How to behave in a Relationship with a Guy?

How to behave in a relationship with a guy? 4 tips and 4 major mistakes. Relationships don’t last longer than a couple of months? Tired of sitting with mascara dripping from tears because of another scandal or breakup? What is the reason? The crown of celibacy, spoilage, the evil eye, male goats, universal injustice … Or banal ignorance of how to date a guy correctly.

The rules of the “ideal” girl, the basics of relationships with men, blunders that can cross out all the pluses – later in this article.

How to behave in a relationship with a guy?

1. Respect his personal space.

The most exciting moments are behind, the relationship has begun, you can freely call yourself his girlfriend. The main thing is not to overdo it. He just offered to be together. He certainly does not want his freedom, all previous plans, dreams to be burned by the victims of a pyromaniac.

Therefore, it is advisable to immediately take it:

  • old hobbies to which he is accustomed to devoting specific time;
  • normal environment – acquaintances, colleagues, friends;
  • work especially if he loves and appreciates her;
  • harmless habits – petting street dogs or buying lottery tickets, for example;
  • tastes in clothes cinema and other fields.

Any attempts to control, wean him will have the opposite effect. Of course, it is possible and even recommended to talk about what you don’t like, but calmly, without “pressure” and moralizing.

The initial stages of the union are learning habits, interests, principles of each other on a new, deeper level. The main task of this period is to learn how to correctly combine your “charts”. It is important to understand what can be done together and what can be done separately, where it is better to compromise, and where to make reasonable sacrifices. This is the “grinding” stage. You will not be able to step to the next step without passing this stage to the end.

2. Adequately respond to his loved ones.

It’s about friends and family. And in this regard, many girls show two opposite extremes.

  1. Negatively, speak negatively about his relatives, friends.
  2. Obsess over trying to please those around him.

Both points of view imply negative consequences. In the first case, the girl deeply offends the feelings of the chosen one, rejecting an important part of his life. These people supported the guy, helped him long before his companion, in principle, appeared on the horizon. One of her “fi” will not be enough to break such a connection. But it’s enough to break up with her.

obsessionWill his mother like me? also poisons relationships. However, it is more of a ticking time bomb. A guy may be flattered that his girlfriend:

  • memorized his parents’ birthdays;
  • trying to give gifts to his family;
  • tries to establish contact with a potential mother-in-law;
  • behave politely and decently in the family circle;
  • interested in the health and affairs of his relatives.

However, sometimes the list may not be limited to this. The idea to arouse sympathy among his loved ones becomes a real mania. It is accompanied by importunity, a refusal to notice anything around, except for the reaction of persons of interest. If a man is not at all sure that he is already ready to introduce the girl to his parents, and she insists on this, the situation escalates.

Getting along with his mom is, of course, good. But still, relationships are built with him, and not with his parent. So it is better not to overdo it with attention to his family, forgetting about the beloved himself.

How to behave in a relationship with a guy?

3. Don’t stop flirting.

Even if it comes down to marriage. Especially in this case. The reverse situation threatens with two side effects.

  1. The man fell in love with a flirtatious cat, constantly warming up the excitement. And at the exit, I got an aunt in a bathrobe, with curlers and a face mask made of sour cream and cucumbers. The contrast is too strong to ignore.
  2. Lack of change, “evenness” in relationships are boring. Routine begins to kill feelings. Emotions subside and become insipid.

You don’t always have to look your best. And even more so, you don’t need to wake up an hour earlier than he does to apply “natural” makeup. However, taking care of yourself is a must. File your nails, keep your hair, body, clothes clean, be neat – the simplest hygiene. In addition, you can:

  • arrange pleasant surprises for him not only in the kitchen, but also in bed;
  • show tenderness and care (without fanaticism);
  • flirt with him, “make eyes”, flirt;
  • plan a joint vacation in a new environment;
  • use unobtrusive tactile contact – run your palm along his chest, barely touching, lightly scratch the skin, gently touch his neck with your lips when hugging, for example;
  • let him constantly see the mystery, feel the unpredictability. To do this, develop, study yourself, try yourself in something new.

How to behave in a relationship with a guy?

4. Solve problems calmly.

Difficulties in relationships are an inevitable reality. All couples have them. Why do some part, and the second, despite misunderstandings, live happily for years?

It’s about resolving conflicts, or rather, about methods. Yes, the pipe in the bathroom has been leaking for a whole week, and he does nothing. But can hysteria solve this problem? Obviously not.

In any problem, the best solution is a conversation. It would be nice to build it according to the scheme “I do not like…”:

  • what exactly? (“…that you don’t want to fix an obvious breakdown…”);
  • why? (“…because it’s a man’s job. I would like you to take care of it, since I do women’s duties around the house.);
  • how does the problem feel? (“When you’re inactive, I feel like you don’t care about our relationship. It hurts me”);
  • what is expected? (“Please fix the pipe or call a specialist”);
  • what happens if the decision is made? (“I will be very grateful to you, and we won’t quarrel about this anymore.”).

The conversation is conducted in a soft, calm tone, it is better to look into the eyes. After the difficulty is overcome, it is very important to thank the partner for his actions.

Taboo zone» or typical mistakes of girls.

1. Manipulation.

Jealousy, double standards», impulsiveness, uncompromisingness, selfishness, ambition and arrogance push women to such baseness. The desire to manipulate cannot arise from good intentions. Typical manipulator actions:

  • threats to break off relations or leave “to mom/dad/aunt from Tambov “;
  • pressure on pity through tears or lamentations;
  • setting rigid limits in a meaningless choice (“either me or…”);
  • intimacy restriction (“Ah well! No sex for a whole week!”);
  • a promise to harm yourself, another person, or property.

If at least one of these phrases slipped in your own words, it’s time to change. And as soon as possible. Feelings do not tolerate limits, they prefer freedom. If you take it away, they will start to go out. And the manipulator itself causes only contempt and unwillingness to get involved with him.

How to behave in a relationship with a guy?

2. Syndrome of hyperprotection.

“No, Lena, I’m sorry, but I won’t come to your bachelorette party. I still need to cook Vasya’s food, iron his shirts, and wash his trousers.

What? No, no, I gave up dancing. Vasya said that he was jealous of my coach.

Well, what’s the job, Lena? My Vasenka doesn’t want me to work. And what if I loved my profession?

I’m sorry, what? To the cinema? Today? Oh yeah, haven’t been in a while. But no, Lenochka, I can’t, something went wrong with my project. How can I leave him alone, sad?.

Secret of the century: men do well in everyday life without women. One has only to leave – and they cook Peking duck, easily cope with the washing machine, and even (incredibly!) take out the garbage themselves without prior request.

For hyper-custody, he had a childhood, a granny and a mother. Now he is a grown man and deserves to be treated accordingly.

And a woman-grandmother is not sexy, after all!

3. “He will change.”

Or even worse:My love is enough for two. No, not enough. No, it won’t. At all. Waiting is useless. Everything is simple here – either a person makes contact, or not. “Or maybe, but suddenly …” will not work.

One of two things remains: either accept his shortcomings and live with them, or not fool each other’s heads.

4. “I can handle it myself.”

Such a motto was valued by women during the Great Patriotic War. The men went to the front, but the household remained, and someone had to support it. At the same time, the country had to be raised along with the children.

Fortunately, the terrible events are long behind us. Unfortunately, women continue to adopt that ideology. As a result, two problems appear at once:

  • pride, ego, and self-esteem of a man are hurt, because next to him is a girl a la “I’ll do everything myself.” Over time, he even loses the desire to show masculine qualities. And why? “She can handle everything on her own”;
  • a woman takes on a huge responsibility and, in fact, an unbearable burden. Sooner or later, she will be on the verge of her abilities. More likely, the girl will begin to show it.

What will happen next? She will demand (not ask) for help from him. And he is already used to the fact that she is “strong and independent”, and will not do anything or leave at all.

Still, it is better to allow yourself to be weak from time to time, enjoying female advantages, if the situation allows it. Let the men be heroes.

The main rule explaining how to date a guy is trite and suitable for any relationship, even business ones. It is important to treat a person with understanding, respect him, but do not forget about yourself. The beauty of the principle is that it leaves only adequate and good people nearby. Others do not obey such a law, which means that they can be easily calculated and “withdrawn” from personal space.

How to behave in a relationship with a guy?

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