How to behave at the beginning of a relationship with a man to a girl correctly?

How to behave at the beginning of a relationship with a man to a girl correctly? The way a man and a woman communicate at the first stage is the foundation on which all their future will be built. And the stronger it is, the more trusting and long-term their relationship will be.

There are some simple tips to help build intimacy and trust in a couple.

9 examples of correct behavior

Be yourself

At first, there is always a desire to remain silent somewhere, somewhere to agree with a man, so as not to spoil the seplenche. Therefore, unconsciously, people turn a blind eye to something, prefer to remain silent, adapt to another person.

But if you are counting on the long term, it is better not to betray yourself from the very beginning, to be sincere and not to pretend to be someone you are not. Especially since you can’t do it all your life. Don’t betray yourself. This will be honest not only in relation to yourself, but also to a man.

Not to mention that in is misleading, otherwise there will be no trust and openness in such relationships.

Keep the intrigue

You should not dump your entire biography on a man, tell the details of childhood, family relationships, connections with other men. When communicating, it is important to get to know each other gradually, to discover new facets of your personality.

This does not mean that you need to be secretive, let in some kind of mystery. Better to be more interested in the other person. In communication, try to find common topics, to share events and thoughts that are significant for yourself.

This is much more interesting than telling why you quarreled with a friend today and how your boss is a good convict 2

Delicate emocyami

Between a man and a woman in the early stages of a relationship, several types of intimacy are formed:

  • physical intimacy – when you are attracted to each other, want to touch;
  • spiritual closeness – when you begin to share each other’s hobbies, principles and worldview;
  • EMOTIONAL BLIND – when you have an exchange of EMOs.

The last kind is very important. It so happened that a woman is more responsible for him, since many men have a social ban on the manifestation of feelings. Therefore, it is necessary to pump over your EMO rational intelligence, to develop empathy.

How should a girl behave at the beginning of a relationship?

Give an emotional response to your partner’s actions: laugh at his jokes, admire his actions, express gratitude for help and sympathy in difficult times.

Don’t own a man

In general, women move faster than men. After a few meetings, you may have a desire to begin to perceive a person as your budmuzho. But such speed can scare a man.

If he is a Self-sufficient Mature Personality, then women who quickly “Stick”, Make plans for the future, come up with names Children can be scared away.

In principle, this is a completely healthy reaction. At the beginning of communication, you still do not know each other so well to say with confidence that you will live together for the rest of your life.

Therefore, at the beginning of a relationship, you need to be able to maintain independence, not try to control a partner, change for yourself, limit his social contacts, and show excessive unreasonable jealousy.

Don’t forget about your life

The feeling of falling in love makes people concentrate all their attention on another person, to be always there, everything is demegda. It becomes the main life value.

In order not to lose interest in each other, not to lose other resource areas, not to merge with a partner, it is important not to forget that your life should not revolve around another person.

Keep doing your job, meet friends, communicate with relatives. Do what interests you and makes you happy. This will not only give you more energy and make you miss your partner, but it will also make you more interg.

People who live busy busy lives are more attractive. This is especially important if a man also has his own affairs, vocation, social contacts. Your passion will not make him give up his life in favor of a relationship.

This is important because in a healthy attachment, one does not contradict the other. It is not necessary to say that you are in love with me.

Don’t take other people’s roles

At the first stage of a relationship, it is very important to remain in the role of a woman with whom a man builds a romantic relationship. In addition to building more streets, it is reserved in the form of the required privacy.

Some girls make the mistake of not taking on the role of a lover, but, for example:

  • the snow queen – “I’m still like, I’ll look, and then I’ll be back”;
  • mothers – “I will raise you and feed you so that you need me”;
  • victims – “Solve all my problems, I will die without you”;
  • спасительницы – “If you have two problems, and you have three or more”.

Show its importance

While maintaining independence, it is important to show that you need a man, and not to demonstrate the position of “I myself.” He will be pleased to be a hero in your eyes, it will hang his sense of significance.

To do this, you can talk about small difficulties and allow a man to help you if he wants it. Of course, if you want to build a strong relationship with him, you should not ask to pay all your loans. No help to take the car to a car service or open a jar of jam – quite.

The gratitude, the joy that you show a man will increase his dopamine levels, leading to a feeling of happiness next to you.

Don’t make big decisions

The feeling of falling in love is wonderful, it causes a surge of hormones such as dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin – thanks to them, attachment is formed, but the level of critical thinking is reduced.

People in love do not see each other’s shortcomings, they tend to idealize their partner. Therefore, at the initial stage of a relationship, you should not make serious decisions: take a mortgage, have children.

Life with a person may seem like a fairy tale, but it is important that your relationship stand the test of time.

To the samoe otnosite and k resheniya расстаться. It is only when there are many drugs that are distributed – it is normal. However, it is recommended that this property be accepted and that the compromises are made.

Perhaps, even despite the differences, your couple has great potential. Of course, if the contradictory ones do not concern vital values, according to which you are definitely not ready to go dumb.

Be honest

Do not deceive the person who is nearby. If you don’t like something, say so. If you want something, say it too. Try not to lie, not to dissemble, not to manipulate. Only in this way will you achieve reciprocal sincerity.

Of course, all these tips cannot guarantee that the relationship will last long. It all depends on the feelings that you have for each other, and the desire to be together. If it is not, then it is necessary to say that it is the object of the test.

But by following these rules, you will be able to start a relationship correctly, prioritize, and identify personal limits. It is granted to the interested party, to the public and to the private party.

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