How should you behave when a man is in love? Full instructions

A man in love can be silent about his feelings for a long time, how to understand that a man is hiding his feelings and help him take a step towards a relationship. And in a situation where he decided to take open actions, the next step is yours. And it’s up to you to decide how to behave when a man is in love. Perhaps this decision will not affect anything, but it may well become fateful. So it’s worth thinking it through.

Instructions for making a decision

The first thing to ask yourself is, do you like it? And the answer to this question should be as honest as possible, since all your further actions will depend on it. If a man attracts and causes a desire to get to know him better – well, it is quite obvious that he was lucky to arouse mutual sympathy.

But it also happens that here is a handsome representative of the stronger sex, who seems to be attentive, and calls to a restaurant that is not cheap, but something in him is alarming, causes a strange feeling and is generally disturbing. You should definitely listen to your intuition, it is unlikely that all these bells ring just like that.

It is better not to agree to his invitation, but to look closely for some more time. The bells only got louder, and the fan began to show inappropriate insistence? Well, intuition, apparently, was right, and something is wrong with him. In this case, the “lover” must be politely but firmly turned away from the gate so that he understands that the refusal is final and not subject to appeal.

Most likely, it will be difficult for you to do this, but it is still important to decide on this step, because if you drag out time, unpleasant consequences can arise. At a minimum, the fan will decide that all this is pure coquetry, and will begin to show not the best sides of his character.

Do you like the man? Don’t rush into his arms

So, you realized that you are pleased with the signs of attention from him, and you are already ready to plunge into a new relationship with your head. Take your time with this – remember that a man is a hunter by nature. And this means that if a woman wants to keep interest in her person for more than a couple of months, she should tease him a little so that the hunting instinct makes a stand.

You need to show him that you are not against courtship at all, but just don’t take you like that – let him achieve it. Moreover, the game of conquest is only a joy for a man, so the pleasure will definitely be mutual. You need to smile at him when you meet, sometimes allow yourself a light touch, for example, on the shoulder – all this will only warm up the love and provoke the lover.

Seeing that you like him, a man will try to show you even more of his good sides, so that he will be pleased to show off, and you to admire. Bouquets and pleasant surprises – the most pleasant part of courtship awaits you ahead. So even if you are ready to throw yourself into men’s arms yesterday, don’t show it – and you will definitely like the result!

Sex on the first date? Mmm… No!

More precisely, here everything again depends on your desires. Do you want a fleeting romance? Then a dizzying jump into his bed will provide you with the appropriate result. A man whose hunting instinct has played out like an appetite is unlikely to completely lose interest after the first sex. But gradually this will happen if the lady is too pliable. Therefore, if you want something more serious, you should show yourself as an impregnable person.

Many girls worry that refusing to have sex on the first date (and a pissed-off man can be very persistent after getting that date) will lead to a loss of interest on the part of the man. Well, it could very well be, but it would mean that all he wanted was sex. So if you still succumb to fear and sleep with him, most likely he will still leave, just getting his own.

At the same time, a truly in love man is ready to wait. Still, it’s not worth dynamizing him for too long, but letting him feel the taste of victory later will help.

A loving man respects his woman and appreciates her virtues. So a simple explanation will be quite enough for him that you are not yet ready to transfer the relationship to a new plane for the two of you. And that it’s not about him, but about the fact that you want to get to know him better, so for now it’s worth stopping at kisses.

Non-standard situations – tact and attentiveness

Some girls, due to the urgency of the problem, are interested in the answer to the question of how to behave when a man is in love, but she is not. If you are unlucky enough to be in such a situation, then you need to show maximum tact by refusing the young man. When you already have a boyfriend or even a husband, everything is much simpler – you can rightfully answer the invitation that the other man, to whom you already more or less fully belong, will definitely be against you going on a date with another. Bitter, of course, the truth, but what to do. Such a refusal will cause respect for your loyalty rather than aggression or other negativity.

There are situations when a man and a woman are on friendly terms, and then it turns out that he is in love and wants to take them in a different direction. If the fair sex does not have such plans, but she wants to keep her friendship, because she values ​​​​her very much, the situation is frankly difficult. Ideally, you need to talk to your friend and explain that he is really dear, but only as a friend. And before such a conversation, it is worth mentally preparing for the fact that friendship is likely to end. Unfortunately, even the best of men do not take rejection well, and who wants to watch the girl he is in love with meets another. But sooner or later, this situation will develop …

So, to summarize, then with a man in love you need to behave in accordance with the plans for him: if you want a relationship, encourage it, if not, decide on a soft refusal. But you definitely don’t need to play with his feelings, although some girls allow themselves this. I must say that such behavior does not honor them and is unlikely to promise happiness in their personal lives. So in any case, the best choice would be honesty towards a man.

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