How to become a gentle & affectionate woman to a man?

How to become a gentle and affectionate woman to a man, if I don’t know how to do this? It is accepted in society that a man should be stern, unemotional, and strong. No, this is the case with people who want to know, and who do not want it.

How to become a gentle & affectionate woman to a man? 5 ways to show affection

However, it is not necessary to carry it out with the children. From all this, the tiger will not turn into a kitten. Well, maybe just for you.

Here are a few ways that can help show a man how much you can be a lays:

  • Accept his weaknesses.

It is necessary in the first place to enter the part number. Concentrate your attention on his virtues, and do not constantly cling to his shortcomings.

Precrate the criticism against the title and post-warranty by the name of the child. Tell him more often what you like about him. Only a wise and loving woman is able to accept a man as he is. Representatives of the stronger sex really appreciate such dedication, and do not accept attempts to change it. Men love those who share and understand their weaknesses;

  • Do not quarrel with him because of failures.

Since everything comes off much more often for women, they can pour on themselves excessive blandness, not only in ft. Such behavior can only repel the beloved. The only thing you need to do is to try it. Don’t criticize it because it isn’t advertised.

Believe me, it’s not easy for him either. In case of failures that are not related to you, it is important for him to feel your support. Therefore, it is important to develop in yourself the ability to console. Understand that there are no perfect people, and your man also sometimes makes mistakes. And he really needs to feel warmth and care from his beloved;

  • Feel free to show affection.

Few women give compliments to their men, believing that they do not need it. In fact, men are also very fond of their ears. Therefore, this kind of tenderness can be shown not only in private, but also in public. And left alone, you have complete freedom of action.

You can use gentle touches, strokes. Be sure to hug your loved one as often as possible. Come up with an affectionate nickname for your man. Such things will make your lover smile, and he will be sincerely glad that he has such a woman. Any problems will be forgotten for a while when you wrap a man in tenderness;

  • Be there in difficult times.

Most often, men abstract in a difficult situation. Dovolno slozhno nayti podhod k cheloveku, it is on private property in svoy rakovinu. On your part, it is important to choose affectionate and correct words for your man. Let him feel your love and care.

You can try to find out from him the reason for his behavior. No, it’s not possible and it’s not possible to say that it’s possible. Just be patient, try to cheer up and show that you are always there. And seal it all with a kiss and a tight hug;

Where is our tenderness hidden and how to develop it in ourselves?

If you see that your lover is worried about something, then be sure to invite him to speak out. When he tells you about his problems, listen carefully and do not interrupt. So you show that you sincerely want to help, appreciate him, and give all your attention.

Not when you are young you need to be in a small moment, you may be too young. Just give them the will, and they will begin to give advice, criticize, and even humiliate a man. They need to act actively, but passivity requires more internal work.

Listening to a man, you not only show tenderness, but also show him your respect. Everything he tells you must be very important to you. If you can’t listen, learn. It matters a lot to your man. He wants you to be interested in his desires and experiences.

General tips on how to become tender in everyday life

Tenderness is important not only in dealing with men. It is not necessary and there are drugs, but the hormones and the poisonous organisms are there.

For the first time, you need to know about the following subjects:

  • Make gifts.

Even without a tangible reason. Give him a little surprise just for having him so wonderful in your life. This will be considered a sign of tenderness. Catch the signs of attention that you are given. If he opened the door for you or offered his hand, be sure to smile back at him;

  • Take down the barriers.

You are bound to run into an internal blockage when you try to show your tenderness. More often than not, this is due to the foundations of society. Allegedly, you can not “lisp” with an adult man. No way where you are and where you are. For example, your parents did not give enough love and affection, and now you cannot bear your sincere feelings in life. Do not be afraid, men in the arms of their woman are tender kittens;

  • Gentle touches.

Come up with daily rituals in your life. At each new meeting – new gentle hugs. Before you know it, you will need to do it yourself. Walk together holding hands. There is more tenderness in such a walk than in walking “hand in hand”. Leave that to the lovely pensioners;

  • Don’t forget the kind words.

Think about who you give tenderness to? Tom, that’s not the case. If everything inside you shrinks from the words “cute”, “dear”, “native”, “kitten” (and other animals), then retrain. Get over yourself by saying these words out loud. You can try on your own first.

Do this in front of a mirror, observing your facial expressions. Get used to the sound. Gradually introduce this into your correspondence. And then it will take root in personal communication. You can even check with your partner how he would like you to call him. Sometimes such intimate nicknames can even be funny. No, it’s not enough, it’s done in a way that’s different from what it is;

  • Practice every day.

Even if you apply all the tips that you have learned, you will not be able to change yourself in one day. You need to work on yourself every day and introduce new habits. Of course, at first it will be very difficult to overcome your own blocks, which have been formed over the years. No gradually you will get used to it and you will begin to enjoy the awakened tenderness and care.

Tenderness is the very quality that is inherent in a loving and beloved woman. Subject to sincere and mutual feelings, it is not difficult to show tenderness every day. This starts happening automatically. Never be ashamed of your feelings.

It is enough to remember that all the pleasant feelings that arise are beautiful. They represent the femininity and femininity in general.

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