How to behave if a man returned after a breakup?

How to behave if a man returned after a breakup? The breakup of even very long relationships is a very common phenomenon. It doesn’t matter if you were married to your partner or not. At any moment, the idyll can give a fatal crack. But sometimes the “prodigal parrots” still come back. How to behave in such a situation and is it worth resuming a relationship at all?

The question is not the easiest, given that there can be many reasons for the sudden appearance of a departed partner. And he doesn’t always speak honestly about them. Therefore, in order to get time again for relationships that will again end up good, look at figures.

Why do men return?

From the point of view of the depth of personal psychology, this question is no less spatial than “who is to blame?” and “what to do?”. Sometimes the representatives of the stronger sex and themselves cannot clearly answer it. Here he came, and that’s it, and whatever you want, then do it. However, usually not everything is so simple.

As a rule, a man has several reasons to voluntarily try to restore a relationship that:

  • Feeling of loneliness.

Sometimes a breakup brings depression with it.

No word, it is necessary to understand the хрупкие and романтичные children. As long as you are in the middle and the star is where you want to be.

He already has a number of formed habits and requirements for women, so diving with his head will be another time. If he is left alone with his thoughts for a long time, he may well wish to return what was before, even if the relationship was somewhat imperfect.

This reason is most pronounced with male introverts. They often get tired of overly emotional ladies. But when they find themselves in splendid isolation and properly missing their soulmate, they understand that everything was not so bad.

What to do if the ex wants to return?

  • Disappointment in yourself.

You could well have instilled inflated self-esteem in your lover. He is already handsome, a stately figure, generous, caring, and in general the first guy in the village. And here he is, spreading his suddenly grown peacock’s tail, and decides that he deserves something more than a simple loving.

But society does not look at such men with the same eyes as their partners. Most often, having made a couple of attempts to “conquer the new Everest” in the form of younger, more luxurious and wealthy women, they realize that they are not so attractive to other ladies.

In such a situation, the man quite quickly understands what they have done and is in a hurry to return to suggestion appe e week And that is quite LOGICAL. However, here you yourself should think about whether it is worth restoring relations with a person at all.

  • Pathological jealousy.

Occurs very often. A similar reason is inherent in abusers who are simply not able to accept the fact that you can be happy with someone else (read “dared to escape from oppression”). As soon as a girl recovers from previous traumatic relationships and starts a new one, appear old.

Such people are especially dangerous because of their influence and ability to form a painful addiction. If a man decided to return only when he realized that you finally felt good, it is better to run away from him. Otherwise, everything will return to normal.

When the breakup happened due to strong resentment, the partner can really not find a place for himself. However, this happens quite rarely. In this case, it is worth looking at the situation individually, what was the reason for the breakup and whether you deserve a husband.

  • Habit (addiction).

If not everything is in order in the relationship, and one partner sees the meaning of his life in the other, parting can become a real problem and a full-fledged psychological trauma. If a man returns for this very reason, perhaps it is worth reconsidering your views on a partner and finally ending a co-dependent relationship.

For example, you rashly said all sorts of nasty things to each other. It seems to have parted completely and irrevocably. Now the man has cooled down and sincerely repents that everything turned out so ugly. Indeed, in general, the relationship of both is satisfied, and one ridiculous quarrel crossed everything out. A similar situation may well be the reason to get back together.

  • intimate harmony.

For men, sex is actually equated with love. If a girl completely suits him in bed, it already means a lot. If you are a partner, you will need to contact us. No position on the floor that is related to what is happening? You decide.

  • Call of Duty.

Some men just can’t leave an ex-lover alone. But because it is strongly yuyu, and and vrooratione iogo irivivite parents chuva answer s kogolt, lar jects

Such relations may well be restored. No where moral you are, dusevnogo warmth, love and tenderness from them is definitely not worth waiting for.

  • Desire to spend more time with children.

Pretty traditional reason. Many men do not want and are even generally afraid to imagine that their son or daughter will be raised before. Therefore, he may well return precisely because of them.

In this case, love and the relationship between him and you do not play any role at all. Atmosphere in Pare Dees should be more near to the room that is part of the room.

  • Unquenched love.

Alas, this is the rarest variant of the reason for the return of a man after parting. Most often there are painful pathological attachments, self-interest or children. No, it’s worthwhile to see and say real money. Sometimes people make mistakes. Therefore, it is extremely important to recognize them in time.

How to behave with a man if he wants to return?

There are some psychological tips that will help you take a leadership position and accept the rule:

  • Don’t forget about yourself.

Set me up full f et and never return to @ const the Take up a hobby, change style and so on down the list. Rebuilding abruptly is not a good idea.

  • Clearly identify the problems that were before.

The partner is called, so that the price is given to the distribution. Progovori with little of these moments and skies, so that in the case of the position of the persons in the room, no more than one. Understand that you will have to do this, otherwise the words will remain empty promises.

  • Try to find out the true reason for the return.

Here the main thing is not to make a mistake in male psychology. If you have a typical abuser in front of you, there is no doubt that everything will be the same as before. Even when he colorfully speaks of unearthly love, one must look a little further than words.

  • No name, that’s where the room is.

Prepare mentally in advance that you may not succeed. It is not necessary to say that it is not necessary to have a dream. Be ready for the final parting, that this fact did not become a psychological trauma.

  • Consider his pride.

There are men who really know how to love. They will not scatter in compliments and confessions, because from childhood they are accustomed to “be strong.” In this case, sometimes it is worth going to meet yourself.

  • Boost your self-esteem.

To get used to again supp but to get dirty in the swamp of old relationships, from which it seemed that ONOT, iaavilas inte. If you are lucky in the Russian language, you won’t be able to.

Not every man with his head held high leaves your life once and for all. It happens that ex-partners return after some time and wait to be accepted with openness The star is that it is pristine and neeskolko ras podumay, before agreeing to a restoration.

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