How to behave if a man manipulates?

How to behave if a man manipulates you? Unfortunately, idyll and complete harmony do not reign in all paras. Very often, one of the partners turns out to be a real dexterous manipulator (consider that an abuser). This role is more typical for a man. Therefore, you must know how to behave with such a person.

Manipulation is a deceptive, covert, or even psychologically violent tactic to change the perception and/or behavior of another person. In a word, a man thus tries to force a girl to live exclusively by his rules.

Signs of a manipulator man

Recognizing a manipulator is not always easy. Women often love their partner so much that they don’t want to notice the obvious red flags. To understand how to behave with such a person, you need to know a few important things about him.

Let’s start with the fact that there are a number of rather unambiguous manifestations of such psychologically unhealthy behavior. If you are ready to recognize the manipulator even before you firmly connect your life with him, it will become much easier to understand the situation:

  • Trying to lower your self-esteem.

Such a person constantly tries to show the girl that she is nobody without him. For example, if she has children, it will be an endless stream of phrases that a woman is a waste material, and no one will take her anymore. But he loves (supposedly).

  • Instilling a constant sense of guilt.

A very convenient position when the source of all the troubles and conflicts in the relationship is the exclusive. Such behavior becomes the reason for the forgiveness of any male jambs.

A woman always thinks she’s wrong. Even if there is physical violence, the manipulator will suggest that everything happened because it was you who began to annoy him, answered too rudely, or behaved somehow wrong. Nothing will be his fault.

  • A large number of promises that are not kept.

These guys can and love to “talk their teeth”. They are able to very beautifully confess their feelings, promise mountains of gold and marshmallows in chocolate. However, in reality, everything turns out to be completely different. So it’s clearly not worth believing such “nightingales”.

  • Emotional “cakes”.

A very popular sign of manipulation by men. He then rushes into your arms, then for no reason becomes cold and aloof, or even completely disappears “from the radar” for several days, cutting off all contacts.

And that greatly exhausts the woman, forcing her to look for the cause of such behavior in herself. She begins to run after him, trying to understand the essence of the incident, and what she could have done wrong. This greatly increases the self-esteem of a man, but the girl begins to quietly become attached to the abuser.

How to behave with a manipulator?

  • physical manipulation.

In this case, we are talking about the lack of tactility and contact. Any woman needs tangible caress and tenderness. Its absence becomes a reason for self-digging. Of course, the girl becomes the source of the problem again.

  • social isolation.

The manipulator of the station is considered to be the part that is used by the drugs. You may begin to understand how you gradually move away from all friends and even relatives. This is done with a new word that you can give to yourself about problems in other areas.

  • The development of complexes in a woman.

Every day you will feel more worthless, useless and abandoned. The manipulator station is the only part of the variant. Silly little, newness and the components are not available to the public.

For other people, such a guy will always be just the embodiment of the ideal. He will never say something negative about his partner, praise your cooking and put on a nice face. But at home, a real nightmare awaits the girl.

Why does a man become a manipulator?

There can be several reasons, and many of them belong to the field of personality psychology:

  • Desire to control.

This is a lack of confidence in one’s own attractiveness for one’s partner. Such a man can love very much and be afraid to lose his soul mate. No will be given to you in the same way as a possible form. Often accompanied by intense jealousy.

  • Low self-esteem.

The presence of complexes, a series of failures in previous relationships, the presence of unclosed gestalts and various psychological traumas – this is just an incomplete list of sources for shaping the behavior of a manipulator.

This personal pathology often poisons the life of the entire environment of such a man. When a person values ​​only himself and sees the significance of only his own person, he will do everything to satisfy his needs at the expense of a partner.

  • domestic helplessness.

Such a man may well be brought up in the spirit of “you don’t have to do anything, the house is only zabenta.” Or we are talking about a capital household disabled person due to terrible laziness. So that the girl and does not think to leave him “to the mercy of fate”, there is a manipulation.

  • Anger at low social status.

If a man strives in every possible way to move up the career ladder, but he is constantly bypassed by more successful and hardworking colleagues, he may begin to take out his dissatisfaction on his partner.

  • Primer and the word.

Children often focus on the lives of their own parents. If in the family of this person the father was a manipulator and in every possible way mocked his mother with similar images, the guy in adulthood will certainly begin to repeat his actions.

How to behave as a woman?

As long as you are aware of the manipulator and it is not possible to provoke any active activity. No delay about this:

  • Make it uncomfortable.

First of all, the girl should change the conditions of the game so that they become uncomfortable for him. Show strength of character, do not bend psychologically, pick up his own weapon. In the area of ​​”emotional swings” just do not give the desired reaction.

  • Stand up for an opinion.

Don’t be afraid to voice your displeasure. Control your own psychological state so as not to lose control of your feelings. Make comments about the partner’s misbehavior, pull back when he starts to openly manipulate.

  • Learn to say no and set personal boundaries.

Ignore and a complete refusal to “dance to the tune” of the manipulator are well suited. This will make him angry, therefore, the man will lose control over his emotions. In this case it is necessary to contact the partner in a small country.

  • Demonstrate understanding of his actions.

Do not be afraid to openly declare that you perfectly see all his attempts to tear you away from society and make your own. In most cases, manipulators become lost and frightened if they are exposed.

  • Break the relationship.

This is the ideal scenario. In order to save your nervous system and definitely not succumb to the negative influence of the abuser, it is best to simply forgive. Most likely, the guy will try to return his victim. No on tricks in no case should you succumb.

Male manipulators are common. They are owners, so they strive in every possible way to gain total control over a woman. No think that this is the only option for life. There is no happy family as a sanitary man. So get rid of it as soon as possible.

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