How to achieve a man herself and is it true that he should seek a woman?

How to achieve a man herself and is it true that he should seek a woman? An unrequited passion that has already become painful, and maybe even a completely serious deep feeling for a certain representative of the stronger sex, eats up your soul. You have already exhausted all the possible and impossible female tricks, which in response to zero attention and you have to sadly rejoice that this is at least not a pound of contempt in response. You do not want another man, all individuals of the male fraternity fade in your eyes against the backdrop of choosing in favor of one single man, but there is no longer any strength left to conquer him.

Where to begin? How to achieve a man herself and is it true that he should seek a woman? 

We will not guarantee you a brilliant victory on this difficult love Path, we want to offer you to “burn these pots instead of the gods” Together with us. We do not recommend creating a temporary “ersatz” of relationships for one night with a chosen one, even if you are led to a cloak. Do you want to give him your hand and heart forever?

So that together into fire and into water, and even so that their heads turn gray on one pillow. Then let’s try to develop a wise strategy – a plan of action for the long term and select the right tactics – methods for implementing our plan with you.

Read carefully, evaluate, choose what you think will work.

The main chips of the strategy

Before you once again begin to convince yourself that in war all means are good, freeze in thought and determine

How to fall in love with any man?

You set a goal for yourself: to assert yourself and prove to yourself and everyone around you that you are unique, desirable for any male hunter, seductively charming, “a wonderful trophy” or slowly dreaming of sincere happiness together, the one that does not like witnesses, life for show and prefers serene silence?

  • your potential companion should not be married, be the father of a strong friendly family, otherwise you start dishonest, unkind, real cruel and insidious games;
  • you are at least “capped” familiar, although far from being close to the gentleman you are in love with, you cross paths at work, in the company of friends, in the entrance of the house where you both live, theories about effective rules for getting to know the intended object are the subject of completely different articles and materials;
  • you have not yet made any purely masculine attacks on the object of your passion, did not lie in wait for him in the corridors of the dwelling with a homemade pie for a treat, did not call him on the work phone, having obtained coordinates with stupid questions about anything, did not give unexpected presents, did not rush into the pool dialogue at a corporate party.

Has it never occurred to him yet that he is the object of your sighs? This is excellent, it is always more effective to apply tactics from scratch, the fireworks of incomprehensible attention on your part to him could only spoil everything.

Going on a romantic “journey” on some kind of voyage to conquer the man of your dreams on a yacht with mental scarlet sails, always remember that the law of life is clearly defined: the conqueror, the hunter, the dominant fighter for the heart is your knight, master, gentleman, prince, but not at all not you.

Your task to get what you want is to convince him that he should strive for you alone. The grain of the female strategy in this situation is the ability to switch roles. Not to achieve, but to yield, tease, offer their charms in the most favorable perspective, prove that here he is, his happy chance of gaining unearthly love.

Key Tactics, tested on practice so that the ADAM and Eves

So, you have already put Cupid’s quiver and arrows aside, shook your finger at Cupid so as not to interfere, weighed all the pros and cons and do not want to give up the intended goal. Your right, my courageous girlfriend in love, we are already starting to give portion after portion to you rekatsinda: How to achieve a man herself and is it true that he should seek a woman?

  • Find a reason to genuinely admire the object of your attention.

It can be any non-artificially modeled situation. Ego you and intellectual, provoked in obscure. His career successes led to the victory of the whole team. His external data from among a well-inflated sports figure, a fashionable hairstyle, an unusual eye color and their feverish brilliance, which is not painful in nature. His carefully chosen wardrobe is for the occasion.

It is necessary to express enthusiasm more than once, during a given period of time, but not intrusively and unobtrusively. Think over compliments in advance, without outrageous epithets and exalted presentation, preferably in the presence of witnesses, but in private – not a failure.

  • Inadvertently show that you value the freedom and personal space of another person.

Step aside if he got a call, no matter how curious it was to hear what he was talking about with Zhina’s wife. Do not cut circles around his desktop, apartment, house, gadgets. Do not try to find out the passwords from his computer, do not delve into his work reports, if your boss did not instruct you to do this, do not ask about his plans on a business trip, where you are sent by a working group, do not probe the soil where he is going in the evening and with whom. The time will come – he will let you into his secrets if you win this match for love.

  • As if by chance, approve of his hobbies, Creativity, Friends, Relatives, If you had a chance to get close to any of these components of his life.

Tell me how you liked his mother, brother, sister, child, if any, and he brings him up on his own. Compliment the sketch you saw on his desk. Tell me that you have already read that book that he carries in his bag. You like to listen to a piece of music that constantly sounds in his car. You are rewatching the famous film, which he casually mentioned as a masterpiece, which also once and for all conquered stereodes.

No criticism of the horse, motorbikes, computer graphics, but also with the palace on the horse. Principles such as “chudinkami”, dostoinstvami and sherohovatostyami nature.

  • Ask him for technical assistance with a computer, car, bicycle, home TV.

Let me know that you know that he is a great “Techie” and with “iron” on you”, so he will cope with such simple problems at once. Play confused in front of the new software in the office, lament that you can’t master this intricate coffee machine in the break room.

Pretend to be a loser who does not know how to “edit” a photo on his page in social networks, a specialist is clearly needed here. Do not be afraid to seem like a weak fool, it is inherent in men by nature: a woman needs help in difficult times if she is a normal representative of the stronger sex, of course, without equivocations.

  • Tell us about your family, where a thousand children were perceived as a model: the husband is the leader of the pack, the wife is a strong rear, hope and support.

Everything in a relationship should be decided by the “leader” of the tribe, and from you a hearty table, a comfortable clean bed, order and comfort in the house, an unquenchable hearth of spiritual warmth. Hint that you fully agree with such attitudes, and if the opportunity arises, then also feed deliciously with your masterpieces of culinary Art. Embarrassed, in a whisper, confess in your ear that your temperament is all in Mom, that the passion between the Parents has not faded away, which you children are incredibly happy about.

  • How would you accidentally inform that you are interested in the same direction in business, thematic activities, that you have specially learned English, etiquette rules, service tasks and you can become an active assistant in his restaurant, hotel, business negotiations.

That you are fluent in the basics of interior design, understand architectural styles, know a lot about the landscape highlights of country houses, which can be useful for his new construction project.

Indulge in memories that at school and at the university chemistry (mathematics, physics, strength of materials, marketing, finance) were your favorite subjects, you yourself understand, here you have to choose something that you don’t “swim” in and is ready to help him in the planned developments.

  • Kindly, actively, with interest, listen carefully to his rantings about everything in the world, which you can’t find out by.

At the same time, TALENT to hear everything is not given to every young lady. If you turn out to be a dumb-headed dummy, you won’t be able to keep a man’s interest in you, at least for the rest of your life. You love, you want to be together for a long time, you trust, you accept it as it is, so now all these “offal” will be part of your life, if you get along.

So there is no need to put on a displeased grimace on your face and yawn bored after each of his stories about what is left. It was called a loader – climb into a difficult family body, often moving along road bumps.

How to achieve a man herself and is it true that he should seek a woman? The methods of winning a partner that we have indicated must be alternated, sometimes turning into massive, but not wild attacks. Laziness and indifference – to the dump for losers. You will achieve your goal only if you do not quit the movement in mid-sentence, halfway, at the first small failure. Go ahead, love heart, we support you wholeheartedly.

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