How to Approach Girls on the Street?

How to Approach Girls on the Street? Have you ever seen a girl that you would like to meet and talk to, but think that she does not want to be approached?

And if she is busy with something at this moment, then it seems to you that it would be rude to interrupt her and talk to her.

If this happens to you, then you are not alone, and this article is for you.

How to Approach Girls on the Street?

your fantasies

Men think that they will disturb (= act as an irritant) the girl and run into negativity in such situations when she:

  • Trains in the gym;
  • Reads a book, magazine;
  • Wearing headphones and listening to music;
  • Is among other girls who chat among themselves.

And of course, in such cases, the easiest way is to tell yourself that she does not want to be approached, and be left with nothing.

But the truth is that you don’t have the ability to read minds.

You have no way of being sure what she wants or doesn’t want.

All that a man does is look for excuses not to take any action and God forbid to show himself in front of her.

So my advice to you is: stop looking for excuses and start seeing opportunities instead.

Example and inspiration

Believe that you have something to offer her as a man.

Let’s take an example: a girl who is reading a book. Of course, she can be immersed in history at this point.

But if you notice that she has dropped a thousandth bill, would you dare to tell her about it just because she is reading? Do you think she will be annoyed that you point it out?

Of course not.

And now an interesting moment: how much more valuable are you – in terms of how you can influence her life – than just 1000 rubles?

You have to believe that every time you approach a girl, you are giving her a unique opportunity to meet a great guy.

How to Approach Girls on the Street?

What girls want?

Believe me, we are all big girls and know how to take care of ourselves. If we don’t want to talk to a guy at this particular moment, then we’re perfectly capable of telling him that. There can be many reasons, most often they are personal, deep.

Further. In many of the cases above, when we’re spending time listening to music or fiddling with our phones, we’d like to be doing something more interesting… Like flirting with a confident young man who has the courage to approach us.

Believe me, if a woman is not married, she is much more pleased to meet an interesting guy than listen to her playlist for the fiftieth time.

So stop worrying about whether you disturb her or not. Because in many of these cases, your “rude intrusion” may be the best thing that has ever happened to both of you.

Continuation of the banquet

Of course, deciding to approach her is only half the battle.

You must know what to do and say in order to get our attention and arouse sexual interest. (I have already written a post on this topic).

Today I want to explain how “control the conversation” when interacting with women. There is something incredibly sexy about a man who can dominate a conversation and take him from “ordinary” to “extraordinary” in a few sentences.

A typical conversation looks something like this:

“How are you?”

“Where do you work? What are you doing?”

“Where do you live?”

You can fall asleep.

Unfortunately, girls are too often faced with this boring line of questions when meeting men. It even somewhat resembles an interview.

These kinds of dull conversations come from nervousness. When you get nervous in front of a girl you like, your brain turns to mush.

The problem is not that it is critical for you to know where she works in order to continue communication. You want to start a conversation in this way and captivate her.

There are certain steps you can take to facilitate your communication.

How to meet girls on the street – the right choice?

First step – approach the right girl.

Don’t go near the one with the face of an evil bitch and crossed arms. Her body language says, “I have a boyfriend” or “I’m not interested.”

Look for a girl who scans the environment without focusing on one thing. Her lips should be relaxed. This is the one whose attention you can get. And who is ready to “be attracted.”

I know, I know that small talk is unbearable torture. But the good news is that each time it will be easier for you to do this, and this applies not only to dating, but to your overall communicative development as a person.

When you first approach a girl, you think:

“Wow, I wonder what area this girl lives in..?”


“I wonder where and how long this girl works ..?”

No. Most likely, you approached her because she attracted you to something.

The main task in dating a girl on the street

Her answers to questions don’t really matter when you first meet. (How to start a conversation with a girl I wrote here).

You can find out the name of her baby dog ​​later. Now, when you see each other for the first time, you just need to get her phone number.

Now a few words about the beginning of the conversation.
Your purpose in the conversation get the girl’s attention And keep him on

Thus, you gain control over the conversation, and then over the situation.

Sample questions for a girl

Here are some sample questions for a girl you just met on the street. You can start by asking about a name. And further during the conversation:

  1. “Before you call, do you ever rehearse what you’re going to say?”
  2. “What TV program would you stay watching if you didn’t go on a date?”
  3. “What’s your favorite karaoke song?”
  4. “Which country would you advise me to visit?”
  5. “If you could change something about your childhood, what would it be?”
  6. “If money wasn’t an issue, what would you like to do for the rest of your life?”

You can read other catchy phrases for dating in the corresponding article.

Are you wondering what are the benefits of such a conversation? In addition to making the conversation easy and enjoyable, these types of questions give you information to understand and guide further conversation.

When you ask a question, it is important that you was your answer. Don’t turn everything into a “Custom Game” where she answers a question and you immediately move on to the next one.

Control shot

All these conversations help to find more in common between you, to interest each other in some facts.

After a light conversation, if everything goes positively, it’s time to ask another tricky question:

“Tell me three things about yourself. But they shouldn’t be about your appearance or work.”

In fact, such a question makes her, in a sense, sell yourself to you.

Such a question directs the conversation in a more serious direction, and opens up scope for further stories or questions.

Once you go through such issues, it becomes easier for her to talk to you, more pleasant to be around you, and share personal and intimate things.

You are the driver

After such revelations, you can take the conversation in any direction. But the main – stay in the driver’s seat. Manage the conversation. Ask her the tone, unexpected questions.

And that doesn’t mean you should avoid her questions. Answer in a detailed, friendly way, but if you feel that you are deviating, then return the conversation back to her.

Any person is pleased to talk about himself, his beloved. And it is doubly pleasant when you are listened to with pleasure.

So use it. How to Approach Girls on the Street?

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