How to be and what to do if your beloved is a blogger?


People are talented beings. They are filled with inner talents, craving for art and its manifestation. For many centuries, humanity has given the world a lot of creative people: artists, composers, poets and musicians. Trying to express their inner world, they painted canvases, composed poems, arranged balls and musical evenings.

The content of the article

The way of self-expression every year gained new momentum and creative personalities. Recently, a significant replenishment has been observed in the regiment of talented people. On the same lane with art historians, dancers and poets get up – bloggers. A new hobby helps not only to realize creative potential, fill life with meaning and entertaining leisure, but also earn good money, subject to a successful “career”.

Creative person

Bloggers have been a dime a dozen lately. They are found among neighbors, friends, relatives, teachers at school. Instagram stories, interesting and instructive videos are of great interest among Internet users. It doesn’t matter what the author of the video promotes. Among the huge audience there is someone who will appreciate the efforts of the blogger on merit and “subscribe” to the channel.

Than just do not please the creators of the videos of their viewers! Topics come across a wide variety: how to lose weight in a month, save on a budget, make up your eyes like Angelina Jolie, kiss a girl and break a record. The videos are divided into different categories, from the most useful to the extremely stupid filming. Almost every blog has had some success. Girls love to watch creatures “like themselves”: who eats what, where he rests, how he spends time, with whom he sleeps.

Bloggers live in a special world. Starting the creative path of creating a blog, girls become famous personalities. A man who is in a relationship with such a lady should be prepared for some factors.

New day with new ideas

The creator of her own channel, full of creative ideas and fantasies. She can ask a guy to demonstrate to the public how a man cooks breakfast for his beloved, gives a massage or go for a run with her in the morning. Depending on the theme of the channel, the girl will require the active participation of her life partner in her creations. Do not flatly refuse such an offer. Perhaps a man will enjoy “antics in public”, and a grateful partner will reward him with a pleasant surprise.

It is strictly forbidden for a man to try to reason with a young lady in blogging or pour critical remarks on her. Creativity, seething in a woman, will surely find a way out in aggressive attacks that protect her own “brainchild”. The guy runs the risk of being left without dinner, sex and his beloved, including.

You should not grumble after a partner who, exclaiming loudly, takes a selfie – a report from a visit to a local canteen or a provincial zoo. She has inspiration, the lady creates, and his duty is to patiently wait for this procedure to end.

It is worth turning the situation in your favor. For example, invite a girl to give herself a massage and write down her “excellent impressions” after it. Or offer to shoot the preparation of a culinary masterpiece, which, after shooting, the couple will share for two.

Under the barrage of worldwide criticism

The Internet is a platform for a wide variety of personalities. Among them there may be polite and cultured citizens, as well as boorish rude types. Plunging into the atmosphere of public life, one should be indifferent to statements of both a positive and negative nature.

A pretty blogger can be showered with compliments, both representatives of the weaker and stronger sex, vulgar statements or offensive insults. Anything happens. Such a phenomenon should be treated coolly and calmly. Stars of the world scale live like that. They do not pay attention to gray people and continue their line, and the blogger, in fact, is also a celebrity.

Private life under control

It will be useful for a man to look at what his missus knows about the world. He learns a lot about her worldview and other interesting points. Perhaps a sincere lady tells subscribers too frankly about her personal life and events directly related to a man. In this case, you need to speak honestly and frankly with her.

Don’t let the public into your private space. No one is obliged to know the facts that the guy is not ready to present to the world. With fanatical bloggers, you should be extremely careful. No one can guarantee that somewhere in the corners of the apartment there is no hidden camera, and on the other side of the Internet, loyal viewers are sitting, waiting for the next series of “reality shows”.

Living side by side with a creative person, you need to be a very attentive person: control the situation so that the hobby does not sweep personal life into the background. At the same time, one should not go to extremes. Do not ban the introduction of a blog, criticize unnecessarily or be indifferent to it. Whatever self-sufficient woman the author of the blog is, the support and praise of a loved one is always important for her.

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