How to beautifully tell your husband about pregnancy – TOP 10 ways

How to beautifully tell your husband about pregnancy and make a surprise – TOP 10. ways Expecting a baby is a joyful and bright event in the life of a married couple. Especially when it is planned and long-awaited. And many girls want to make their beloved man a real surprise. After all, most spouses sincerely re-since their soul mate and dream of sharing the lightest box.

There are quite a few original ways to tell your husband about pregnancy. However, not all of them are universal. After all, one of the spouses is more emotional, while others cannot stand different quests and riddles. You can present such important news in different ways. But the main thing is that it must evoke positive emotions. So, here are the most popular recommendations that women adopt.

Best Ways to Tell Your Spouse You’re Pregnant

Follow and demonstrate the full test of the slide. After all, the news that the spouse is expecting a baby is something much more important. As long as you know what you’re talking about, you shouldn’t forget:

  • Kinder-surprise.

More than a symbolic way to talk about the fact that soon there will be three of you. For example, you can arrange a basket, fill it with eco-cold i i in the middle or c’s c> c in Suggest your spouse look for a gift and watch the reaction.

The second method, again associated with Kinders, involves a slightly longer preparatory stage. No and the effectiveness of the method is small. Carefully unwrap the chocolate egg and very carefully cut it into two halves with a heated knife. Ideally, you need to take a big kinder surprise.

Take out the plastic center and put in it an ultrasound scan rolled up in a tube or a positive test for taking. With the utmost care, connect everything back, using the same hot-bladed knife. Your original surprise is ready.

  • T-shirt or sweatshirt.

Order a thing in the printing house with the inscription “The best dad in the world”, and then, at any opportunity, hand it over to your spouse. This option can be used not only to please the husband. If you want to inform your parents in an original way about your interesting situation, order T-shirts with the inscriptions “The best grandfather in the world” and “The best grandmother in the world.” Of course, the versions can be anything. The main thing is the message that is clear at first sight.

  • Sweet hint.

If your husband is a big fan of “something for tea”, order a themed cake for him. Now there are a lot of individual confectioners who realize any fantasies of the client. Another option is cupcakes, a set of designer chocolates, and an edible sweet collage. Sea version. Here you can hint simply by decorating the dessert, or lay out a phrase from separate parts.

Recently, chocolate puzzles have gained particular popularity. You can choose any picture and shape, such as heart, pacifier or bottle. In this case, your husband will have to sweat a little more to find out what kind of surprise awaits him.

  • Handmade postcard.

How to announce pregnancy: 5 original ideas

Of course, it can be ordered in the salon. No variant is hand-made but before the deadline, it is also possible to say that it is too heavy and too heavy. Use the design of the postcard to depict baby dolls, attach a picture of the kid and the pregnancy with bt inside. Give free rein to your imagination. The variant of the last word is the original and a million names.

Let it be not just a Love Story. After all, the emotions that the future father will experience are truly priceless, and you will want to capture them in person on b. Organizing and saving the dog with the photograph on one of the two places, the photos are on the day, in the camouflage.

Сrals m suit that you have to write something nice to your eye on a plate of paper, and then sure and and and and and and and and and This option is great if your spouse likes to be photographed and has nothing against finding out similar news in the presence of another person.

  • Unusual dinner party.

Tell the partner, that’s the evening was present in the state, no such way what a surprise. Prepare dinner, lay the table, and leave room for three people. When you sit down, check that someone else will be in trouble and will be there in about 9 months (here is the date bt so you can also celebrate such an important event in parallel.

  • Confession with a balloon.

Just make it say “I’m pregnant!” – it’s not very original. But if you prepare a note, put it inside the balloon, add confetti and glitter there, inflate it, and then invite the future father to see what it is, bursting it, it is much more interesting.

For greater mystery, you can make several pieces of paper. But let the inscription be on only one of them. So a similar way to confess your interesting position turns into a small quest.

  • Original crockery.

Order a plate that says something like “You’ll be a dad soon!” (needlewomen can make it themselves), and then put any treat on top of it, for example, a piece of cake. Food should completely cover the words so that the husband does not guess anything. And look at his reaction when, at the end of the meal, he nevertheless finds out the reason for a small festive dinner.

You can also offer a mug here, but only the inscription should be located on the bottom from the inside. Some of the original products are called chasseurs, which are usually different from the temperature of the room. In its usual form, such dishes can be simply plain. If you brew tea in a mug, the spouse will gradually begin to understand that it is time to run for pickles.

  • Design a “pregnant” calendar.

You can order it from a printing house with an interesting design in a children’s theme, or you can take ordinary printed products to design it yourself. Glue pictures with babies, an ultrasound scan, a pregnancy test, and other paraphernalia of your interest to the calendar. Mark the due date with a red marker in the form of a heart. Hang the calendar in a place that is noticeable to your husband and wait for his reaction.

  • Surprise photo album.

Order from one of the familiar craftswomen or make your own original attribute of family history. At the very beginning, put pictures of your couple in it, as you just met, then got married. And at the end, put an ultrasound picture and/or a pregnancy test with two cherished stripes. Prodemonstrate with two two-dimensional language and precede with the position, but with all the names.

If your spouse categorically does not like games, quests and surprises, it would be better to just tell him this good news in a cozy atmosphere in private. Some girls come up with original SMS with typical requests from pregnant women so that the husband himself guesses that his soulmate is in a position. If your family loves to gather feasts with relatives, you can announce this news right away in front of everyone.

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