How to behave after a quarrel between a woman and a man and with another girl?

How to behave after a quarrel between a woman and a man and with another girl? Quarrels between people are all associated with negligible and aggressive. This is not always the case, a quarrel can be different, quiet, and loud, but it can be not only destructive but also soi. Conflict itself is a meeting of two opposing opinions, views, feelings, and sensations. Their strength lies in opposing or expressing their opinion.

Why do people fight?

People quarrel with loved ones, with friends, with strangers, and what place this person occupies in your life is reflected in the consequences and further behavior.

Sora is the variant that separates the problems, which are closed in the anti-personnel field. The result of such a solution to the problem is different, people can part and, perhaps, this is really the right way out, they can, on the contrary, hear each other and find more constructive ways to solve the problem.

But, one way or another, after a quarrel with a loved one, there always comes a certain disorientation in thoughts, the previous level of relations is broken and it is not clear how to behave now, and emotions can push to impulsive behavior. To begin with, it is necessary to give both parties the opportunity to calm down, but first of all, you need to experience negative emotions and not make hasty decisions.

Often, in a fit of anger and anger, people do very reckless acts that destroy everything, screw up all the moriuk posture. A pause after a quarrel should be mandatory, only in a calmer state, you can adequately assess the situation and understand how to proceed in the future.

What leads to conflict?

To begin with, it is worth remembering that any quarrel is, first of all:

  • The accumulated negative energy that needs to be released. Often quarrels arise out of the blue, but, in fact, it is like a volcano that was filled with magma and waited for its own.
  • The way to get through to the opponent, perhaps in a calm environment, people do not want to hear each other, and the psyche tells them a radical solution to the problem.
  • Hidden grievances mostly come out as conflicts and often have a destructive character, one of the parties has been in a negative, passive emotional state for a long time, and this pressure will either crush or make it possible for these emotions to break out.
  • A crisis in a relationship also leads to quarrels and clarification of feelings for each other. This is just a new stage in the life of the spouses, which requires a constructive decision and kind, honest communication.

Realizing what caused the quarrel, you can later understand how to come to a truce. It doesn’t matter if the quarrel happened between husband and wife, parents and children, colleagues or friends, you always need to give time

How to make peace and end a quarrel?

Both parties can be in emotional tension after a quarrel, even if it seems to you that you are 150 times right, but your opponent does not hear you and the dispute develops into a conflict, then it is better to step back and take a break. You can calm your nerves and relieve tension with the help of proper deep breathing, playing sports, such as jogging, swimming in the pool or working out in the gym, all this will distract your thoughts and give a good discharge to the whole body.

In addition, physical activity allows the body to produce the hormone of happiness, and it will certainly reduce even the importance and severity of resentment after a quarrel.

There is a unique technique in psychology when, in case of any negative experience, you need to resort to physical nagas. The author of the technique suggested to squat and run, either way or box thoughts norks well in the volcano, genius nor thick

How to make peace after a fight with a loved one?

Let’s say a quarrel happened, the pause was long enough, and you feel ṣen As a rule, the biggest fear of all people during this period is to be rejected.

Reconciliation is seen as weakness and compliance, but in fact, the first to reconcile are kinder and smarter people, as they value relationships and can control their feelings and emotions. Of course, the possibility that the other side of the conflict does not want to talk and can even deliberately manipulate and make you suffer and feel guilty about yourself is not excluded.

No, we are interested in psychology in order to clearly understand what is behind this or that human behavior. As soon as possible, it is necessary to say that the words ..are It is hoped that there are not many such cases, and there are more adequate and healthy relationships in life, so you can reconcile with a loved one as follows:

  • If you really were wrong during the quarrel, cutting statements and accusations, then a lot of saying wear, ot, You should only apologize if you are too impulsive, if you really offended the person.
  • Sometimes there is a pause between a husband and wife after a quarrel, which must be broken by simply making a sign of attention. For example, you can set the table and call your husband, saying that he must be hungry or that you have prepared food. This is enough to understand that there is no longer room for anger, but there is a desire for rapprochement and a truce.
  • If the quarrel is serious and may lead to a breakup, then it is worth finding ways for a face-to-face conversation. There is an introduction that SMS can be used in milder cases, but here you need an open conversation with a prompt.
  • Men often ask for forgiveness with signs of attention in the form of a bouquet of flowers or cute gifts. A woman can do the same, for example, buy a loved one something that he would definitely be happy about.

The most important thing is not to delay reconciliation; ignoring in psychology is considered one of the types of psychological tasks. Don’t forget to take a pill, and then you will need to know how to do it.

What exactly can not be done after a quarrel?

There are several recommendations that you definitely should not do after a quarrel. As long as you are aware of the fact that there is no light and no problems with the conflict.

  • It is impossible after a quarrel to look for ways to take revenge and hurt your neighbor for “living”.

Also, the last thing to use for revenge is the secrets that you were privy to even before the quarrel.

  • As already mentioned, one cannot ignore attempts at reconciliation on the part of one’s opponent.

If resentment still boils in you, and you are not ready for a conversation, then you should honestly say this, but not be silent in response.

  • To finish off “hot” with your arguments, even when everything has already been said.

It is important that they have the last word, they write sms, call ds → After a quarrel, you need to pause.

  • Not so much as it is necessary and the external energy is different from the sensor.

Looping on the subject of the conflict will lead to the accumulation of negativity, neurosis and insomnia. Let go of the situation and try to bring your emotions and feelings into a calm state.

  • It would be a mistake to devote others to the details of the quarrel, and indeed to talk about it, to your friends and relatives.

It is not necessary to give it to the conflicts in the position of the people.

Take a quarrel as an opportunity to change the relationship for the better, as an exit, and a chris, sicles manifests. It is better to quarrel over trifles, without hurting each other for the most valuable and living things, then after the conflict there will be no scars on the heart and reconciliation will be possible. Come out of a quarrel with humor, but always honestly and openly.

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