How to behave if a man promises a lot, but does nothing?

How to behave if a man promises a lot, but does nothing? It happens that a man speaks beautifully, but as soon as he touches on specific actions, there are no results from him. What to do in this situation, what a woman should do, according to psychologists.

Why doesn’t a man keep his word?

Unfortunately, a man does not always do what he says. Why does he do this? Psychologically this moment is up to you:

  • A man by his nature is a talker

He is used to “hang noodles on his ears” at every step. He does it just great. Since he spreads lies mixed with the truth. Even if you don’t call it, you can say that it’s okay: you want it.

A distinctive feature of such men: they not only promise actions but overwhelm a woman with words.

And their speech is pretentious. Women usually pay attention to such men. This is due to the fact that they say what the fairer sex wants to hear.

The chatterbox man is deceiving in the right way and on an “industrial scale”. He knows in advance that he will not do what he says. No, on also knows that his promises are pleasing to girls. If such a type is reminded of them, he will begin to be offended that he has done so much, but everything is not enough for you, or he will begin to “feed him breakfast”.

  • Man wants to look cooler

It happens that a man wants to seem cooler than he really is. In this regard, he talks about things that are difficult to do. He is afraid to look unpromising in the eyes of a woman, that she will leave him.

Such a man tries to do what he says. Perhaps he even does, but this is a promise that is difficult for him to fulfill. So broke not far off.

  • Before you windy man

If a man makes a promise to do some business, even moves forward for some time, but suddenly his interests me me. Actions remain unfulfilled. The promise remained words. And he is already moving towards another goal, saying something new, then in front of you is a windy person. His priorities are not constant.

  • Woman putting pressure on a man

If you put pressure on a man so that he fulfills a promise, then he will soon get tired of it. He will take it off. “Sam made a promise, he took it back.” Takim obrazom on “punishes” the woman and does not perform the action.

  • In front of you is an “adult child”

Why doesn’t a man keep his word?

Such a person promises to do something, after a while he begins, for any reason, or even without a reason, to “roll-up” whims. Moreover, each time he relieves himself of all obligations given earlier.

If the “big child” is reminded of what was said, he will become angry. If he fails to perform any action, then he refuses other promises. He speaks about his feelings. He is annoyed. Your emotions don’t bother him.

  • In front of you is a scattered person

When a man’s head is “crammed” with important things, he can forget insignificant actions, from his point of view. It can be to buy something, meet from school or work. On keeps large actions perfectly in memory, but there are difficulties with small things. Usually, such men are wrapped up in work, focused on completing some issues.

  • The man became a hostage in the situation

If the unfulfilled action is the only cause, the man was likely a hostage to the situation. Maybe he needed to raise all the money to develop the business, maybe he didn’t have time to go to the movies with you, he took medication for relatives in the hospital.

  • A man-made a promise under threat

It happens that women literally “knock out” actions, threaten, manipulate, cry, and scandal. In the end, the man will get tired of it. He will stop doing what he promises. Most often, this is done by those who find it difficult to say “no”. Then they are gnawed by a feeling of dissatisfaction, they refuse to act.

What to do if a man does not fulfill what he promises?

Psychologists say that they are prostitutes.

  • Don’t fall for sweet talk

If a man promised but did not fulfill, then you should not be led by his speech. Develop a critical attitude to the words of the young man. Remember, if he promises a lot, then fulfilling the promise is not included in his plans.

Such a man is just a talker. With his pleasant conversations, he does something pleasant for women and achieves what he wants. He perfectly understood that they love with their ears. Come out of a psychologically immature state. Become an adult.

If a person keeps his word, then he will not scatter promises, he will give them reluctantly, having thought it over in advance, adding something like “maybe.” If a man does not say much, it does not mean at all that he does not love you. This is a sign that he promises only what he is sure of. If he does not have confidence in his actions, then he will remain silent.

  • Explain to the man that you do not require excessive actions from him.

If a man promises difficult actions, then he subconsciously believes that for a woman he has no value in itself, that he can only be loved with pleasant bonuses.

Usually, this is the action of men with low self-esteem. If so, then try to convey that he is dear to you himself, without “add-ons”.

  • Think of a windy person is in front of you

If a man promises but does not deliver, then it is likely that his priorities often change. He doesn’t have a sense of purpose. All the time in search, rushing between different actions. If you are there, no one would like to do that. Think about whether you are ready to deal with such people.

  • Don’t break the promise

If you regularly press on a man, manipulate him, force him to fulfill a promise, then he is at the end of the end. To keep you behind him, he will promise, but will not fulfill the action.

  • Don’t bother with pressure

If a man promised action, leave him alone. No need to be reminded. Show patience. Men don’t like being told the same thing over and over again. If you can’t wait, then remind me once, no more. And then in a calm, friendly tone.

  • See if the person in front of you is psychologically mature

It happens that a man does not fulfill what he has said, is naughty, like a small child. If he boils over, refuses what he has said, then you have an infantile person in front of you, who is still in the mood. Why do you want a big child?

  • Perhaps you are a workaholic

If a man performs major actions, focuses on the important, and constantly forgets the little things, then it is likely that he is at the stage of performing an important task for him. In this case, you should not perceive the unfulfilled action as a problem. If this is important to you, then agree that as soon as he has free time, he will spend it on you.

  • Look at the circumstances

If a man did not do what was said once, then it is likely that there were objective circumstances. Treat with understanding, do not push, do not demand fulfillment. As soon as everything goes well, he will do what he said. This happens to everyone.

If a man speaks but does not act, look who is in front of you. Analyze your actions. Perhaps you need to change your tactics, then everything will fall into place. When in front of you is a talker or a windy person, it is better to break off relations with him.

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