How to Become a Romantic Guy: 10 Best Ways

Despite such an airy and seemingly mild name, we will talk about serious things. How to become a romantic guy? when you are a heartless egoist and generally a cracker?

For some reason, much associate romance with softness. But no, nothing like that. Below are examples of the most brutal and highly successful contemporary famous men who publicly and constantly confess their love and demonstrate beautiful deeds to their women.

I will warn you right away that if you want a checklist of ready-made actions and deeds, then you will not find it here. Later I will make an article with a list of free, but very effective ways to become a romantic guy in the eyes of a girl. Follow the update.

Now let’s talk about you, dear ones. When a man HIMSELF wants to do sentimental and insane actions, be inspired by this, then everything will turn out easily and with pleasure.

Let’s see how to achieve this. How to become a romantic guy?

The two main components of romance

To figure out how to be a romantic man and at the same time not lose yourself and not drown in sweet molasses, you should understand 2 simple things that make up the image:

1. Inner confidence and desire.

2. External manifestations, deeds, actions.

They are inextricably linked, only having the two of them will you get high from your behavior. How to acquire the first and what the second point includes, I will write a little later. Let’s look at celebrities first.

The reason that prevents you from becoming a romantic

I want to talk to you seriously and deeply about your personality.

Recently I came across the TV show “Hooligans”. Maybe they looked. Its meaning is that couples are selected from the low social stratum of society, in other words, gopniks. They drink, fight, bully a little, in general, real boors and their girls from the same company. And now, as part of the show, under the supervision of cameras and psychologists, they learn to communicate, understand each other and get spiritual pleasure from relationships as a couple.

Why do I think that the main characters are not actors? Lyrical digression🙂

1) The number of actors still has its limit, and the number of such shows is infinite. There won’t be enough for all of them.

2) The emotions of real people are brighter and more interesting to observe than pretense.

3) Any psychologist (and there are a whole gang of them on such shows) is able to cause the necessary reactions and transformation of consciousness in a person. Therefore, there are no difficulties in working with real people. Well, except for inadequate reactions and breakdowns. But in the case of the transfer, this is only welcome to increase the ratings.

So. One of the episodes especially struck me, it was devoted to working with children’s grievances. And when psychologists began to pull memories out of the participants, these stone men, they began to cry. Can you imagine?

Tears flowed. Everyone had so much pain inside that they were given when they were small, helpless, vulnerable. And as it turned out, this resentment left its mark, making everyone a wolf.

A ferocious beast, unable to simply love, give affection and care, warmth and tenderness to his dear person already in adulthood. As part of the show, they worked with these grievances and got rid of them.

Options for the development of the scenario of your life

The danger lies in the fact that a person himself does not understand what his problem is until he deeply analyzes the burden of childhood grievances.

1. Frequent punishments lead to secrecy, and further impossibility to open up to a loved one. And as a result – multiple misunderstandings, quarrels.

2. The busyness of parents entails an eternal attempt to attract attention. Later, such children grow up to be manipulators, causing guilt, suffering from this themselves, and making others suffer.

3. From the excessive demands of parents, children strive to be better, to seem not who they are. Hence the rapid burnout, the inability to complete what has been started, mistakes in choosing one’s path, vocation, life partner.

You can go on, but the trend is clear.

Now you know the other side of the coin. If you want to move forward and develop, they can hold you tight and not give you this opportunity at the subconscious level. Often a person does not even understand what the reason is.

Is there a way to get rid of this baggage of negative emotions? Yes, you can do some techniques and practices yourself, or you can contact a specialist. If you are interested in such work on yourself, write about it in the comments, and then I will share my proven and effective techniques in my blog in other publications.

How to become a romantic Guy?: 10 ways

Let’s talk about the outward signs of romance. What is the understanding of women is romance? These are the feelings and emotions that lovers can give each other.

What makes girls smile and melt their hearts?

1. Romantic dates. Not a trip to the cinema or a zoo, but a quiet secluded place where you pay attention to each other.

2. Compliments about how smart, kind, beautiful (especially without clothes and makeup), and so on.

3. Massage, hugs, hand-holding, any gentle bodily contact.

4. Kisses at a meeting, parting, or for no reason.

5. Showing care, help.

6. Affectionate SMS and words.

7. Gifts and pleasant surprises. It can be inexpensive (chocolate), but romantic and exciting things.

8. Various games together with a girl.

9. Joint dancing or hobbies.

10. Being there for difficult times.

It doesn’t seem difficult, right? It’s not worth dumping everything on a girl at once, a lot of romance can start to annoy. Remember yourself, when a girl presses with a bunch of tenderness, it becomes repulsive.

There is a time for everything, so you should not play an ardent man, be yourself. I wanted to – they did it, without looking back at others and at the instructions “How to become a romantic guy?.” Naturalness and spontaneity are the best helpers in this delicate matter.

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