How to arouse interest in my Ex Partner step by step

At the end of a relationship, many times we do not agree to continue on our own path, and we decide that we want to return to our previous relationship.

To achieve this goal, I invite you to continue reading this article: how to arouse interest in my ex partner and discover the correct way to achieve it.

Someone who has loved from the heart knows that you cannot forget overnight.

If your goal is not to leave your ex-partner in the past, but to win her back, here you will learn the keys to help your loved one get back on the path to you.

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Strategies to win back my ex

if you’re thinking about win back your expay close attention to the following list and put it into practice.

Also, check what to do to win back the love of your ex partner 7 tipsyou will get very good results!:


When a relationship ends, the pain is so great that many times we do not believe that it will come to an end.

However, it is prudent to take some time and distance to know what we want, so our minds become clear and we can think very well about what we are going to do and the new direction our lives will take.

cut off contact with your ex

It is important that you consider cutting off communication with your ex-partner for at least four weeks.

In this period of time, you will be able to organize your thoughts, ideas and projects; And, you will give your ex the necessary space to do the same.


Although it is necessary and vital for your process to be away from your ex, it is likely that he will try to contact you.

At first it will be a bit more difficult to ignore his calls, however, you can send him a message thanking him for calling you.

Remember to be very cordial and friendly, since since you want to get back with him, the idea is not to scare him away.

Surely you are thinking: how to forget my ex it is an odyssey; however, if you stick with it and follow my advice, you can do it!

change your routine

It is time for you to change your daily activities; dare to practice a new sport, yoga, swimming, etc.

If you have always wanted to learn how to cook, play an instrument or travel, now is your time!

change your look

how to seduce my ex

Well, I’m not going to tell you to make extreme changes in your image, you can do them subtly, like a new haircut or changing your clothing style.

Even the smallest change you make will be noticed and, right now, it will serve to increase your self-esteem.

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downplay it

Although I know you want to get back together with your partner, what you need to do is take away the power they have over your thoughts; remember that you also have your own life, projects, goals and desires, which must always be present.

If, by any chance, you run into your ex, be casual, greet him politely, and be on your way.

Delete it from social networks

Now that you are in the process of distancing yourself from your ex, it is convenient that you eliminate him from social networks, so it will be better for you.

If, on the other hand, you do not see the need to eliminate it, then I suggest you choose photos where you are happy, avoid sad images, as well as complaining states or those related to your breakup situation.

This will unsettle your ex, leaving him thinking you’re fine and wanting to be by your side again.


how to get back with my ex boyfriend

When you don’t give yourself a prudent time to think everything calmly and, in addition, you are pressuring your ex, you will give him the sign of being a person with little value and dependent.

Check the 7 mistakes when trying to win back a man

Here is a list of some things you should avoid doing:

not pity

Many people mistakenly think that if they inspire pity in others, they will have good results in getting what they want. However, this is not so.

They only see themselves as dramatic people, because of their exaggerated reactions, crying and attitude.

Avoid, at all costs, that anyone, including your ex, sees you like this, since they will only perceive you as a person to avoid. Keep it in mind.

don’t beg

Whether the decision to end the relationship was his, yours or both, do not humiliate yourself, your dignity is worth gold and you must keep it intact!

Value yourself as a woman, so your ex partner will also see it and you will have more opportunity to return with him.

don’t harass him

Under no circumstances should you harass your ex with calls or messages.

Remember that you need some time to think and these actions will not give you the peace you need.

In addition, it is very important that you also give your ex partner some time so that he can miss you.

don’t look for it

Just as it is harmful to harass your ex with calls or messages, it is just as negative to seek to find him by “chance”.

Do not forget that you are not yet strong enough to control your emotions and you would ruin the chances of continuing the relationship.

don’t ask about him

In the event that you have friends in common or for some reason you find a friend of his or a relative, greet him naturally and try to continue on your way.

If they talk to you, for no reason ask about him or what he does, they will surely tell him what you said.

Opt instead to have a light conversation and say goodbye soon, using your little time as an excuse; allow them to see you happy, as the saying goes: “pain is carried inside”.

Social media

Earlier, I told you about the importance of removing your ex from social media; If you didn’t want to or couldn’t, what you should do is avoid liking their posts and statuses for a while, or if you choose to do so, you should be careful not to be in evidence that you like everything they post.

Avoid being aware of their activities on the network, do not write to them or look for everything they have in their space.


Keep in mind that jealousy will only bring you problems, discomfort and conflicts.

Do yourself a favor and try to eliminate them, it will not only be good for your life, but also for any relationship.


How to win back my ex partner

Many times when relationships end it is inevitable to feel empty.

However, it is healthy for you to take so much attention away from your ex and invest it in yourself, so you can say: “I already know how to interest my partner and I will be able to attract him again.”

Take care of your self-image

Although sometimes it is important how others see you, it is even more important that you keep in mind how you see yourself, what your self-concept is and how you take care of yourself.

The opinions that others have of you are not worth as much as your perception, which will radiate to others.

Differentiate feeling of loneliness with love

Take advantage of your time alone to evaluate the relationship, think about what you want and what you no longer want.

Reflect, serenely, on the fact of returning to your ex partner for love and not for dependency.

Positive attitude

It is vital that both for your life, and now that you want your ex partner to be interested in you again, you have a positive attitude, focus much more on the good things and see the bright side of life!

if they have children

In the event that you have children in common, it will be much more difficult to take a distance and some time alone.

However, you can have a communication strictly related to your children; don’t ask him any personal questions, talk about your children and end the communication.

If it is in person, do the same, all with respect and kindness, remember that you want to get back with him, but it is also good that you show distance.

Forget the past

Now that you are in the time to reevaluate the relationship and yourself, it is good that you can find a way to forget the past.

Although we know that forgetting itself is not possible, you must have the ability to forgive past things and remember them without pain, this is the only way to know that you have forgiven.


As I told you before, it is important that you are calm and calm, since this way you will be able to see and think in a more mature and rational way about everything that has happened, what is happening now and what you are projecting for your future.


How to arouse interest in my ex partner

After the time has passed to recover, it is time for you to agree to see your ex-partner again, if he has not invited you yet, do not worry, you can take the first step to find out how to get your ex back.

Now that you know that it is necessary to be calm and calm for the reunion and you know the tips of the article » how to arouse interest in my ex partner «, keep in mind the following and, additionally, read the text of


You already know that you are interested in getting back with your ex, now you must observe and listen carefully to know what he wants. You know that both parties must want the same thing.


Don’t go too dressed up or too messy, find that your clothes match your way of being.


At all times you must be kind, it is also good that you can show your state of tranquility, so you will see yourself as a mature woman.

I respect

Bet on respect, even if he alludes to some past problem, tell him that it doesn’t matter anymore, be confident, sure and change the subject as soon as possible.

I recommend you read how to make a man miss you; you will have the best tricks to make you miss.

subtle flirting

If you notice that your ex also wants to seek contact, with a subtle flirtation you will leave him wanting more.


Men really like delicacy, but don’t overdo it. It is also important that you be delicate about what you say and the way you do it.

Good humor

Show him, through your words and your attitude, how satisfied you are now with your life, he will want to be part of it again!

Don’t talk about past fights

If you are now thinking of a new future with him, put aside the past, focus on the present so that you can build a better future.

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how to get my ex's attention

The time you need for yourself, after the breakup, is essential for you to realize what you want.

Think very well about your feelings and everything that the relationship has offered you so far.

You should not only think about love and the good that has arisen, but about those things, events or circumstances that have hurt you, such as:

  • Disrespect
  • psychological or physical abuse
  • Infidelity
  • Humiliation
  • Lack of interest
  • Lack of support in your life
  • restrict your freedom

If you feel alluded to one, or several of them, I recommend that you reassess your situation and consider very well if you really want to go through that again.

As the saying goes: “It is better to be alone than in bad company”.

Check your interior and if now you have discovered how to love yourself completely, then give yourself the opportunity to move forward without toxic love, forget it and continue on a path without thorns. You can!

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