
  • do not get carried away with the role of a certain Pygmalion in a female guise, “cutting, sculpting, drawing” a new portrait of a betrothed according to your standards, you may obey some of your innovations, but the fact that you are trying to “break it for yourself” will remember and will not forgive.

The art of being close to a worthy representative of the stronger sex and at the same time manage not to bother him “to the liver” – de. The main thing here is to correctly understand and accept the advice of psychologists on interpersonal relationships, not considering them superfluous and useless.

We sketched out how to tread this path for you, and then you act on your own, we are sure that everything will work out.

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