How to Attract a Guy: 7 Simple Tips

How to Attract a Guy: 7 Simple Tips. A huge amount of literature has been written about attracting male attention and the same number of television programs have been filmed, but meanwhile, this issue is still relevant for every woman. Whether it’s sudden love at first sight at the bar or the desire to keep your current partner, the fair sex seeks to find one-stop solutions to help you achieve your goals.

1. Watch your appearance.

An unwashed head, bad breath, and unkempt clothes can kill any sympathy, so don’t be lazy to spend a little time on yourself every morning. If you want to keep the eyes of the right man, try to dress as if your career depended on it. Things should be clean and smooth, without jams and hanging threads. Shoes with high or medium heels will correct any figure, visually elongate the silhouette and make you slimmer. Emphasize your dignity: beautiful legs – wear skirts and dresses, narrow waist – belts on dresses or tunics, enviable breasts, and a graceful neck – blouses with a moderate neckline.

How to Attract a Guy: 7 Simple Tips.

2. Be confident.

Without this quality, it will be extremely difficult to achieve what you want. Imagine, the man of your dreams noticed and approached, and you became confused, blushed, and began to talk nonsense from excitement. In order not to repeat this sad scenario, it is enough to periodically imagine a similar situation and rehearse words, gestures, and reactions. A self-confident woman always has a positive outlook on the world and is in a good mood, she radiates charm and attracts people, among whom there will certainly be “Prince Charming”.

3. If you want to attract a guy, watch your speech.

Collective-farm village phrases or selective obscenities from women’s lips can shock the vast majority of decent men with a standard upbringing. If your chosen one is not a criminal or an illiterate fellow, then exclude any hints of obscene language from your speech. Perhaps, after prolonged communication, you will come to the conclusion that this is acceptable between you. But at first, it is better not to risk being branded as a halda.

4. Smile.

A smile transforms the world around you, sets you up for positive and tells humanity that you are in a great mood. A man is unlikely to turn to a frowning beech with knitted eyebrows, you never know what problems and troubles she has, why bother? And an open radiant smile attracts guys and will cause a desire to ask about the reasons for a good mood, encourages a man to take initiative.

How to Attract a Guy: 7 Simple Tips.

5. Talk about what is interesting to the interlocutor.

Manicure, kitties, or bikini waxing are not the most popular topics for discussion among men. Of course, it’s also not worth trying to talk about cars or computers if you don’t understand them, but you can ask to talk about the program you need, because this way a man will feel like an expert and teacher, which will have a positive effect on his self-esteem. The secret is simple – listen more, and talk later with a friend.

6. Show initiative.

A self-confident woman will not wait until they ask for her phone number, call and invite her somewhere, but she herself will “take the bull by the horns”, that is, the outcome of events in her own hands. The centuries when girls, sitting in high towers, waiting for the attention of a knight or a poet, have gone forever. Now the fair sex takes what it deserves, without looking back at past prejudices.

7. Compliment a guy.

Successful praise will always add a few points to your piggy bank, you just need to give it subtly. Choose to encourage personal qualities, such as a sense of humor, a positive attitude to the world, energy, or punctuality. A kind word spoken to the place will please the interlocutor and draw attention to your observation, openness, and natural demeanor.

The skills that can help with the answer to the question of how to attract a man are all as one simple and accessible to each of us. Some of them will require deeper work on oneself, while others will come with ease, and we already have the third. It is important to understand the need for change and accept it willingly. Well, if you are not ready to cope on your own, you can take one of the trainings for women.

Following the postulates above, you will soon be able to enjoy declarations of love and regular dates.

How to Attract a Guy: 7 Simple Tips.

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